Your “You”niverse

Everything that appears in your physical world is a result of your mental world . You are both the author and narrator of the play taking place on the screen of your life. Life is interconnected. Each situation and individual that appears in your life experience exist to teach you something about yourself. You are a creator. You are God in action “writing ” each page of your life with your subconscious and conscious thoughts. The more aware you become of this fact, the more control you have over what appears in your life.


You exist simultaneously on various planes( physically, mental, spiritual, etc). Remember that you are infinite being having a finite experience. You are experiencing what it is to exist within a body and have limitations. Regardless, of this fact, you can’t change your baseline nature of being the Creator. You create whether you are conscious of it or not. Without fail, your thoughts become the things( people , places, events, etc) that appear in your reality. It is ALL you. You may not remember each thought that you have had , but you CAN develop a deeper awareness of your thought patterns through practicing stillness and thought observance through a consistent meditation practice. It doesn’t necessarily take any special type of meditation either.

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You can start with 5-10 minutes a day. Sit in a quiet place or lay down on your bed. Be still and pay close attention to your breathing. What thoughts come to your mind. Don’t try to make yourself be still. You want to simply observe which thoughts or sensations come to mind. Don’t push nor judge yourself. Allow the natuaral course of events to occur with reacting. Before long, 10 minutes turns in to 15, 20 or 30 minutes. The key is consistently. This is a form of basic meditation. The practice will help you to practice staying present and aware. Once you grow in your awareness of your thought patterns, you can begin to select which ones to ignore and which ones to focus. It will empower you to break toxic, self sabotaging thought patters. Once this starts happening, you can begin to choose thoughts that serve you and build you up. This consistent practice will result in you manifesting more pleasant experiences in all areas of life. Your emotional (energy-in-motion) level will begin to improve. Your emotions and thoughts about yourself and your world will determine what appears on the screen of your life. Always remember that you are always being shown YOU. You might not remember the original thought, nevertheless, it is your creation. With increased awareness, you will become a conscious creator. At that point, you will be better prepared to step into your godhood. You will then proceed to create your heaven on earth. Psalms 27:13 states :

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You and the “Lord” are one. Remember that you ARE a creator . Create wisely. Until next time..

The World Needs YOU!

You are unique and special. There is no one like you, there has never been anyone like you and there will never, ever be anyone like you. You are not here by accident. All that you need to be is the best version of yourself. To remind you of your awesomeness, take a few moments each day to meditate on these facts about you:
1. I am unique and important.
2. I possess unlimited potential.
3. I boldly take action to achieve the highest and best expression of my self.
4. I am on a journey to realize my greatest potential.
5. I am a divine being and my possibilities are endless.
6. Greatness is within me, I see greatness within myself.
7. I am whole & complete, just as I am.
8. My inner vision is always clear and focused.
9. My life positively impacts the Universe.
10. I create the world around me.
Honestly, I got this information from Natali Ledwell through website , . Great information. Check her out!
Until next time…

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

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Energy is constantly flowing . It is always changing in and out of form. Everything is energy including you and me. Our thoughts manifests into the “things” ( people and situations) that appear in our everyday life. When we discipline ourselves to pay closer attention to our thoughts, we can begin to seperate the thought patterns that serve us from the one’s that sabotage us. This energy IS the substance of All creation. We are each called to be conscious manipulators of this energy which is actually part of us to manifest more of the good into the world. We can end suffering, poverty, crime, disease, hunger and anything that plagues humanity once we learn how to properly harness this creative energy that is all around us. I call it mental alchemy. Mental Alchemy is key to evolving into a conscious creator. It takes daily practice . Meditation can help to quiet the mind in order to increase the ability to pay closer attention to our thoughts. Through Mental Alchemy, we can alter the conditions of our current physical state from undesirable to desirable. We are each called to do our part to create heaven on Earth for ourselves. We are created in the image of the creator therefore we are all creators whether we like it or not. Through practice we can monitor our thoughts and master our emotions . Through self mastery ,we can learn to allign ourselves with these natural laws that , ultimately, are created for our benefit. We can create Eden all over the planet. We possess the power and resources to create a world that works for everyone. Prosperity is our birthright and there is more than enough for everybody.

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The Law of Inspired Action

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When we think about the word “evolution” we might think of moving forward or advancing. When I think about evolution as it relates to inspired action, I think about going to back to aligning ourselves to the natural universal flow. Earlier cultures made this a priority. In order to take inspired action, we must first learn to get quiet in order to listen to our inner voice for direction. This can be done through practicing meditation. I have found that deep breathing exercises also helps me settle into this quietness state.

