“What Would The World Be Like?”

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are an artist. Each day is an opportunity to create or “sculpt”. Your thoughts are your instrument. They always have been. What would the world be like if each of us , as human beings, learned to become more aware of our thoughts. What would happen if we each took a moment to evaluate ourselves in order to identify which thoughts served us and which ones didn’t? Many of our thoughts go unnoticed throughout the day, yet reoccurring thoughts have a profound,lasting effect on how we think about ourselves and our world. If you,subconsciously, humor negative thoughts about yourself, situations will begin to manifest in your life to “support” that belief.

Every tool that you need to develop your best “you” already exist inside of you. Most of us only use a fraction of our innate ability to develop ourselves. We have been conditioned to believe that we have to rely on others for our development. It is my opinion that the goal of education is to introduce us to the concept of learning as well as the value of it. Once we have realized the intrinsic value of it, the responsibility becomes our own. The word “educate” originated from the word ” educare” which means to bring up. What is being brought up, you might ask? The unique “genius” that lies , in many cases, dormant within each human being. Each individual that has or will walk this earth has been endowed with abilities. Certain abilities are more apparent than others. Nevertheless, we each possess them. It is up to each  of us to both identify and cultivate these unique gifts . Each of us has the potential to add significant value to the lives of others once we decide to share them.

What would the world be like if  each human being on this planet decided to do so? How would that decision to act on that impulse effect the entire planet?

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It is my opinion that each of us  play a significant role in the human story. How we view ourselves determines the significance of this role. We each have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the world around us. This impact can be largely felt through how we interact with one another on a consistent basis. Do you realize your connection to each person around you?Learn to live life on the highest frequency possible. This frequency is love. To live “in love” is to realize your connection to everything and everyone. We are all one . We are each different aspects of the whole. We don’t have to agree on every point of life. We , simply, decide to respect one another’s right to free expression. We , each, decide to embrace the idea of determining our own truth as long as there is no intentional conflict. We agree to disagree because we acknowledge our “oneness”. Again, I ask the question, what would the world be like?

What would the world be like if each of us  realized that we had the solution to any and every problem that we face as a species? If we learned to collaborate rather compete with one another, there is no telling how far we could advance in any field such as food supply, housing, healthcare, education or the global economy. We each share a “stake” in both the preservation and cultivation of this planet. Imagine a society comprised of self realized individuals “driven” towards the fullest  expression of their unique gifts while being united in their conviction to share these attributes with the world around them. I envision the establishment of enlightened societies around the world. Each society populated by individuals that have each realized their own potential while being supported by a “governing ” body that’s sole purpose is to protect their right to continue to do so. Make no mistake, this is not a model for a utopian society, rather, one in which the free , nonjudgemental exchange of ideas is the “embraced” norm , without exception, across demographics. It is my conviction that if the concept can be envisioned, it can be realized. Anything’s possible…. Really…. The future is for the dreamers. Until next time…

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How To Awaken Your Brilliance

I have said it before and I will say it again. You are brilliant!!!! You have unique talents and abilities that, perhaps, you have yet to discover. Nevertheless, they are there inside of you. Believe it.Believe it or not, we have all been conditioned ,to an extent, to think the way that we do about ourselves, others and the world around us. You have more to offer this world than you might realize. Not all talents are obvious. In many individuals , they may lie dormant. It is your responsibility to both identify and develop them. They are key to both your happiness and fulfillment. When we have a strong sense of who we are and what we have to offer the world , it inspires us to live each day “on purpose”. Living each of your days on purpose adds meaning to life. You actually have a legitimate reason to wake up every morning. No one is here to simply exist. You are here to experience life to its fullest. Each one of us will have a different version of what that looks like.

Once you acknowledge your own brilliance and have the courage to share it with the world , you begin to live authentically. The ideal is for you to take personal responsibility for your own personal development. Here are some potential steps that can possibly help you come to this realization:

1) Practice Reflection

Reflect back on the times that you were most in engaged in whatever activity that you were doing. Who was there with you while you were doing it? Did you have an impact on them? Did they make comments? What did they say? What are you known for? What have others told you that you were good at? These are all relevant questions. More than likely, if you were to reflect backwards on your life, you would notice  patterns of experiences that could serve as clues that could be used identify your unique strengths and talents.


