The Power of Passion

Quote of the day: "Do it with passion or not at all." — Steemit

I made a decision that each day I will do everything with passion. I decided to find passion in everything that I was doing regardless of how mundane it might have seemed. Passion adds spice to life and helps me to stay on purpose. Everything that I do is preparing me for the realization of my life vision /purpose. I am an empowerer. Each day , I live to empower someone . This is the reason that I am on the planet. I am determined to find as many ways as possible to empower people in the unique ways that I am designed to do and create a thriving business around them. I envision a world comprised of enlightened societies all over the planet inhabited by God/Self realized people. There is no greater investment than in human beings. I have the opportunity to invest in a human life with every interaction that I have as an advisor. Passion is a key ingredient in my optimum fuel that keeps me living and wanting to live. I realize that now.

Life without vision becomes dry and boring. I choose to enjoy my life and every part of it. I choose to be a conscious creator and take ownership of each situation that I find myself in on a daily basis. As humans, we are complex thinkers. We think millions of thoughts per day without even realizing it. We can learn to discipline our minds to the point of becoming aware of our thoughts.

Passion keeps me focused. I feel more engaged because I am doing something that is important to me. It is impossible to be passionate about something and not take action. Whether it be passion for a set goal , project, etc. It get’s you up in the morning looking forward to the day. Passion is linked to love which is the most powerful force in universe as well as the most creative one. Passion is also linked to emotion(energy in motion). What you truly feel about yourself as you relate to others determines what energy signal you send out. The signal that you send out determines what and who you attract to yourself. Every situation and person in your life at any given time can teach you someting about you. Remember that you are ONE with the creator therefore you ARE the creator. You are one with everything and everyone around you.

It is impossible to be truly successful at any endevour without passion. I challenge you to find any human being that was considered successful that was not passionate about what they were doing. Passion drives us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. It inspires us to accomplish more than we would have otherwise. It gives life meaning. Passion is a necessary ingredient for creating your best life. Love and passion are crucial parts of the foundation for an established life vision. When others tell you that you can’t do something,passion inspires you to respond, “I CAN AND I WILL”. In actuality, you don’t even feel the need to respond. You already see the goal accomplished in your mind. You can FEEL it. It doesn’t matter what others think. It’s not their vision. When passion fuels a vison, that vision calls you. You are compelled. Before you know it, your vision has transitioned from psychic reality to a material reality. This is what is meant by out of nowhere, now here. The more that you are aware of this fact, the more skilled you become at being a conscious creator. Passion is the spice of LIFE.

How do you live each day with passion? Establish a vision for your life. What does your ideal career, health, finances or relationships look like? What does happiness look like to you? Again, you are a creator whether you like it or not. Both your thoughts and words are pure power. They are the same power that creates stars,planets and solar systems. You are a key part of all of that. To realize a dream, it also takes patience. Everything that you see, think and do on a daily basis contribute towards the realization of how you see yourself and what you are doing. This is a universal law and without fail. This is why it is necessary to have a positive vision for yourself and your life. You are “God-In-Action”. You will either bring heaven to earth or hell. It really is your choice whether you are aware of it or not. I am using religious terms, but the concept transcends religion and applies to everybody. Apply passion to the everyday activities and events of life because you realize that no action nor thought is ever in vain. By doing so, you are drawing your ideal life vision into this material existence. Passion must be tempered by a disciplined mind. Train yourself to be mindful of your thoughts and actions on a daily basis. This action becomes easier with practice. Each day spend time in meditation even if it is for 10 minutes. Practice non-thinking in order to think clearer and become more mindful. You will begin to live each day with purpose therefore finding meaning in whatever you are doing. A meaningful existence is a passionate one. Live your BEST life. Live with passion.

The Time Is Always Now

The time is always now to live your best life. Stop overthinking it. Regardless of how lofty or outlandish it seems, start where you are at. You don’t have to have all of the answers. Start where you are. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be willing to pivot if you need to. I spent a large part of my life talking about what I wanted to do, but always allowed myslf to get distracted with important priorities. I realize now that there will always be “things” to do. Things are a part of life, but they aren’t all of it. The world needs dreamers not afraid to dream big dreams.

