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I have started a company. I couldn’t wait any longer. Passion drives me. Truth be told, I never liked people telling me what to do anyway. I hate politics. When I mention, politics, I am referring to the whole ” good ole boy/ ass kissing system”. I decided that if I were to ever commit myself to climbing  the “corporate ladder”, it would be the one that I create. I will create my own rules. I will be fair. I will create real opportunity for those who work with me. People are more important than profit. There is no greater investment than in human potential.

I created a company that will revolve around helping others to realize their authentic selves. Living authentically leads to true enlightenment. Mental slavery is far worse than physical slavery because , in many cases, it is passed on for generations. Do you have any ides how many customs, traditions and moral values have been passed down for generations that are , honestly, no more than human constructs? The term “human construct” refers to fabricated customs and view points that have  gone “viral” , yet are based on pure bullshit!! Yes, I said it.. BULLSHIT!!



It is my conviction that in most if not all countries, a select few have power over the many in one way or the other. We must not get into the habit of accepting anyone’s opinion on any issue at face value. It is vital for each of us to continue to educate ourselves about various topics as well as the systems that directly affect our livelihoods ( education system, religious systems, political affiliations, mass media etc). We are more powerful than we realize. Our destiny is freedom. We are each destined to realize our highest potential in every area of life. It is our nature to evolve and grow. We must continue to develop ourselves and encourage future generations to do the same. What would an enlightened society look like? This is the main reason why I created True North Unlimited. True North represents authenticity, empowerment, enlightenment, human potentiality, but, most importantly, freedom. Each being should both be and feel free to be all that they were created to be on their own terms.

Once you choose to be authentic and  live authentically, you become unstoppable. As founder and Chief Operating Executive of True North, I am committed to the awakening of each human being on this planet. No person has the right to belittle another person. Each person that has been or will ever be born deserves to be here. Once you get here, at some point in life, it will become your sole responsibility to establish your place in this world. True North Unlimited exist to assist you on your journey towards the realization of your higher self. Through the power of the spoken and written word expressed through education.  Our education models  will be workshops, e-books, keynote speeches, podcasts, books , workbooks and online courses. Our vision is that there will not be a corner of this planet that will not have benefited from our services in one form or the other. Human development is our business. This is our motto. Until next time…. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

You Inc.

Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you like it or not, you are an entrepreneur. You might not own a company nor have employees, but you are a company of one. You represent yourself everywhere you go. The key question is ” Do you know who you are? Really? Are you living the best version of yourself  or are you existing as an “imposter”?  For many of us , we are living someone else’s version of life whether it be our family, friends or society, in general. You will never be satisfied living an imitation of life. You have significant meaning. There are no accidents. Believe it or not, you have a way at looking at the world that is unlike any other human being on the plant. There is nor will there ever be any one quite like you.

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Do you know what else? There are people out here in this world who will connect specifically with you above all others. They are open to learn from your experiences and way of looking at life. They face various challenges that you have overcome. Don’t be concerned with how big or small your challenges might have seemed to you. What seems minimal to you is a mountain for someone else.

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This is the reason why I called you an “entrepreneur”. Entrepreneurs make their living creating products and services in order to solve other people’s problems. They are natural problem solvers. In a real sense, by simply being yourself, you can inspire others through your interactions with them. This is an example of of how unique and powerful you are? Once you decide to live your life based on others standard of who and what you should be, you limit your authentic power. Establishing who you are, discovering your gifts and sharing them with the world is your own personal key to happiness and , most importantly, fulfillment. By using your talents to enrich the lives of others, you enrich your own life. We are all connected, after all.

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Who am I, you might ask?  My name is Todd Lee. I am a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and author  of ” The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live” (now available on Amazon). My gift, passion and joy is  helping others to discover their authentic selves. Living authentically is key to living both an abundant and fulfilled life.The Architect of the Universe made no mistake when creating you. You are an artwork in progress that has been given the opportunity to play an active role in the creation process of your life. You were not created to settle for status quo. You are designed for greatness. You have the power to choose. It is time to catch a vision. I am here to help you establish that ideal vision for your life and make it a reality. You can reach me at (786)399-7936 or email me at Until next time…

You can buy my book here ” The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live”.




The Authentic Life

What does it mean to live authentically?  In order to truly know what that is, we have to define the root word “authentic”. The term authentic is defined as  being of undisputed origin or genuine. Living authentically is living your best life. There is nor will there ever be anyone quite like you. You possess  gifts, abilities and a way of looking at the world that is entirely unique to you. Everything that you would ever need to be successful in every area of your life already exist in you. To discover your authentic self is to realize your center of  power, your core.

