The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

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Energy is constantly flowing . It is always changing in and out of form. Everything is energy including you and me. Our thoughts manifests into the “things” ( people and situations) that appear in our everyday life. When we discipline ourselves to pay closer attention to our thoughts, we can begin to seperate the thought patterns that serve us from the one’s that sabotage us. This energy IS the substance of All creation. We are each called to be conscious manipulators of this energy which is actually part of us to manifest more of the good into the world. We can end suffering, poverty, crime, disease, hunger and anything that plagues humanity once we learn how to properly harness this creative energy that is all around us. I call it mental alchemy. Mental Alchemy is key to evolving into a conscious creator. It takes daily practice . Meditation can help to quiet the mind in order to increase the ability to pay closer attention to our thoughts. Through Mental Alchemy, we can alter the conditions of our current physical state from undesirable to desirable. We are each called to do our part to create heaven on Earth for ourselves. We are created in the image of the creator therefore we are all creators whether we like it or not. Through practice we can monitor our thoughts and master our emotions . Through self mastery ,we can learn to allign ourselves with these natural laws that , ultimately, are created for our benefit. We can create Eden all over the planet. We possess the power and resources to create a world that works for everyone. Prosperity is our birthright and there is more than enough for everybody.

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