Be determined to take inspred action every single day no matter how small it might seem. Keep your vision in the front of your mind. Spent time every day daydreaming of how a typical day in your ideal life experience looks like. Have fun with it . Don’t try to force it. but stay consistent with it. Your daydreaming with a purpose. The purpose is to connect with this ideal lifestyle vision using as many of your senses as possible(see, hear,smell,taste and touch). If you stay consistent with engaging your senses while envisioning, the experience becomes more real. Remember that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the  difference between fact or fiction. It simply puts on the screen which appears as your daily life what you perceive to be true. The more conscious you are of this point, the more aware and deliberate you will be with your thoughts and actions. Regardless of how you either perceive or respond to life events, the result will reveal itself in time. You are a creator whether you aware or not . Choose to practice creating consciously what you desire to experience. Don’t give up on  the idea of your established vision being realized. Allow your higher self to determine the necessary sequence of events. Stay in the flow and have fun with the process knowing that it MUST come to fruition. You do not need to know how. Remain positive no matter the appearance of things at any moment. Challenges are ALWAYS  temporary. It might not seem so at the time, but they are. You ARE the creator. Remember that you are an infinite being having a finite experience. Time is an illusion. There are no clocks in space 🙂 All that truly exist is the eternal now. Ground yourself in a vision of life that authentically suits you. There is no need to try to force it because forcing connotes doubt. Simply now and expect. If you go to a fast food restaurant, you expect to get served the food that you paid for. If it takes a long time, you might get impatient, but you don’t doubt that you will get your food. You paid for it. The investment was made. How much more valuable is it for you to invest the time and energy into thinking inspired thoughts and taking inspired action? Time is in place to serve us and so is our thoughts. Choose to practice gratitude as well. Find the good in whatever your situation is now. Capitalize on those thoughts and discipline yourself to reflect on them daily. Make it a primary focus because as a creator, what you focus on expands. This exercise is necessary for starting to live your best life now. You start living it in your mind first before it starts to appear on the screen of your life. Why wait? The time will always be NOW.

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Grind vs Grit: What is the Difference?

Grinding is a very popular term these days. This is especially the case in the hip hop culture. Grinding has to do with putting the work in to get what you want. In our culture , we are taught that in order to be successful , you have to work hard at something in order to get results. We are taught that this is a noble task. Let’s look at the dictionaries definition of “grind”. According to the dictionary , grind refers to hard, dull work as in ” relief from the daily grind.” There is definitely nothing glamorous about grinding. It’s following the same tired routine day in and day out. It’s about keeping your head down, biting your tongue and following the herd for 20 or 30 years only to receive a retirement packcage that , if your lucky , will be equivalent to half of your current salary. In other words, ” Congratulations, devoted employee for reaching your retirement age working to make us , the leadership, wealthy. In exchange for your committed yearly service, take this gold monogramed watch, pen and retirement pay. Now go on and live the rest of your life getting older , sicker , poorer and waiting to die. Thanks again.”. That’s what I think of when I think about the word “grinding”. Don’t believe the hype. No other species , but humans, grind. A fulfilled life is a life lived in the flow.

Grit has to do with a personal calling. You have a drive that propels you forward because you have established a vision that you are emotionally tied to. This vision is actually a part of you. It is as if the vision is calling you. You feel it in your heart , mind and gut. You can’t shake it. If allowed to, it will consume you. It’s okay. It is the reason why you are here. Nothing else will do. Own it. This is the stuff of grit.

It takes grit to realize your dreams. It takes a determination that that might transcend the understanding of those that are closest to you. It’s okay. It takes grit to follow your dreams into their state of reality. Embrace the journey and be determined to enjoy the ride. There is no true arrival. There is only mountain after mountain to conquer and growing stronger and stronger from the experience. You are mighty! Both the victories and the challenges make for a fulfilled life. Embrace it all. Ultimately, it’s all good. Be determined that it is. Stay present AND determined learning as you go. Let’s GO!!!