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Ask yourself the following questions. Are you all that you want to be? Be honest with yourself. Can your typical daily experience be described as “living in a state of bliss? Yes, I said it… BLISS!!! To live a life of bliss is to live a life of great joy. A blissful life is an authentic life. It is living life on your terms. It is experiencing ultimate success  within the main areas of your life(physically, mentally, emotionally,spiritually, career and relationships). It is living according to your core values…. your “TRUE NORTH”. I can help you. My name is Todd Lee. I am a certified life coach, speaker, blogger and author . Recently, I wrote my first book titled “The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live.” I exist to help others to realize their authentic selves. It looks for each person. This is exciting. I would love to help you bring this ideal vision to life. It is time to stop settling for less. Let’s talk. You can reach me at (786)399-7936. You can also contact me by email at I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers to your best life…

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Your creators plan for you is to prosper…. PERIOD!!! Until next time….

Building Resilience

“Resilient people immediately look at the problem and say, “What’s the solution to that? What is this trying to teach me?” ” Anonymous.

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties;toughness. It takes mental toughness to live life on your own terms apart from outside influences. Behind every challenge, there is an opportunity to learn,grow and evolve. Resilience is especially important if you are determined to live your best life. Is there any other type of life worth living? Being able to bounce back from momentary challenges is a vital skill that can be developed. Throughout history, there have been countless cases of individuals who have risen above their circumstances that they were born into despite receiving absolutely no support from anyone within their family or community. In many cases, they were laughed at and ridiculed for even attempting to rise above seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Even those who were expected to encourage them turned their backs on them. This can be especially the case with certain family members. We would never have advanced as a human race if it wasn’t for resilient individuals from all backgrounds. We couldn’t even begin to count the individuals that were never written about. They could have been your neighbor or classmate. Maybe they were the kids that got picked on relentlessly in school. We humans are natural survivors. In certain cases, it takes us going through traumatic situations to realize how tough we truly are, but it doesn’t have to be that way. True resilience takes mental toughness. As I wrote earlier, it can be learned and developed. After researching the topic, I have identified certain key strategies for building this much needed life skill.

Image result for images about resilience  I agree. Life can be challenging for anybody. Don’t be fooled to think that difficult times are exclusive to one particular group. There is no favoritism. We see, hear and read about people who are considered successful, yet have no clue of what their daily lives look like nor what it took for them to get where they are at that moment. We also don’t know what challenge is “awaiting” them or us , for that matter,”around the corner “. People are people. We each have our “buttons”. Absolutely no one can walk your journey for you. You are on your own. Be determined to enjoy it. If you get “knocked down” in life, learn to get up…. quickly. As long as you are breathing, keep walking… No excuses. It takes resilience to live your best life. Live well. Enough said about that. Let’s look at some strategies. They are in no particular order.

1)Realize That Your Challenge Is Temporary

Your challenge is temporary. There is absolutely no situation in this life that is permanent. Don’t get me wrong. I realize that I will never ever experience certain challenges that others face consistently nor do I make light of them. I genuinely wish each person that reads this post perfect wellness. What I am referring to is the fact that a hardship is an experience ,therefore, it is designed to be temporary. Since that is the case, why not decide to learn all that you can from it. I am a sincere believer that what doesn’t kill you CAN make you stronger IF you set your mind to be “trained” by the event. I believe that it is possible to reap a reward even while experiencing the most devastating of circumstances. Although it takes relentless discipline , it is possible.

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2) Take “Captive” Your Thoughts

Remember that your thoughts are powerful. How you perceive your world and yourself as you relate to that world and others determines what you experience on a moment by moment basis. The term ” taking captive your thoughts pertains to you becoming aware of the thoughts that strengthen you as well as the ones that weaken you. When hit by challenges, it is easy to lose our perspective. It could happen to any one of us. Mastering our thoughts takes consistent practice. It can be difficult. Learning any new skill takes effort. The reward is immeasurable. Our thoughts determine our emotional reaction. Our emotional response determines our actions. Our actions have repercussions…. far reaching ones.

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3)Build Strong Relationships

Create a support network for yourself comprised of people who genuinely support you as much as you support them. You don’t necessarily need a lot of close friends. I prefer a tight knit group in which we might share certain common goals. We don’t always have to agree on every issue. A matter of fact, I choose to surround myself with independent critical thinkers. You don’t need to be part of a clique. Surround yourself with people that genuinely like and respect you for who you are. Ideally, friends know you because you feel comfortable being completely vulnerable around them. They know what motivates you as well as your shortcomings. Friends can be the ones that help you to get back in focus once you have been “derailed” by challenges. They can encourage you by reminding you of your strong points.They will listen to you. Afterwards, “true friends” will give you constructive feedback. Friends care enough about you to tell you what you might need to here instead of simply what you want to hear. They care enough about both your welfare and you to have the courage to do so.

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4)Exercise Regularly

Stay active. Exercising is an excellent way to relieve stress. Exercise releases “feel good” hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help to alleviate depression and decrease hostility . They have a direct effect on mood and contribute towards positive thinking. If you are feeling better physically, mentally  and emotionally , you will be more likely to bounce back from any challenge that you might be facing at that moment. Exercise contributes towards your overall well being which , in turn, will also help you to relax more . Relax is necessary to charge your batteries.