Every species, except humans, follow their natural flow. Life activities are pretty straightforward and simple. Notice that I didn’t state easy. Once we tune in to our inner voice and its guidance, we start to become aware of the signs and synchronicities that signal us to take action. We are less anxious and more patient. We begin to trust the natural process and wait with positive expectation. Time becomes our friend rather than a source of frustration because events are not occurring fast enough.

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We begin to enjoy the process because we realize the value of the journey towards materialization of our vision. Happiness and joy are consistent reoccurrences. We feel more energetic during our day because we are engaged in “fruitful labor” that is meaningful for us. All sorts of ideas start to come to mind, and the right people and circumstances begin to show up. We don’t seem to work as hard yet achieve more substantial results. Good fortune starts to follow us energizing us for the journey ahead. Once our goals are realized we feel more fulfilled. Applying the Law of Inspired Action is about being actively involved in the creative process. We become conscious co-creators with our Source. Life starts to happen for us rather than to us. What is the result of establishing this reality as the norm? …A consistent state of bliss… This is necessary for us to establish “Heaven on Earth.” Where else would a creator live? This is our destiny…

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To be clear, the term “man”, in this case, refers to hu-mans, therefore, all genders. It is not my intention to be exclusive. Until next time…

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The Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction is the new buzz term. You can read about it everywhere. The popular definition is that if you think positive thoughts, positive things happen to you. On the opposite end, if you think negative thoughts, negative things happen to you. In my experience, it isn’t that simple.


Everything in the universe vibrates. Everything…. This includes inanimate objects like rocks, grass, trees, or anything that you can think about. We each vibrate, but at different frequencies. As humans, especially, our emotional state determines our vibrational frequency. Your frequency attracts individuals and situations that are on the same frequency. Each emotion is tied to a frequency. For example, negative emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, self-pity and fear each vibrate at a different one. If your “default” emotional state tends to be negative, more times than not, you will “find” yourself in various negative situations to support your generally negative outlook. You will attract people and events that are a reflection of who you are or, rather, how you see yourself. You will fulfill your own prophecy. Whatever you experience in your outer world is a direct reflection of the condition of your inner world. Your thoughts matter. I mean it. Your thoughts become things(matter). This is especially true when it comes to the reoccurring thoughts that we think about ourselves, people and our world around us. They are the root cause of the vast majority of our suffering. Our thoughts can stress us out. If you stress out enough, you might find yourself experiencing dis-ease. Sounds familiar?

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The key to using the Law of Attraction is deciding to find the good in your current situation. Practice being present. That is all of the time that you truly have anyway. Learn to love yourself regardless of your circumstance or what you have done. Expect the best out of life each day. Focus on what and who you are grateful for in your life at any given moment. Tell people that you associate with what you appreciate about them. Say hello and thank you as often as you can to others and mean it. Go out of your way to show kindness to others as well as patience. consider starting a gratitude journal and practice writing down the different things and people that you appreciate. Smile at people just because you can. Complement others. These actions help to raise your vibration. Practicing gratitude alone can place you in the ideal vibratory state to attract more into your life to foster that feeling. Remember that you attract who you are or, rather, how you see yourself at any given moment. Happiness, joy, health, wealth or any other positive state starts from within first. There are many people out there who seem to have it all yet still feel empty inside. They appear exceedingly wealthy yet are “bankrupt”. What good is success, money and other material things if you are not prepared to enjoy them? Anything and everything that you desire already exist for you in eternity. It is already yours. Nothing in nature grinds. Everything flows in the natural order of things. Allow all that is good to flow to you by paying attention to what you already have right now. What you focus on expands. You are one with the creator, therefore, ARE the creator. Take time to be silent and focus on what you truly desire for your life and why. Make sure that it is your desire and not based on outside influences. You will only be truly happy once you decide to live authentically. Being authentic is foundational for exercising the Law of Attraction and benefiting from it.

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Make the decision to commit to being the best version of yourself each day of your life. Make the most of the resources that have appeared in your life at this moment with gratitude for being there. Remember that everything is already yours. Simply be open to receiving it. Practice patience as you would be if placing an order at your favorite restaurant without a doubt that your favorite meal will be brought to you as it has been so many times before. Wait patiently with anticipation already tasting the delicious food in your mind. You don’t concern yourself with how the chef prepares it. You just know that it’s going to be SOOO good!! You expect the best. Attitude is key for opening the floodgates of the universe. Attitude is key. Start with gratitude for what you already have in your material world. This is a powerful signal that notifies the universe that you are ready for more of that. Remember that you attract who you are. Focusing on the good things brings more good things. It is the LAW 🙂 Until next time.