Grit is tied to not only perseverence , but also passion. Do you have a goal or , better yet, a life purpose that you are passionate about? What is your idea of a fulfilling life? What is excites you? I am passionate about seeing others realize their potential and using my words to help others to do just that! I love to see people succeed on their own terms. I call it “blooming”. I get visions for people for what I see they are capable of becoming. I literally see their potential life in my mind and that vision excites me. I literally get gitty. It is like a drug. I love sharing my vision for a person with them. I get excited witnessing and sharing with someone about their capabilities. For me, there is no greater investment than in human beings whether it is with words, time or money. Human potentiality has been my passion longer than I can remember. I am a natural counselor, advisor, teacher. consultant or coach. This is why I started the blog as well as applied for my current job as a Senior Academic and Career Advisor with a leading college. My passion flows out of me like water. It is as natural for me as breathing. The visions that I get for others leaves me in a state of passion and bliss. It is my opinion that these two states should be our default states as humans. We should each be living lives of unbridled passion and bliss while engaging in activities that foster these emotions. They are natural driving forces of which grit is a byproduct. As the saying goes, ” When you work at what you love, you never “work” a day in life.” As Joseph Campbell wrote, ” Follow your bliss.” Anything else is settling. Bliss , passion, perseverence and hope are some of the characteristics that fuel grit as well as differentiates it from grinding. Outside of humans, no other species on this planet grinds. Every other species does what they are designed to do, day in and day out. We sabotage ourselves with our overthinking and our concern with what others thing about us. Other species are too busy living their best life to do that. We tend to overcomplicate our lives creating challengs and problems that don’t need to exist. It is a vicious cyle. For many of us, we follow the same dull, repetitive routine every day a large chunk of because we have been taught that it what we are supposed to do. Doing what you love to do each day of your life is heaven on earth. Many of us settle for “catching hell.” It is my conviction is that both “heaven” and “hell” or states of mind. It is a choice. We each have the ability to assume either state. Whichever one is at our minds forefront is realized in our experience. We are creators of both. We are not here to live lives of quiet desperation grinding away. We are each called to be conscious creators patiently applying grit towards creating our ideal life experiences ie “heaven on earth”. What other lifestyle can be sweeter?!! We are each here to experience life to the full. The vision is different for each of us. Create purposefully regardless of what is occurring moment by moment aligning yourself with the natural flow of creation . Trust this flow, while staying present, paying attention and trusting the process. When we do this life becomes exciting and we are energized . This state is a natural fuel for the realization of our desires compelling us forward while being determined to grow and learn from every experience. This is the stuff of grit. You can’t live life to your greatest potential while living your best life without it.What drives you?

We are each here to demonstrate God. “God” can be an extremely loaded term. When I refer to God, I am referring to unlimited potentiality existing to be expressed through both you and me. If we are each here to demonstrate God then it is a natural conclusion for me to assume that we are also here to establsh our own personal vision of “heaven”. This realization takes grit. Leave “catching hell” to the grinders. As I stated, we are called to be concscious creators. Let’s create together.

Stop Overthinking, Enough Already!!

I’m talking to myself. I realized that I have a history of overthinking. Overthinking is fear disquised as caution or wisdom. Overthinking appears in the form of questions starting with ” What if I…?”. Those type of questions will stop you in your tracks if you allow them to.

The truth of the matter is that the situations that you fear will happen , in many cases, NEVER happen. Our fear to take action tends to be based on our perception of our past or fear of our future. In both cases, our concerns are based on half truths at best. Our perception of events is based on our view, but not every possible one.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for critical thinking. I ‘m just realizing that the time to act on an idea is always now. Do something,,,, anything just take action. Take consistent action. Ask the “what if” questions as you consistently move forward. Do not allow yourself to be crippled by the never ending quest for perfection. It is better to figure it out through trial and error as you go. At least you are moving. Celebrate the fact that you had the courage to take action. Take action until the goal is accomplished. Celebrate the victories big and small along the way. Enjoy the journey while paying close attention to the lessons along the way. You will be better for it. Look back to see how far you have come. You might surprise yourself once you realize what you are capable of.