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5)Learn Not To Take Yourself So Damn Seriously

It is never the end of the world and , if it was, current problems wouldn’t matter anyway!! Chill out. Strive to find the humor in each difficult circumstance. Laughter is great for releasing stress. Realize that each problem comes with a solution “attached” to it even if it might not seem available at that moment.Remember that no situation is permanent. Enjoy the journey.

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6) Practice Acceptance

In order to get to where you are headed , you have to first realize where you are at. You might find yourself in a situation that might appear as if you can’t change. That’s okay. Accept it for what it is at that moment. Instead of wasting your energy worrying about it , why not stay proactive. Focus on the things that you can change and then let go. Find peace in the fact that you did your best and move on. The situation will work itself out in due time. Give it to the universe and don’t look back. Trust…

I am certain that there are other strategies that can be applied to building resilience. I simply focused on the one’s that resonate with me. It is my intention to give you “food for thought”. Despite whether or not you apply these strategies, one fact remains. It is necessary to develop “alligator skin” if  you are going to live life on your own terms. You have the opportunity to take an active role in your own creative process. You might be asking “Why alligator skin?..” Alligator skin is hard to break because it is tough and lasting. Those two words best describe resilience: tough and lasting. You have to be both mentally and emotionally tough not to break under the pressure of your challenges regardless of what they appear to be. Resiliency is necessary for living the authentic life. Image result for practice acceptance

Stay strong. Until next time…


Believe In Yourself

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I like this picture. It’s symbolic to me. If you have ever watched any of the “nature” shows on cable channels such as Animal Planet or National Geographic, perhaps you have seen scenarios in which the lion is hunting his prey for food. In many cases, the prey is the weaker member of  the species such as a baby calf who wanders off from their mother. The lion is persistent because it is hungry perhaps starving. Once it reaches its prey, it doesn’t hesitate to grab the animal by the throat at choke it to death. Afterwards , the entire lion pride closes in to devour the defenseless animal. It didn’t have a chance. If the animal was a baby, the mother  usually watches from  a distance while her newborn gets ripped to shreds. Perhaps she is used to it. The circle of life, right?!!

Well, that wasn’t the case with the animal in the picture. Honestly, I can’t tell whether it is the mother or father. What is obvious to me is that the animal in question refused to settle for the status quo. Circle of life?!!! HELL NO!!! Notice that there were two lions present. They could have both jumped her( yes, I have assigned gender.) She was willing to risk her life for what she believed in , namely, that her calf deserved to live. She also realized that she was the only one that had a chance of making that happen. She overcame her fear. It was all or nothing. She chose to believe in herself. She decided not to allow forces outside of herself to determine her destiny nor the fate of her offspring. She did this without necessarily having a backup plan. There was no time for that.

This picture is symbolic. The “cow” mother represents anyone who has decided to believe in themselves to create their own destiny. There is no other way and absolutely no excuses. The lion represents the naysayers, excuses and obstacles that potentially can get in our way of realizing our dreams. Last, but not least, the calf represent our dreams that constantly need to be protected, nurtured and developed until they are powerful enough to stand on their feet. At that point, nothing can stop them from being fully realized.

In order to live authentically, you must believe in yourself. It isn’t enough to accept yourself. You must embrace who you are completely!!! Know that whatever challenges you face, regardless, of the appearance can be solved even if you don’t know how yet. You are the savior that you have been looking for. Every situation and individual that shows up in your life experience is a direct reflection of you. Actually, they exist to serve you  or , in other words, to teach you something about yourself. You determine the value of the experience. You manifested into this material illusion with every resource necessary to create the life that you desire once ( and this is the “kicker”) you awaken to that fact.

Image result for images about being unique  There has never been nor will there ever be anyone that can do you as good as you can. Just the fact that you are here is clear evidence that you have a right to be here. Each person that has been born into this reality earned the right to be here. Basic biology teaches us that we each were one of over a million potential candidates that entered into the fight live this life. We won!! It was instinctual. You were a winner before you even knew your name. You are a natural. Know one can believe that that for you. Only you can do you. You have already gotten through the hardest part. You got here. Know what are you going to do? Believe in your own ability and potential. Build your own life!! Anything less is “criminal.” You are robbing both yourself and the world the opportunity of benefiting from your natural brilliance. You determine what that looks like.

Believe in yourself in order to take full responsibility for creating your own happiness . Look for the good in each circumstance despite appearances. Establish your own values and principles. Practice living by them on a daily basis. Make a decision to be a student of life. Commit yourself to learn and improve from each new experience. Remind yourself each morning that  every problem comes with a solution attached to it. You are more than capable of overcoming each and every one of them as they appear. It is a done deal. Recognize that your attitude has a profound effect on the outcome of any situation that you find yourself going through. Remember that each experience is temporary. When necessary , be willing to make short term sacrifices in order to achieve long term gratification.

