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My name is Todd Lee. I am an aspiring Metaphysician, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach,Writer, Actor and Entrepreneur. My passion is helping others to trealize their highest potential in every area of life. My desire is to be most instrumental in inspiring your personal genius. Yes.. I said “genius”. You are a unique being with strengths ,talents and unlimited value. You have a great purpose here on this planet at this time that no one else can fulfill. You are especially designed for it. Your gifts are directly tied to your true happiness and fulfillment. They are also directly tied to the unique contribution(s) that you are destined to make to this world. You do both yourself and humanity a great disservice “living small”. There is no more nobler a task that you will accomplish than to be your authentic self. I am here to support you . There are no coincidences. You are here for a reason. This is  our blog. Let’s share this part of  the journey together.

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