As stated earlier, as I am writing to you , I am also speaking to myself. I have been a chronic overthinker for a large part of my life. I have been speaking to myself and others about escaping the “rat race” for years. In most cases, I either crippled myself with “what ifs” or been distracted with what I called life. I would justify my actions or lack of with being responsible. I would ask questions such as “What if I can’t support my family?” or “What if I fail?” The question that I should have been asking was ” What type of opportunities will my family have once I achieve my goals?” or ” What problems will I be able to solve due to my newly found success that otherwise would not have been possible?” There is nothing wrong with asking questions as long as they are the right ones. I have learned my lesson. The time to act is always NOW. Don’t make the move “rocket science.” Figure it out as you go. Just be sure to GO!! Keep going, never quit and don’t be afraid to pivot. If you have to take a different route or adjust your plan, it’s okay. Don’t give up. Think about the end result. Think about the sense of accomplishment. How much is it worth to you?

Stop overthinking.

The Time is Always Now.

“Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself.”

Mark twain

I have spent most of my life overthinking things. I have allowed it to cripple me for a large part of my life. Overthinking can take on the disguise of wisdom. The overthinker has perfectionist tendencies. They tend to dwell on the worse case scenarios that more times than not, never EVER happen. I have spent a large part of my life living in fear of failure of not living up to my responsibilities as a husband and father. For the longest time I have shouted from the rooftops the dangers of remaining status quo. I have often said that I don’t like being told what to do and that I am not designed to work for anyone and yet I never committed to a single game plan. I have had countless great ideas, but never followed through with them. None of them captured my attention. I always felt that there was something better around the corner. I have been turning corners for years. I have been in some challenging situations and yet still allowed the fear of not taking care of my responsibilities stop me in my tracks. What it is it going to take? Enough already!! It is time to act . It is always time to act even if you don’t know what is around the corner. Act anyway and you will find out when you get there. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect. It isn’t necessary for success, but the willingness to press on despite being afraid is.
I will learn as I go. Every day I will take a step, even if it is a small one. It is time to take my own advice. I am here to change the world and save it from itself. I am a wayshower and the way is within me as it is within you. Anyone who comes to me must leave better than when they came to me. I am here to empower others with my words and personal example. I am here to show humanity who they truly are even if I have to show them one person at a time. I will encourage at least one person each day for the rest of my life as Todd Lee. I will start there. Each day I want to show someone how great they are. I want to share something personal , unique and ideal with them. I want to provide each person with something that will benefit them for their own personal journey specifically. I will give each individual something of value that will help them find their “True North”. I am here to inspire the world. The best way that I can help anyone is to help them to help themselves. The best way that I can inspire someone to do that is to do it for myself. My world changes as my thoughts about myself and everyone else around me changes. The quest for self realization is the noblest task. It is time. There is no greater investment than in human beings starting with myself. The time is now to invest in my own awakening. What about yours? There has never been nor will there ever be anyone walking this planet exactly like you. You are not an accident. Your are both a special and crucial piece of this life puzzle. You fit perfectly , simply and only as your own authentic self. You showing up each day to the world as you genuinely are is the greatest gift that you can give the world and yourself. Remember that nothing is truly seperate. We are each unique aspects of the whole. We are one. Self realization is the key to a well lived life. It is time to live your best one. The time is ALWAYS now. Now is all that truly is… Until next time…

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Baptism of Fire and Water

Baptism of Fire

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Baptism means to immerse. When I speak of “baptism of fire”, I am not referring to a physical fire, but rather a psychological and spiritual one. I am referring to a process of purification and refinement. Precious metals such as gold and silver go through a purification process in order to burn away impurities and bring out their brilliance. Diamonds are also formed out of exposure from intense heat. As humans , we have the opportunity to be “purified through our challenges(fire) if we disipline ourselves to find the good in any and all circumstances . This is growth. This mindset creates an opportunity for those who are determined to be “trained” by their challenges. This is key to developing a growth mindset,

The baptism of fire is the furnace that we go through when facing challenges. The furnace can be painful. It is a purging process. Our challenges present us with opportunities for growth. Challenges can prove valuable lessons for us. We grow in character. The furnace purifies us. It makes us stronger. It prepares us for even greater opportunities. It shows us what we are made of.