Once you realize your own self worth, you will begin to exude confidence. You will soon discover that others will begin to notice. They will develop respect for you and begin to look to you as a source of insight and motivation. By you deciding to believe in yourself, they will be inspired to look within themselves. Through your confidence, you will begin to teach others how to treat you without having to tell them. It will be a natural response that perhaps they might not even be aware of. Nevertheless, everyone within your realm of influence will benefit . You are the “savior” that you have been looking for. Onward…. Enough said… Until next time.



The Power of Words

Author and speaker , Yehuda Berg, stated , ” Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We an choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.” Words are powerful. They can be used to build up others or destroy. When I mention words I am referring to both the words that we say to others as well as the ones that we repeatedly, perhaps, subconsciously, say to ourselves.

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It is vital that we practice paying attention to our inner dialogue. Remember that we are creators , therefore, whatever we say or think about ourselves and others has to produce a result . Even if we consciously try to change our dialogue, we can still unconsciously sabotage ourselves. It is the subconscious words that we use to describe our world and our place in it that determine what or who shows up in our lives. It is also important to examine words that were told by those that we looked up to while growing. Those words can have a profound affect on both  our self image and how we view others.

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We are all connected. What affects you affects everyone around you and beyond. Bullies who hurt others verbally or physically often are hurting themselves. Look for the best in yourself. If there are areas within your character that you want to improve say to yourself that you are a work in progress rather than saying that you are terrible at something. Make both a decision and plan to improve in that area so that you can comfortably make that claim without reservation.

Empower yourself with words!!! You are unique!! You are wonderful!! You are beautiful!!! You are powerful!!! You have greatness in you!!! You are a queen!! You are a king!! Your children are future queens and kings designed to lead one day!! Make a daily if not moment by moment habit to speak words of power!!! It is impossible for you to fail!!! What others call failure, you call an opportunity to learn, practice and grow stronger!!!

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Practice looking for the good in others  and , once you find something, tell them. Again, you are looking for qualities that you genuinely admire. You cannot escape who you truly are nor how you feel about a thing. It will come out in your life experience in one way or the other. Remember that your words never come back empty. Look for opportunities to encourage others. You may be pointing out strengths and abilities that the individual might take for granted. They might not even be aware of how valuable their gift is to the people around them. When this act becomes a common practice, it will become natural for you to identify the good in yourself and others. Kind words go much farther than critical ones. In certain cases, they can change the course in someone’s life. When you build up others , you will benefit in way or the other. Practice finding the good in all circumstances and proclaiming it. Consider writing positive affirmations about yourself. Say them out loud each morning and before you fall asleep at night. Stay consistent with it and pay attention to how dramatically your entire outlook on life will change. Opportunities will appear that resonate with you on a personal level. Every area of your life can change for the better once you start paying attention to the words that you say to yourself and others. As mentioned earlier, we are connected.

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Protect Your Dream

Please understand that when I refer to dreaming, I am really referring to establishing a vision for your life. What does your ideal life look like? What does your ideal career look like? What do you want out of your relationships? Where do you see yourself living?

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I believe that from the time that I wake up to the time that I go to bed , I should be engaged in activities that resonate with me? I believe that it is each persons’ right to strive to live life in a perpetual state of bliss. Bliss is defined as perfect joy. As a disclaimer, perfection is relative:) Image result for images of living in bliss

Will there be challenges? Most likely? Do my challenges have to determine my level of joy that I both feel and bring to every activity that I engage myself in throughout my day? My answer is no except if you allow them to do so. As humans, we have a unique advantage. We have the ability to grow in our individual awareness of who we are and how we relate to our world. We can make conscientious choices.

You can learn to master your thoughts, therefore, master your emotions. Set an ideal for yourself. Ideals are useful because if , by chance, you get thrown off course by an unexpected crisis, you have a point of reference. An ideal is defined as satisfying one’s conception of perfection or most suitable. Your present reality is an illusion. Your  reality is established by your perspective of what  your life is. This point can be empowering. Consciously or subconsciously,  you determine your reality. The fact that you found this blog can serve as proof that you are beginning to awaken to this fact. There is an old expression that states,” When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” The universe can be a formidable teacher.

Set an intention and work towards its fulfillment knowing that whatever vision that you have established within your “minds’ eye” MUST manifest!! It is universal law. Choose your own destiny. Dream BIG!!! Once you have established your dream, protect it from negative influences  such as “logic”. Have the courage to have an original idea. Do you realize that the vast majority of innovative thinkers in any field faced enormous criticism from naysayers and “experts”? Be very mindful of who you share your dreams with.

In many cases, people warn you against pursuing certain goals due to their own fears and insecurities. Learn to filter. Maintain high expectations for yourself even if others seem not to have them for you.

