It’s Not About Religion,It’s About Relationship

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This seems to be a very popular saying among many Christians lately. Although I grew in a Christian background through my grandparents, I am not advocating any one particular religion. I simply believe that at our core, we are ALL spiritual or spirit. There is far more to each of us than we realize. I also believe that we are not human beings capable of having spiritual experiences ,rather, we are each spirit have individualized quantified ,personal human experiences. In order to truly achieve self realization, we must each go back to the source. This source cannot be found outside of us. A matter of fact, everything that seems to be experienced as outside of us is actually the result of our perception. Perception determines the reality that we witness with our five senses.

“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao;
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. 
The named is the mother of ten thousand things.”


No one and I mean no one knows all there is to know about anything. In most cases, they merely know what was discovered before them. Even if you did discover a new concept, would you be able to say with absolute certainty that there is nothing else to learn? Of course not. We will never know everything there is to know about the infinite. Yet our origin is found there. It is a journey without an arrival, one experience after the other. We are all connected. It is my opinion that we all come from the same source and have never been separate from it. In actuality, we are each individualized expressions of this source(God ,Allah, Universe, Yahweh, Jehovah,etc) .Everything , both animate and inanimate is. It is the creator and so are we.. We use our thoughts, emotions and actions to create moment by moment. It is our nature. Our individualized perspectives determine our realities. We are one with the infinite therefore our true nature is infinite. We are each having a human experience each with a perceived beginning and end.

This is not reality. It seems real. Things around us seem solid, but they are not . We are not solid. Everything around us, including us is part of a vast, bottomless, limitless energy soup. Everything around us seems solid simply because of vibrations at different frequencies. The question is ….WHY?!!!

Not only that, but how are we conscious of this possibility? Why do we think? Scientist can theorize for years about the “mechanics” and yet still can’t explain how or why life and everything in our physical world happens. What started everything and if we knew ,the questions still remains. Who started that?!! and so on and so on and so on…. Well? Figured it out yet? Someone or thing had to have always been and if so, that is where we come from. Perhaps it is who we are. We are a microcosm of it as well as being it simultaneously, There is no real separation from it. It is the source of all life and perhaps so are we.. This source of all life is constantly learning,growing, expanding, evolving and so are we…

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When I speak about having a relationship with the creator,I am referring to you coming to a deeper knowledge of your higher self.I am not referring to a being separate from you, but rather your true self which happens to be the source of all life. This higher self desires you to know it as it knows you because it is you and you are it. Consider the statement,”God became human so that the human can become God.” We are called to become ” conscious creators”. This is a significant part of having a relationship with God. The other benefit is living in bliss.

Yes, it is possible to experience “heaven” now. This is not religion.You create whether you are conscious of it or not. Nothing or no one outside of you is controlling you. You are born and remain free. You assume a position of slavery by not disciplining your thoughts.

Your thoughts determine your perspective. It is all an illusion anyway. I am not insinuating to not have dreams and goals. I am merely eluding to the point that consciousness is all that truly is. Everything and I mean everything is a result of consciousness. Whatever you are conscious of is what appears in your life. Consciousness (“God”) is what you are in essence. When I use the term “higher self”, this is what I am referring to. Remember that you are the creator. You are divine, infinite, eternal , all powerful being having an experience of being a mortal, finite, aging , limited being called human. The state of your relationship with “God” is determined by the depth of your realization that you are one with it because you are it. You as Jesus appeared to be , are God in the flesh.Once you grasp what this means and the power that is yours because of it , the possibilities are endless. Once you realize that you are all that is, what is there to be afraid of? Religion can serve as an introduction to the idea of a higher power and the possibility that there is more to life and you than what appears to be. The concept of having a relationship with this higher power that is not only in you , but , in actuality, is you is potentially mind blowing . There is no end to the depth of this connection with your higher self. Dive in and keep going deeper and deeper. This is the key to true fulfillment. Relationship=Conscious Connection=Real Power=Fulfillment. Religion is only the beginning. Relationship is the destination that is never arrived. Just keep going deeper. The journey continues. Until next time…

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