Life gives us numerous opportunities to grow and learn. We are not meant to stay stagnant. We have the ability to choose whether or not what we are going through is a good or bad experience. It is a matter of perspective. We can train ourselves to identify the good in any and every situation no matter how traumatic. No circumstance is permanent. A baptism of fire or water is symbolic of our preferred viewpoint of the situations that we find ourselves in. How we recieve these experiences has a direst impact on the outcome. it is all relative. We are each creators of our own individualized life stories, scene by scene. The more we grow in our ability to stay aware of our mental and emotional states, the more empowered we become.

Through this consistent practice we earn the right to play the part of both a character and the narrator of our story. We become conscious, deliberate creators of each scene. Our life experiences start to take on new meaning. There is a constant unfolding and opportunity for self realization. We begin to enjoy the journey further realizing that there is no true arrival . Life is an eternal play with infinite transitional scenes. We are here to create and experience period.There is no judgement. There is no one outside of you keeping score. Everything that you are witnessing in your outer world is a result of what’s occurring in your inner world. There are no exceptions. This is a good thing. You are the creator. If you don’t like your experience, you can create something different. Anything is possible. It is all an illusion anyway. This doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it. Ultimately,that is the whole purpose of it.

Baptism of Water

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Water represents life. It also represents birth, fertility and refreshment. Water is used to put out fires. Going through a baptism of fire can be followed by a baptism of water. If you choose to learn and grow from your experience, that mindset can open doors to new possibilities. Challenges serve as preparation that position us to take advantage of them. It pays to be a student of life. Each experience and person that arrives in your life comes to teach you something about yourself. Life provides you with numerous opportunities to grow and evolve into the person that you are destined to become if you choose that path. New opportunities and possibilities emerging after a challenging period represent the chance at “new life”. This is the baptism of water.

Both terms , baptism of fire and baptism of water, refer to states of mind that can be adopted as a means of being actively involved in your own creation process. To step into the role of a conscious creator, an evolution of consciousness is required. This is an ongoing process that , at times, seems uncomfortable yet proves rewarding on numerous levels. We each come into this life equpped with all that we need to live our best life.This doesn’t mean that we won’t experience challenge. Challenge is necessary for growth. Each problem comes with a solution. They are opposite sides of the same coin. Choose to define yourself by your victories over your challenges rather than the challenges themselves. It is a mindset. Estabish within yourself to be “purified” by the furnaces of life,. At the same time, anticipate refreshment and renewal on the other side of each one of them. You are a born winner. It is time to claim your inheritance. You are blessed with the gift of choice. You can either choose to be a victim or a conqueror. Set your mind. Go forth and conquer . Until next time…

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Being Happy

I have just had an epiphany. Happiness is the key to everything. There is nothing more important than being happy. I can have the most loftiest dreams on the planet, accomplish them and still be unhappy. If I am unhappy, I will still be unfulfilled. I don’t think that as humans we are designed to necessary arrive or stay fulfilled. We are designed to create, experience and evolve.

Although I do believe that being happy is a decision, it takes a certain amount of discipline. It takes discipline to consciously look for the good in certain people and situations. This is especially the case if everyone around you seems to be reacting negatively and expect you to do the same. In many cases, the people that are closest to you can be the “wet blanket”. Have you ever come across someone who seemed to find the negative side to everything? They give you advice for your own good when, in reality, they are expressing their own fears and insecurities.

Everything is energy . The universe is one big energy soup. Nothing is truly separate from anything else. The energy can be felt as either positive , negative or varying combinations of both. We are always exchanging are individual energies with one another. The word “emotion” has been defined as energy in motion. If you are not mindful, you can take on someone else’s toxic energy like a jacket. It might not be noticeable at first. Hang out with a negative person or people for a certain period of time. Notice any changes in your overall reaction to certain individuals and scenarios.

All is not lost. As humans, the vast majority of us have the ability to develop our awareness. It is a daily, sometimes moment by moment, decision to be happy.It is a practice.