Protect your dream. Guard and nurture it as you would a baby preparing to be born. In a real sense, it is your baby. It is your creation. Take care of it. Be mindful of who you share it with. Try not to be too disappointed if others don’t see it. Remember that it is your dream not theirs. They will see it when it is realized. No matter. You can’t live your life based on others’ perceptions. This is not true life. Until next time…

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The Warrior Sage

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Most of us admire warriors. The image of the warrior represents strength, courage , nobility,perseverance and honor. The dictionary defines a warrior as a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. We respect soldiers. They protect us. A warriors’ purpose is to fight. They are trained for battle. Many live for it. It is their calling. Most warriors are willing to die for what they believe in. Many are truly honorable men and women. Some might not be as “honorable”. Some consider themselves soldiers of fortune. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common. They have each been trained , in one way or the other, to fight. They are deserving of respect possessing qualities that anyone can benefit from emulating. They can be considered true role models.
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Let’s look at the image of the sage. The sage is defined as a profoundly wise person who is well known for his or her wisdom. It is a considered a very prestigious position. When I think of a sage, I think of an individual with vast life experience. A sage is well learned especially in the area of ancient wisdom. Powerful leaders seek out their counsel on crucial matters. A sage might go by different names such as teacher,counselor, consultant , mentor or trusted adviser. Their wisdom is considered highly valuable, therefore, in many cases, they are well taken car of. A matter of fact, many warriors have relied solely on the sages’ guidance. It is also an honorable position. Both the warrior and the sage possess qualities that are exceptional.
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Know let’s look at the warrior sage. Here , we see the best of both worlds. It is my opinion that each of us possesses the spirit of the warrior sage within us. The warrior sage represents self realization. The life of the warrior sage is an authentic life. They are true to themselves. They take responsibility for their own well being . Their sense of self worth is no longer determined by what society dictates nor do they seek others approval. They have embraced their own uniqueness. Warrior sages realize that they are part of something greater than themselves. They are one with everything and everyone around them. Their thoughts determine their reality. Every experience “outside” is a result of what’s going on inside. There are no exceptions. They embrace the journey of life and trained themselves to focus on the present. Warrior sages realize that life is meant to be lived fully. In order to do this, they focus on life balance,specifically, the physical,mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of life. Each is connected , therefore, affected by the other.
They also realize that everything is energy including us. What appears solid actually isn’t truly that way. Energy vibrates at various frequencies assuming the appearance of  solid, liquid or gas. Warrior sages know that their emotions are actually energy in motion. Our emotional responses are directly tied to our thoughts. Our thoughts become the things that appear in our lives. In order to have the best life experience , we must learn to stay within the present moment while training ourselves to take inventory of our thoughts. This is the key to mastery. Mastering our thoughts refers to being so aware of our thoughts that we are able to pick and choose which thoughts serve us as opposed to which thoughts sabotage us. Once we master our thoughts , we automatically experience better emotional responses. Warrior sages know this and realize that this a daily practice. There is no arrival in this area because each day brings its own circumstances with it. Each day is an opportunity to learn, evolve and grow. This view of the daily life experience leads to fulfillment.
The warrior sage is convinced that we are more than human beings capable of having  spiritual experiences rather we are spirit having a human experience.Although they are focused on the present moment in order to have the best possible human experience, they also realize that being human is one of countless experiences. Our true nature is divine and eternal. The warrior sage sees divinity in all things and people, therefore, witnesses a part of themselves. Everything and everyone is connected despite appearances.  Due to this fact, though wise, warrior sages exist in a constant state of humility. What reason do anyone of us have to think of ourselves as better than anyone else if we are all connected. Each of us is a different aspect of the whole. To compare myself to others is to insinuate separatism. We are all one, eternal and unlimited. What affects one, affects another.To harm or think negative thoughts about others is to do the same thing to ourselves. Treat others the way that you want to be treated and you will experience the same in return in one form or the other. This is a definition of love. This is the way of the warrior sage.
Warrior sages acknowledge that the nature of the universe is abundance. There is more than enough for everybody. States of lack and poverty are mere illusions. To see divinity is to see abundance( the starts in the sky, sand on the beach, blades of grass in an open filed, etc). There are symbols of abundance everywhere.
Warrior sages does not seek to fight anyone outside of themselves. They know that the true battle is within us. We are each called to battle with the constant conditioning that we have been subjected to from the time that we were each pulled from our mothers womb. We fight with our past conditioning and the various emotions tied to it in order to become truly self realized individuals. Self realization is necessary to truly be free to live this life on our own terms. True seekers of enlightenment no longer seek a shepherd because they are no longer “sheep”. At the same time, the warrior sage doesn’t seek to be anyone else’s shepherd either. They advise others to go within. They realize that each person must find their own way.This doesn’t mean that they are not open to wise counsel. Rather they seek knowledge in order to help them help themselves. They go within for guidance that they are convinced could appear , at any moment, during their life experience. They are attuned to this fact. This is the path of the warrior sage. This is the path to freedom.