2)Practice Awareness

Pay close attention to your daily routine. Mundane activities that you might , otherwise, not give serious thought to can become opportunities for self discovery and enlightenment. I have , personally, come to numerous epiphanies while simply washing dishes. I have found answers to questions about myself that I might have asked several days earlier . What type of thoughts tend to run through your mind throughout the day. Are your thoughts genuinely positive? How do you react to certain people that you deal with on a daily basis.How do you genuinely feel about people? Be honest with yourself. What bothers you and why do you let it do so? Ask yourself if whether or not your consistent thoughts serve you. You will know if  they do by how you feel while you are thinking  them. We are emotional beings. Make  a conscious decision to monitor your thoughts. If necessary , adjust each one until it invokes a pleasant feelings. For example, if you start thinking about a person that has hurt you in the past, consider the situation from their point of view. Ask yourself if whether or not they were aware of the negative impact that their actions had on you. I am not justifying abuse . I understand that it depends on the situation and the extent of the damage. I am a firm believer that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger if you allow yourself to be “trained” by it. Make a conscious decision to learn from your challenges even if you have to dig for it. Your happiness and emotional freedom depend on it.

3) Make a Decision

Decide that you are going to pursue interests that resonate with you. There is no limit. Each situation or person that arrives in your life is there to serve you in some type of way. This list includes the unpleasant ones. You have a purpose for being here. Do not settle for status quo. Find the good in all situations while making a conscious choice to be an active participant in building your own life. You deserve to ,ideally, spend every waking hour doing what you love to do. You also deserve to go to bed proud of what you accomplished each day. Many will say that this type of lifestyle is unrealistic. It is unusual, but not unrealistic. It’s possible. It all goes back to mindset. Tolerate nothing less that genuine happiness and fulfillment. Find the good in whatever you are doing right now. There is no such thing as a useless experience. Decide to learn and grow from every situation. Become a lifelong learner. Do not allow anything or anyone to determine your self worth or happiness. It is necessary  for you to realize the significant value that you bring to this life. There is no one quite like you and there never will be. Understanding your self worth is key for awakening your brilliance. It is your brilliance that makes you unique.

4)Practice Makes Perfect

The definition of brilliance is exceptional talent or ability. Although we each have gifts and talents, we may still need to practice in order to develop them. Even the most seasoned artists still needs to nurture and cultivate their art. The key is to practice at what you genuinely love to do. You will put in the time to develop yourself at what you naturally enjoy doing and learning. You have to put the work in. This rule not only applies to career choices, but also relationships, personal goals or any aspiration that you might have. As the old saying goes,,”Do what you love and you will never “work” a day in your life.” Which activities fulfill you? Which subjects are you interested in learning about. The sky is the limit.

Even if you don’t seem to have a lot of time to pursue your personal interests, do something…. anything. You may have to start with simply reading an article online about the subject. It’s okay. Start  there. The key is taking the initiative to make a consistent effort. In order to stay consistent, you have to be certain that the activities that you are engaging in are important to you. This is where the emotional connection comes in. When you are practicing at developing in an area that you are sincerely interested in, the process is more natural. You look forward to practicing because you are emotionally vested. According to Malcolm Gladwells’ book, “Outliers”, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill. I don’t necessarily agree with that rule, but I do believe in the power of consistency. Our consistent actions  exemplify our decisiveness. They show that we have made a solid decision that we are supporting with our actions. It is at this point that the “magic” starts. The universe conspires on our behalf in order to assist us in realizing our intentions, regardless of what they may be.  Start where you are at with whatever resources that are available to you at that moment . Do this consistently and you will discover more of your personal brilliance than you might  have thought possible.Don’t give up.

You are a creator . It is your nature do so. Set your mind on becoming a lifelong learner. You are designed to constantly adapt, evolve and grow. Embrace your brilliance. Live your best life. Until next time….

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