Practice Gratitude

A large part of being happy is practicing gratitude. Yes, it is a discipline that needs to be practiced consistantly. Look for the good in your life. Look for it in everyday situations and routines. Take moments to recognize the people in your life that are kind to you. How was the weather today? Did you have a nice meal? your favorite sandwich?  Did someone tell a funny joke? Is there a family member that you are particularly fond of? Why are you so fond of them? If we look close enough and pay attention, you might be surprised at the number of great things and people you come across every day yet take for granted. You are blessed my friend and so am I 🙂

I believe that statement. Whatever I focus on expands because I , like you , am a creator. This is true whether I am conscious or unconscious of it. Our thoughts about ourselves, others or our world are expressed through the situations and people that “show up” in our lives on a moment by moment basis. There is no exception. For this reason, it is vital that we are true to ourselves about our desires as well as our feelings towards our life situations as well as each person involved. It takes gut level honesty with ourselves. It also takes asking ourselves the right questions.What do we genuinely like or dislike? Why do I feel this way? What do I desire out of this life? What do I have to be grateful for? What do I love about me?What do I want to change? and so on….. Some may need to seek out professional help in order to answer these questions and that is okay. For many of us, it might just take a little quiet time alone. Either way, it is necessary for our own self realization. It is my conviction that true happiness starts there.

Happiness is a choice that can be made daily or moment by moment. Obviously, it depends on the situation. Just the simple act of smiling has shown to have the power to alter our mood. Positivity can be as contagious as negativity. To be clear, I am not referring to trying to shove positivity down people’s throats. It is important to be sensitive to other peoples feelings about certain situations that they are going through. You don’t want to come off as unrelatable, ingenuine and annoying. I am not referring to bouncing off the walls with your “positive” attitude. That comes off as weird. It can start witha simple yet sincere smile. Having a great attitude at work while looking for opportunities to point out the qualities in others that you admire goes along while. Since many of us spend a large majority of our time at work, that environment can present opportinities to impact others ina profound with a genuinely happy disposition. It can be especially impactful when others witness you go through a challenging experience, appear sad , yet bounce back to a positive attitude. That can be powerful.

What about family? Depending on how we grew up, family relationships can be complicated. What helps me deal with difficult family relationship dynamics is to, first, take ownership for the part that I played in creating that chemistry. I also try to put myself in my relative’s “shoes” in an effort to better understand them. If I can empathize with someone, I can feel compassion for them. If I can feel compassion, I can change my opinion of the situation and relative. Once I do that, my emotional reaction is altered to the point where I can experience genuine happy feelings about that individual because I have established a deeper level of understanding. The relationship begins to heal and a state of happiness can be sustained between us. It is simple, not always easy , but possible.

Happiness can be considered a discipline that , when practiced consistently can produce both short and long term rewards. The more that we practice finding the good in our lives to be grateful for the easier it will become to maintain happiness. We have to go within ourselves to find it, hold it, sustain and , ultimately, share it with the world. It goes material thins and accomplishments. It is a state of being that can be expanded. It can empower us in every area of our lives. For this reason, I believe that practicing happiness is so vital. It alters how we see ourselves and others. For these reasons, the practice of happiness can change the world because it changes how we view it. Each of us is called to be a world changer in our own unique way. Let’s do it with happiness. Until next time…

The Importance of Self Love

You are special. Did you know that? Do you know that there is no one nor will there ever be anyone quite like you(even if you are a twin)? You are worthy of being loved.Never allow anyone to convince you differently. Stop comparing yourself to others and living to meet others expectations. You cant’t be truly happy in this life until you fully embrace who you are. Stop defining yourself only by outside accolades and accomplishments or , even worse, by your perceived mistakes. The world is a better place simply for you being here. You are both a masterpiece and a work in progress. Learn from your experiences and move on. Remember to love yourself through it all.

Have a one person “inner parade” for yourself every day. Learn to find something good that you did , no matter how seemingly small it may seem to you. Make it a point to treat yourself. You deserve it. Once you fully love who you are for simply being who you are, you free. You will have freed yourself from the burden of meeting others expectations . You will then experience others opinions and interactions to mirror how you see yourself. Everything and every person is a direct reflection of you. You creating the events and circumstances of your present life moment by moment, consciously and subconsciously.