No More Resolutions….. There’s a Better Way!!!

I am done with resolutions. How many people actually follow through with them? More times than not, most people fold by February. It has become a “running joke”. In order to make a true change in your life, mastery is needed. When I speak of mastery , I am referring to mastery of your mind, specifically, thoughts and emotions.

Anyone who is successful has to have a certain degree of discipline. Mind is everything. Each situation that you find yourself in is a result of your thinking.

Discipline your mind. Train yourself to pay attention to your thoughts. Choose the ones that energize you as opposed to the ones that are toxic.Perception is everything. Remember that however you perceive yourself and your  surroundings determines what shows up in your life. It is all an extension of you.

Know let’s go back to my blog title. To be honest, I chose it in order to get your attention. Actually there is nothing necessarily wrong with resolutions. If anything, this post deals with getting to the root of why most of us tend not to follow through with them. We are also looking at possible ways to change that pattern  once and for all.

Everything goes back to consciousness. Consciousness leads to empowerment.Empowerment leads  you towards establishing success in any area of your life on your terms. Your thoughts are directly tied to your perceptions which determine your emotional response. Your emotional response sends the signal. The end result are the people and situations that “arrive” in your universe. As human beings, we have an advantage.With practice, we have the ability to grow in this process of mastering our thoughts. Let’s look at some possible solutions. As we look at each potential solution, keep in mind that I am also focusing on examining ways to apply these exercises towards accomplishing your goals. Once you establish the practice of disciplining your mind, you will be able to accomplish any goal that you set your mind to accomplish.

Practice Meditation

One of the numerous benefits of meditation is learning to become more aware of thoughts.You learn to pay attention to them without being consumed by them. You are not your thoughts.

Identify Negative Thoughts

Pay attention to the negative thoughts. These are the thoughts that produce emotions such as anger, fear, insecurity,sadness etc. If you find yourself in any of these states of mind for long periods, they begin to produce toxicity in your physical being. This process leads to disease or dis-ease. These emotions result in stress which can disrupt the natural ,harmonious processes of the body. At this point,acknowledge the thought without attaching yourself to it. Once you realize that you are not your thoughts, especially the negative one’s, you become empowered. At that point, you can make a conscious choice to allow it to move on in order to make room for the thoughts that serve you.

Where Do the Negative Thoughts Come From?

Ask yourself why do you respond this way? Are your thoughts based on truth? You don’t necessarily have to be a therapist to figure this out. Are you being biased? What about the other people involved? What is your history with them? What is their story? Is it the same as yours? Each of us has a backstory as well as a different way of interpreting it. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Perhaps give each of them the benefit of the doubt that they are doing the best that they either know how or are conditioned to do. Never allow anything or anyone outside of you to determine your emotional state or sense of worth. You and only you can decide  therefore train yourself to stop taking things so personally. The only absolute truth is the one that you accept.

Look for the Positive

Practice looking for the positive side of every situation that you find yourself in especially the most challenging ones. This is especially effective when pertaining to accomplishing goals. Our challenges can derail us off course from success. Make the decision that whatever shows up in your life is their to test your resolve. How committed are you? How clear is your vision? Challenge is part of life and it is there to help us grow.There is no arrival. Consider life as a great school in which you are determined to learn. The more you learn and apply, the more you grow and evolve. You choose your destiny. It is your nature to create. However you perceive what shows up in your life determines what it becomes. Create consciously and responsibly. Thoughts do become things. There are no exceptions. You are the creator of your universe.Despite appearances, it exist to serve. The mind is the key. Once you master that, it is impossible to truly fail. It is simply another lesson leading to the eventual mastery of any situation that you find yourself. This is a daily practice.

Visualize the Intention, Then Set It

This applies to both goals and every day situations. What does your perfect day look like? What does the accomplishment of your goal look like? Which emotions do you identify with while visualizing the end result? Use your emotional response to assist you in creating the ideal scenarios.

As your confronted with momentary challenges, remember to single out the negative thoughts, dismiss them and replace them with  thoughts of positive outcomes. Expect solutions. Look for the best in each person involved. After applying these steps, practice visualizing conclusions that are win-win for everyone involved. Imagine each participant being happy with the end result. Once you have established an ideal vision , do not waiver. To set an intention, you have to make up your mind concerning the desired outcome. Do this despite appearances. Appearances are a result of past intentions whether you realize it or not. They are not based on absolute truth. Your thoughts determine that. You can set daily intentions. You can wake up each morning and visualize what your day will look like.This process applies to both short and long term goals. Once you discipline your mind, anything is possible. This is the key to everything. Consider it fruitful labor.

