Stop Overthinking, Enough Already!!

I’m talking to myself. I realized that I have a history of overthinking. Overthinking is fear disquised as caution or wisdom. Overthinking appears in the form of questions starting with ” What if I…?”. Those type of questions will stop you in your tracks if you allow them to.

The truth of the matter is that the situations that you fear will happen , in many cases, NEVER happen. Our fear to take action tends to be based on our perception of our past or fear of our future. In both cases, our concerns are based on half truths at best. Our perception of events is based on our view, but not every possible one.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for critical thinking. I ‘m just realizing that the time to act on an idea is always now. Do something,,,, anything just take action. Take consistent action. Ask the “what if” questions as you consistently move forward. Do not allow yourself to be crippled by the never ending quest for perfection. It is better to figure it out through trial and error as you go. At least you are moving. Celebrate the fact that you had the courage to take action. Take action until the goal is accomplished. Celebrate the victories big and small along the way. Enjoy the journey while paying close attention to the lessons along the way. You will be better for it. Look back to see how far you have come. You might surprise yourself once you realize what you are capable of.

As stated earlier, as I am writing to you , I am also speaking to myself. I have been a chronic overthinker for a large part of my life. I have been speaking to myself and others about escaping the “rat race” for years. In most cases, I either crippled myself with “what ifs” or been distracted with what I called life. I would justify my actions or lack of with being responsible. I would ask questions such as “What if I can’t support my family?” or “What if I fail?” The question that I should have been asking was ” What type of opportunities will my family have once I achieve my goals?” or ” What problems will I be able to solve due to my newly found success that otherwise would not have been possible?” There is nothing wrong with asking questions as long as they are the right ones. I have learned my lesson. The time to act is always NOW. Don’t make the move “rocket science.” Figure it out as you go. Just be sure to GO!! Keep going, never quit and don’t be afraid to pivot. If you have to take a different route or adjust your plan, it’s okay. Don’t give up. Think about the end result. Think about the sense of accomplishment. How much is it worth to you?

Stop overthinking.