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When you love yourself for who you are , you can begin to love others for who they are. Remember that there is no arrival to self discovery. We are impacted by our surroundings and personal story every day. What we can do is develop more awareness of our thoughts and where they originate. Our thoughts are messengers that we can choose to either accept or ignore. It takes practice,but it can be done. I know this because others have done it. Practicing self love daily leads to new discoveries of your own natural abilities and talents.

Practicing self love doesn’t mean that you stop developing yourself. You begin to think and act from authentic self. Nothing is more powerful than that!! From self love, you are empowered to live your best life and , in turn, inspire others to do the same. This phenomena occurs naturally. The other person or people might not even be aware of it. Nevertheless, you are connected to each person on this planet. Your positive vibrations are felt , though subtly, around the world. Genuinely loving yourself simply for who you are will be echoed through other people’s interactions with you. Favoring yourself sends the signal out for “others” to reflect that love back to you. Welcome to conscious creating. You are most aligned with your higher self when you think ,speak and act from true love starting with loving yourself. When you love, you are most like “God” (your higher self). You begin to embrace your own intrinsic value and realize your connection to everything and everyone around you. To live from love is to live from pure, organic power. You will be unstoppable. Love yourself. Until next time…

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It’s Not About Religion,It’s About Relationship

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This seems to be a very popular saying among many Christians lately. Although I grew in a Christian background through my grandparents, I am not advocating any one particular religion. I simply believe that at our core, we are ALL spiritual or spirit. There is far more to each of us than we realize. I also believe that we are not human beings capable of having spiritual experiences ,rather, we are each spirit have individualized quantified ,personal human experiences. In order to truly achieve self realization, we must each go back to the source. This source cannot be found outside of us. A matter of fact, everything that seems to be experienced as outside of us is actually the result of our perception. Perception determines the reality that we witness with our five senses.

“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao;
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. 
The named is the mother of ten thousand things.”


No one and I mean no one knows all there is to know about anything. In most cases, they merely know what was discovered before them. Even if you did discover a new concept, would you be able to say with absolute certainty that there is nothing else to learn? Of course not. We will never know everything there is to know about the infinite. Yet our origin is found there. It is a journey without an arrival, one experience after the other. We are all connected. It is my opinion that we all come from the same source and have never been separate from it. In actuality, we are each individualized expressions of this source(God ,Allah, Universe, Yahweh, Jehovah,etc) .Everything , both animate and inanimate is. It is the creator and so are we.. We use our thoughts, emotions and actions to create moment by moment. It is our nature. Our individualized perspectives determine our realities. We are one with the infinite therefore our true nature is infinite. We are each having a human experience each with a perceived beginning and end.

This is not reality. It seems real. Things around us seem solid, but they are not . We are not solid. Everything around us, including us is part of a vast, bottomless, limitless energy soup. Everything around us seems solid simply because of vibrations at different frequencies. The question is ….WHY?!!!

Not only that, but how are we conscious of this possibility? Why do we think? Scientist can theorize for years about the “mechanics” and yet still can’t explain how or why life and everything in our physical world happens. What started everything and if we knew ,the questions still remains. Who started that?!! and so on and so on and so on…. Well? Figured it out yet? Someone or thing had to have always been and if so, that is where we come from. Perhaps it is who we are. We are a microcosm of it as well as being it simultaneously, There is no real separation from it. It is the source of all life and perhaps so are we.. This source of all life is constantly learning,growing, expanding, evolving and so are we…

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When I speak about having a relationship with the creator,I am referring to you coming to a deeper knowledge of your higher self.I am not referring to a being separate from you, but rather your true self which happens to be the source of all life. This higher self desires you to know it as it knows you because it is you and you are it. Consider the statement,”God became human so that the human can become God.” We are called to become ” conscious creators”. This is a significant part of having a relationship with God. The other benefit is living in bliss.