These are just some examples of steps leading to mastery. Mastering your thoughts and emotions are vital for the achievement of self mastery. Self mastery is necessary for accomplishing any goal as well as living an overall fulfilling life. As I wrote earlier, there is no such thing as arrival when it comes to self mastery. Each day brings with it both challenges and opportunities. Both of these situations result in growth if we take advantage of the opportunity. Once you set your mind on success, the right actions follow. It is impossible to fail. The only way that you could is if you decide to be lazy minded. By doing this, you assume the role of the victim. Regardless if whether or not you have been victimized, you are never a victim unless you choose to be one. Become a master of self as well as a student of life. Be determined to learn and actively apply what you learn every day. In doing this, you assure success for yourself. It will be virtually impossible to fail. Progress becomes a habit. You won’t have to wait till the new year to set resolutions because you will already be about it. Each year will be a continuation of ongoing success. It will become your lifestyle. To your continued success… Until next time…

Victory quote

Self mastery is the foundation of continuous victory. Remember that there is no arrival. Each day set your mind to win.Practice, Practice,Practice….




A Synopsis of “The Seven Laws of Success”.

Hello everyone. A while ago, I read a book written by Deepak Chopra titled, ” The Seven Laws of Success”.  These laws resonated with me. In this post, I am going to share my perspective of  what I learned about each one as well as some practical tips for applying them to your life. Let’s get started.

1)Law of Pure Potentiality.

“This law states that if you have the desire, you have the ability to manifest that desire” Deepak Chopra

What you desire already exist inside of you. You are not limited by your  identity , race, color, finances , gender, age or anything else. You are a creator by nature. You are both infinite and eternal. Nothing can change that. You are only limited by your perspective. What you truly desire “calls” out to you. The keys faith and clarity. First, know within yourself that your desire already exist. Secondly, be clear about the desire without a doubt. Remember that you are a creator by nature, therefore, your desires must manifest for better or for worse.

2)Law of Giving.

“If you want joy, give joy to others; if you want love, learn to give love… give what you want.” Deepak Chopra

You create whether you like it or not. Whether you are aware of it or not. As I wrote earlier, for better or for worse. Whatever you give out, you receive. It is universal law and there is no such thing as favoritism. If you are kind to others, you receive kindness. It may not appear overnight, but it will come in one form or the other. The ideal scenario is to give to others naturally rather than simply to receive. Remember that your world is a direct reflection of you. Ultimately, you experience events and interact with individuals who show you who you are in one way or the other. You can’t fool the universe. The great news is that you can’t outgive the universe. There is unlimited supply.

3)Law of Karma

“We reap what we sow so plant good seed.” Deepak Chopra

Everything that you do , think or say has power. Both your words and thoughts cause ripple effects throughout the universe like a pebble thrown into a still lake. The condition that you find yourself in is a result of your accumulated thoughts, words and actions without fail. It all starts with your thoughts. The more mastery you achieve of your thoughts, the richer the quality of your experiences despite the circumstances. Positive emotions such as love, gratitude, joy, happiness act as powerful magnets attracting more situations and people to produce more of these feelings  in you. The same reactions applies to negative emotions like anger, insecurity or fear.  The more that you focus on destructive emotions, the more ” drama” appears within your experience. Stay mindful. It is a choice although, at times, it can be a challenging one.

4)Law of Least Effort

“Grass doesn’t try to grow,it just grows. Fish don’t try to swim, they just swim…Practice acceptance,responsibility and defenselessness.”  Deepak Chopra

Everything in nature functions with effortless ease. Observe the flow of the ocean, the movement of clouds or flowers blooming. There is a natural flow in the universe. This is the case even in the case of apparent chaos. Chaos is never permanent. It is always followed by new life, growth and opportunity. You are a part of this natural order. The  law of least effort teaches that everything happens as it is supposed to happen at that particular moment. In western culture, we are taught to fight for everything that we want. We participate in campaigns such as “The War on Drugs”, “War on Terrorism” or “War on Poverty”. We justify our causes for the sake of justice, yet how effective is this type of mindset for achieving our goals. According to this law, we are “fighting” against the natural order. It is as if we are in a lake swimming against the current. You will end up wearing yourself out. The worst case scenario is that you grow tired and drown. We must learn to go with the current of life until we reach the end of the stream. This is a natural occurrence.

These universal laws are set in place for our benefit. The key is to learn how to work with them. Learn to accept the current situation that you find yourself in at the moment. This practice doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t do anything. Accepting a situation actually frees up energy that you would otherwise waste by approaching a situation motivated by stress. You end up creating more of a mess for yourself. It is important to be mindful of our emotional state while we are experiencing a situation. The term emotion refers to a type of movement hence the term “energy in motion.” Our emotions transmit energy ahead of us toward whatever circumstance we are facing. Keep this in mind. If you approach a situation out of fear and ego, you potentially create roadblocks for yourself. When you practice acceptance, you still move forward to deal with a situation, but you do it with a positive energy frequency. Love is the highest frequency.