The Law of Correspondence

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Everything that is happening in your life is a result of how you feel about yourself, others and the world around you. Life is not happening to you; life is happening for you. Doesn’t that sound good?!! It may sound good, but if you think in any way like me, it doesn’t always feel good. In many cases, it can feel unbearable at the moment that you are experiencing challenges. Everybody has their own “buttons” that set them off. That being said, I do believe that, ultimately, every circumstance manifests to teach us something about ourselves. This realization can free us from pain and suffering if we allow it to do so.

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We are talking about the Law of Correspondence. This universal law dictates that all life experiences correspond to your state of mind about yourself and your world. This information can be a useful tool for you if you are open to aligning yourself with this law. Ideally, changing your attitude toward a situation can directly affect how you approach it. This change of mind can prompt you to take different action which, in turn, can result in a more positive outcome. Your mindset determines your vibration which acts like a signal (Law of Vibration) that “calls” the corresponding events and people that “appear” in your life. Remember that there are patterns that repeat throughout our universe, and we are one with it (Law of Oneness). This means that certain patterns of experiences will occur in our lives in correspondence with what’s happening inside of us at any given moment.

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We exist in this universe and the universe exist in us. We are each microcosm of the macrocosm. Your thoughts and actions matter, because you matter more than you might realize. You are the universe experiencing itself. The Universal Laws exist to serve you and not the other way around. We must learn to work with them in order to bend reality to our image of what we desire it to be. It is simple, not easy, but possible. Never be afraid to think big and expect big, wonderful things to happen in your life. As I write this, please know that I am also writing to myself. It is a lifetime discipline, but a necessary one for living your best life. Until next time…

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The Law of Vibration

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Let’s define vibration. One definition is rapid, rhythmic movement back and forth or quivering. I prefer a more informal definition that resonates with me the best. Vibration can also be defined as emotional qualities that are sensed or felt by another person or thing. As stated in the above image, everything vibrates , but at different frequencies. Even inanimate objects do. Frequency is directly related to vibration. Frequency is the rate of vibration and movement measured over a specific period of time. Think about your car radio. When you search for your favorite radio station, you turn your radio dial to a specific frequency to find it. In a very similar way, the situations that we find ourselves as well as the people that show up in our lives is based on our vibrational frequency. Our emotional state is tied to a frequency. Let’s check out the chart below:


The higher the number, the higher the frequency.Notice how the more negative emotions vibrate at lower frequencies. Think of emotion as energy in motion. Your emotional state determines the frequency that you vibrate. For example, if you are constantly vibrating at a frequency of anger, you will experience situations and interactions with others that foster that emotion in you. It’s like you send out an energy signal to all of the situations and people that will piss you off. This doesn’t necessarily happen immediately, but with consistency , negative situations tend to appear. The same can be concerning positive emotions. You can raise your vibrational frequency by fostering more positive emotions such as gratitude. Regardless of what life appears to be like at the moment. you can find something to be grateful for. I see gratitude as a gateway emotion to any and all positve emotions. Practicing gratitude every day can have a dramatic effect on your default emotional state that you find yourself in. A good exercise to start is a gratitude journal. Each day, take a moment to write down the things, situations and people in your life that you are grateful for. That is one of numerous strategies for raising your vibrational frequency. In the near future, I will write a blog post on that exact topic. With practice and awareness, you can change your frequency which , in turn, changes your experiences. Consistency is the key. This is where discipline is crucial for success. With practice, you can train your mind to find the good in all circumstances. It is simple, but not necessarily easy. Nevertheless, it is possible. Until next time….

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The Law of Divine Oneness

Everything is interconnected. The same life force that flows through you flows through the entire universe and beyond. It both animates you and gives you the ability to think. It, in essence, is you. How can you not be powerful? Think about it. You are one with everything. Whatever you think, say or do has a direct effect , on some level, to everything else. Not only are you animated by the life force, you ARE the life force. In essence, you are God-In Action.

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You are a unique expression of the whole ,yet undivided. This is a powerful concept. You are infinite being with infinite possibilities of expressing your authentic self. The key to power is knowing it. It is also within that knowledge that you will find true peace. All of creation (God)works in your favor and never passes judgement over you. All that is simply “IS”… We can never be seperate from it. The events, situations and people that we experience on a daily basis are a direct expression of the labels that we have given them as well as our own belief system. Through our belief systems, labels and egos, we experience seperateness. What we believe, consciously or subconsciously, is so or , at least appears to be. Nothing is truly final because we are always creating and nothing in life is stagnant.