Yes, it is possible to experience “heaven” now. This is not religion.You create whether you are conscious of it or not. Nothing or no one outside of you is controlling you. You are born and remain free. You assume a position of slavery by not disciplining your thoughts.

Your thoughts determine your perspective. It is all an illusion anyway. I am not insinuating to not have dreams and goals. I am merely eluding to the point that consciousness is all that truly is. Everything and I mean everything is a result of consciousness. Whatever you are conscious of is what appears in your life. Consciousness (“God”) is what you are in essence. When I use the term “higher self”, this is what I am referring to. Remember that you are the creator. You are divine, infinite, eternal , all powerful being having an experience of being a mortal, finite, aging , limited being called human. The state of your relationship with “God” is determined by the depth of your realization that you are one with it because you are it. You as Jesus appeared to be , are God in the flesh.Once you grasp what this means and the power that is yours because of it , the possibilities are endless. Once you realize that you are all that is, what is there to be afraid of? Religion can serve as an introduction to the idea of a higher power and the possibility that there is more to life and you than what appears to be. The concept of having a relationship with this higher power that is not only in you , but , in actuality, is you is potentially mind blowing . There is no end to the depth of this connection with your higher self. Dive in and keep going deeper and deeper. This is the key to true fulfillment. Relationship=Conscious Connection=Real Power=Fulfillment. Religion is only the beginning. Relationship is the destination that is never arrived. Just keep going deeper. The journey continues. Until next time…

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Run With “Giants”

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Be mindful of who you associate with. We are social creatures. Even the most introverted shy person needs human interaction. That being written, it’s that much more important to make sure that you invest in nurturing, constructive relationships as much as possible. Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t give a damn about you. You’re better than that. You must become your biggest cheerleader though. If you don’t believe that you deserve the best around you ,don’t expect anyone else to believe it.

When I speak of giants , I am referring to individuals with giant ambition and strong character that love you for who you are. Whether friends or family members, they don’t necessarily have to have the same ambitions as you, yet they support your success. Right or wrong, they will express their truth without an agenda. They are genuine. They simply want to see you succeed.

Everything is energy. The environments that you associate yourself with have a direct effect on your emotional state which influence the actions that you take. Connecting with progressive people calls you higher. You take on that energy like a new jacket. This occurs on both a conscious and subconscious level. Everything as well as everyone is connected. Be committed to building empowering relationships.

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Negative people drain you. They tend to have this knack for finding the downsize to anything. They tend to be close minded and judgemental. Everything has to go a certain way or it’s not right. They are hurting inside. Many of them were hurt in some way. They can be insecure about their own capabilities. Be sure not to get caught up in their energy web.This can be especially challenging if they are a close relative or spouse. Limit your contact with them or if possible, avoid them altogether. If it is a close family member, consider telling them. Be sure to be tactful and not confrontational.Perhaps suggest an alternative positive viewpoint. If they refuse to listen, distance yourself much as possible. It might be necessary to love certain relatives from afar. Stay mindful. Be aware of your emotional state while around them or after a conversation with one. Be proactive about keeping your energy field unpolluted. You don’t want to put on anyone else’s negative energy jacket. Commit yourself to building both nurturing and nourishing relationships.

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At the end of your life, it won’t matter how much money you have , how famous you are nor the number of awards that you possess. You can’t take any of that with you. Your true legacy is determined by your relationships. What was the impact that you had on people’s lives as well as who impacted you? Connect yourself with individuals that dare to dream giant dreams, possess giant ambitions and dare to set giant goals that overstretch their comfort zones. In the book of Corinthians, the Apostle Paul stated “Bad company corrupts good character.” If that is true then I conclude that good company strengthens it.

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You can’t be around positive, proactive people consistently and remain mediocre. You are naturally called higher and , more times than not, you answer the call. You step up accordingly. Most of us , live at a level far below our potential. When two or more get together to share ideas, encourage one another and brainstorm repeatedly, it is like fanning a flame of positive energy that each member feds off of. This positive energy fire is being constantly fed. It has to spread. When it does, don’t be surprised if it has a global impact. That’s how you change the world. Here’s to those who dare to be “giants”. History has shown that the world is better for them being here. Until next time…