Practicing acceptance helps us conserve vital energy. You use your energy more efficiently therefore opening yourself up to receive possible solutions to the problem. Certain key ways to effectively apply the law is to practice acceptance, take responsibility and stop defending yourself.

a) Practicing acceptance

Accept situations as they are even if they are unpleasant. Trust in the natural process of events. Refrain from reacting in a way that will only make the situation worse. Don’t waste your energy. Accept the situation as it is while being solution oriented

b) Take responsibility

It may seem as if you have no control over how certain situations in your life are unfolding, but you can learn to control and , ultimately, choose your reactions  to them. Despite what happened or who did it to you, learn to let go. Don’t waste your energy trying to figure out why people respond the way that they do. Stop feeling guilty about your past decisions. You can’t go back in time to change your decision nor control others reactions to what you did. Why waste energy worrying about it.Learn from them while you focus on staying present. There is an opportunity for growth in every event that occurs in our life experience.

c) Stop defending yourself

Respect other people’s right to their own opinion while maintaining your point of view. Don’t bother arguing.Again, it is like swimming upstream. It is a waste of time and energy that will only wear you. It serves no purpose. Be open to others ideas. Become a student of life. You can a learn a lot about others as well as yourself by simply listening.



5)Law of Intention and Desire

“One pointed Intention- that quality of attention  that is unbending in its fixity of purpose.”  Deepak Chopra

Whatever you focus your attention on expands. Attention gives energy to the Law of Attraction which in turn pulls the object of your desire to you. When you desire something, you are giving attention to it. Intention pertains to where you see yourself in the future. Attention and intention work together. Your intent is for the future, but your attention must be on the present. Once you focus your attention on what it is that you desire connect it to a specific intention. An example of an intention could be ,” I intend to (identify a specific goal) by ( set an accomplishment date).” Your intention accompanied with action utilizes the energy transmitted by your attention to orchestrate an infinite number of events in order to manifest your desires. This process describes  how the Law of Attraction  pulls your desires to you . The right opportunities and individuals necessary for the realization of your dreams are drawn to you like a magnet.

6)Law of Detachment

“In order to acquire anything, you have to relinquish your attachment to it.”  Deepak Chopra

Set the intention while detaching yourself from having to figure out the details leading up to the manifestation. This law states the way to acquire anything that we desire, we have to give up our attachment to it. We trust that the object of our desire already exists. We also realize that we are each engaged in having a human experience. Part of this experience, at least initially, seems to be tied to a perception of limited awareness. Based on the law, we trust that there is a synchronistic, harmonious pattern of events that are being organized by the universe( our higher self, source, etc)on our behalf  based on our individual intentions.

On the other hand,attachment implies doubt, fear and insecurity about the unknown. We feel compelled to try to “muscle” events. We give in to an idea of how “things should or have to go” in order to get the results that we desire. This mindset leads to the creation of more problems rather than solutions. We get in our own way. Life becomes very frustrating for us. We get impatient. “God” is not limited to time. Time is an illusion. Love, peace,harmony and patience are among the states of mind and emotion that can potentially prevail within our human experience once we learn to apply and internalize this law.

7)Law of “Dharma”.

“Everyone has a purpose in life-a unique gift or special talent to give to others.”  Deepak Chopra

You are here on purpose. In Hinduism, the word “dharma” can be defined as an individuals duty fulfilled by the observance of custom or law. Another definition of dharma is the intrinsic nature of a thing. For example, the dharma of sugar is sweetness while the dharma of water is wetness. It has been said that the dharma of the living thing is to render service to God. For clarification, when I use the word “God” I am not referring to a supreme  male being separate from his creation. I am referring to the infinite, eternal  and omnipotent (all powerful) intelligence that is the source of all things. All things and beings existing within the five sense world and beyond exist within this source. I refer to it as the creator. We all share the same existence . It is limitless. It is not limited to any one gender ,yet all genders both originate and are part of it. It is beyond  personality , yet our ability to develop a personality is because of it. Again, it is the Source. Within it, there is unlimited potentiality. It’s nature is to create. It is us and we are it both collectively and individually. Each of us represents a unique aspect of the whole. There is no such thing as true separation. There is only an illusion of being separate.We also share the same nature. You are a creator, whether you are aware of it or not. As human beings, we have the ability to develop our awareness of our “god” nature. Meditation can be a means of connecting with our unique gifts or talents if you are uncertain of what they are. Although it might not happen overnight, with consistent practice, you will be surprised by how significantly you can improve. Dharma is at the center of self realization. Self realization is synonymous with enlightenment. Imagine what type of world this would be if we each knew what our individual gifts were and shared them with one another. This world would be heaven on earth. Could you envision a society of self/god realized individuals? How about the idea of established “enlightened” societies around the world?

It is my opinion that the most worthy purpose for any human being is self realization. Achieving self realization is necessary for achieving ultimate success in every area of life. Applying each of the seven laws described above are clear steps toward this most meaningful accomplishment. It is necessary for living your best life. Take charge of your own destiny. Until next time…