If you know this, then you can create any reality that you desire. I urge you to be patient though instead of anxious. Anxiety creates a different outcome.In other words, if we claim to desire something yet are worried about whether or not we will receive it, we sabotage ourselves.We are expressing doubt of the outcome. Everything has it’s gestation period. Don’t concern yourself with the details. You are one with all things and beings necessary for manifestation of both anything and everything. Know within that everything that you desire, desires you. Trust the process and the timing. There are no mistakes in manifestation because what “appears” is a direct reflection of your state of mind at any given time. All is one with you. Guard your thoughts. The Law of Divine Oneness is the law that all other universal laws hang on. To be continued…. Until next time…

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Practicing What I Preach

On May 5th, 2023, I underwent surgery on my left knee. Currently, I am home recovering. In the meanwhile, I have been spending my time writing, researching and reevaluating my priorities. I took 2 months off from work so I have a lot of time on my hands. Normally, I am always busy working and providing for others, specifically, my family. I have been talking about becoming an entrepreneur for the longest time. I have have had countless ventures. What have I produced? Nothing..

I have lost track of all of the different opportunities and ideas that I have had. I honestly can’t remember. I have been at this for over twenty years now. My injury has been a blessing because it has giving me time to think and reorganize. What is truly important to me. What has been my downfall? What all have I learned? What am I going to do differently? Above all, one thing is for certain. I will never , ever give up. Whether I succeed or not, it is up to me. Despite my current circumstances, I have control over two things: 1) My mindset 2) My work ethic. The universe takes care of everything else.

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Time is an illusion. All that any one of us ever has is now. What good does it do for me to keep reliving my version of the past reflecting on what I could of or should have done? I choose to live in the now. That is all that I will ever have. I am a lifelong student of life. I refuse to settle. My dreams will stay lofty. I am a unique work of art ,always in progress, getting better and better each day. You and I are one of a kind. We continue to bloom with increasing radiance. This world is better for us being in it. We must be authentic not only for our own happiness, but to inspire others simply by being the best version of who we naturally are. What makes you authentic is your calling card to greatness. There are people in this world who are waiting for you to show up in their lives as unique as you are. You are inspiration and light on their path to their authentic selves. All that you are required to do is be yourself. Do you realize how truly special you are?

You ARE special and so am I. I am stepping out. I want to help as many people as possible to discover their light. Are you ready to join me? The time is always now. Check out my short book, “The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live”. I am also a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Holistic Life Coach. I specialize in empowerment. The best way that I can help you is to help you to help yourself. I want you to live your best life in all areas. What does success look like to you? Do you know? If you are unsure, let’s figure it out together. I am here to help you in any way that I can. My personal email is Until next time….

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Be Patient With Yourself

Joan Borysenko Quote: “Patience is peace. Learning to be patient is a  continual practice that takes years to ripen. Let it unfold, day by day,  ...”


I am a perfectionist. Exactly, what is a perfectionist? The definition that I choose is a person whose tendency is to demand of others or of oneself an extremely high or even flawless level of performance, in excess of what is required by the situation. Yup!, that can be me all day. Because of this tendency, I can be my own self critic. This can cause me a lot of unhappiness because I create these unrealistic expectations of myself. I might compare myself to others and their accomplishments. This thought process creates a perception of not being good enough. It is a lie. I am now and have always been enough. You are too.

You and I are works in progress, but guess what??! There is no arrival. There is always progress to be made. True joy is found neither in the accomplishment nor reaching the destination. The true joy is in the journey and the experiences along the path. How do you get the most out of  the journey? Stay present  and be patient with yourself . Learn to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, one moment at a time. I have been learning this lesson the hard way. That’s okay. It’s all good. Doesn’t always seem that way, but it always seems to work out , one way or the other. It takes time. Being patient can be a real bitch! Practice, practice, practice… It’s still all good though..

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I slipped on the stairs at home a few weeks ago. I tore my patella and found out that I had to have surgery. I was not expecting that at all. It was excruciating. I will be out of work for possibly 2 months , if not longer. I have to depend on others to help me. This uncomfortable for me. As both a husband and father, I believe that it is my responsibility to provide for my family and take care of them. Some might call that type of thinking outdated. I don’t care. I am just being honest. I do not like relying on others and I especially don’t like being vulnerable. I want to be completely healed “yesterday”. Tomorrow is not even fast enough. Either way, life goes on. I am forced to be patient with myself. I keep playing back in my mind what I could have done differently to have avoided that situation. It doesn’t matter. This is where I am at. So be it. I am determined to grow from it. With patience comes strength. I will emerge from this situation better and stronger.

Don’t beat yourself up no matter how many times situations don’t seem to work as you planned. Become a lifelong learner of both good and bad experiences. Be determined to consistently learn, implement and grow. You are not competing against anyone. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Attitude is extremely important. Choose to have the most positive one possible. It a discipline to decide to be happy by mentally capitalizing on the good that you experience, no matter how big or small. Expect the best outcome while honing in on the positive right where you are at. This practice is key to building patience. We each have are own emotional buttons, but we don’t have to be defined by them. Your emotional state does not determine who you are, you do. Be patient. Until next time…

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