Being Happy

I have just had an epiphany. Happiness is the key to everything. There is nothing more important than being happy. I can have the most loftiest dreams on the planet, accomplish them and still be unhappy. If I am unhappy, I will still be unfulfilled. I don’t think that as humans we are designed to necessary arrive or stay fulfilled. We are designed to create, experience and evolve.

Although I do believe that being happy is a decision, it takes a certain amount of discipline. It takes discipline to consciously look for the good in certain people and situations. This is especially the case if everyone around you seems to be reacting negatively and expect you to do the same. In many cases, the people that are closest to you can be the “wet blanket”. Have you ever come across someone who seemed to find the negative side to everything? They give you advice for your own good when, in reality, they are expressing their own fears and insecurities.

Everything is energy . The universe is one big energy soup. Nothing is truly separate from anything else. The energy can be felt as either positive , negative or varying combinations of both. We are always exchanging are individual energies with one another. The word “emotion” has been defined as energy in motion. If you are not mindful, you can take on someone else’s toxic energy like a jacket. It might not be noticeable at first. Hang out with a negative person or people for a certain period of time. Notice any changes in your overall reaction to certain individuals and scenarios.

All is not lost. As humans, the vast majority of us have the ability to develop our awareness. It is a daily, sometimes moment by moment, decision to be happy.It is a practice.

Practice Gratitude

A large part of being happy is practicing gratitude. Yes, it is a discipline that needs to be practiced consistantly. Look for the good in your life. Look for it in everyday situations and routines. Take moments to recognize the people in your life that are kind to you. How was the weather today? Did you have a nice meal? your favorite sandwich?  Did someone tell a funny joke? Is there a family member that you are particularly fond of? Why are you so fond of them? If we look close enough and pay attention, you might be surprised at the number of great things and people you come across every day yet take for granted. You are blessed my friend and so am I 🙂

I believe that statement. Whatever I focus on expands because I , like you , am a creator. This is true whether I am conscious or unconscious of it. Our thoughts about ourselves, others or our world are expressed through the situations and people that “show up” in our lives on a moment by moment basis. There is no exception. For this reason, it is vital that we are true to ourselves about our desires as well as our feelings towards our life situations as well as each person involved. It takes gut level honesty with ourselves. It also takes asking ourselves the right questions.What do we genuinely like or dislike? Why do I feel this way? What do I desire out of this life? What do I have to be grateful for? What do I love about me?What do I want to change? and so on….. Some may need to seek out professional help in order to answer these questions and that is okay. For many of us, it might just take a little quiet time alone. Either way, it is necessary for our own self realization. It is my conviction that true happiness starts there.

Happiness is a choice that can be made daily or moment by moment. Obviously, it depends on the situation. Just the simple act of smiling has shown to have the power to alter our mood. Positivity can be as contagious as negativity. To be clear, I am not referring to trying to shove positivity down people’s throats. It is important to be sensitive to other peoples feelings about certain situations that they are going through. You don’t want to come off as unrelatable, ingenuine and annoying. I am not referring to bouncing off the walls with your “positive” attitude. That comes off as weird. It can start witha simple yet sincere smile. Having a great attitude at work while looking for opportunities to point out the qualities in others that you admire goes along while. Since many of us spend a large majority of our time at work, that environment can present opportinities to impact others ina profound with a genuinely happy disposition. It can be especially impactful when others witness you go through a challenging experience, appear sad , yet bounce back to a positive attitude. That can be powerful.

What about family? Depending on how we grew up, family relationships can be complicated. What helps me deal with difficult family relationship dynamics is to, first, take ownership for the part that I played in creating that chemistry. I also try to put myself in my relative’s “shoes” in an effort to better understand them. If I can empathize with someone, I can feel compassion for them. If I can feel compassion, I can change my opinion of the situation and relative. Once I do that, my emotional reaction is altered to the point where I can experience genuine happy feelings about that individual because I have established a deeper level of understanding. The relationship begins to heal and a state of happiness can be sustained between us. It is simple, not always easy , but possible.

Happiness can be considered a discipline that , when practiced consistently can produce both short and long term rewards. The more that we practice finding the good in our lives to be grateful for the easier it will become to maintain happiness. We have to go within ourselves to find it, hold it, sustain and , ultimately, share it with the world. It goes material thins and accomplishments. It is a state of being that can be expanded. It can empower us in every area of our lives. For this reason, I believe that practicing happiness is so vital. It alters how we see ourselves and others. For these reasons, the practice of happiness can change the world because it changes how we view it. Each of us is called to be a world changer in our own unique way. Let’s do it with happiness. Until next time…