Education or Indoctrination

There is a difference between the two. First of all, let me state that it is my opinion that mental slavery is far worse than physical slavery will ever be. This is a point that I have stated on earlier blog posts. One term liberates while the other subjugates. One process can be very subtle , yet debilitating. The other , if effective, can impact generations for the better whether within a single family or society at large. As a disclaimer, the following points are simply my opinion. My intention is to offer food for thought.

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Yeah, I know that went a little crazy with the images. I’m going to go into detail about why I selected each one. Notice the ongoing theme. Indoctrination starts with the children. We each come into this world an empty slate yet by the time we reach five years of age, many of us have already developed certain perspectives or habits already. At that point, they have been ” branded” into our psyches. We aren’t even aware of how much we have been influenced by outside sources( media, environment, family,etc). All over the world, human beings have been indoctrinated into various systems while remaining clueless about the origin of these systems. There are several systems that I have identified , specifically, 1)Government System, 2)Education System,3)Religious System,4)Media,5)Business System and Healthcare System.  It is my opinion that a system should exist for the sole purpose of improving the lives of the citizens that participate in it. For this reason, I believe that each one should be consistently evaluated on it’s effectiveness concerning this end. Generally, if a system is outdated, change it…period. We are each called to be independent,  critical thinkers free to realize our highest potential in every area of our lives. Self realization is the ultimate goal for any sentient being. This is an ongoing process with no arrival. Our potential is practically unlimited.

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It is time for each of us to open our eyes. As human beings, it is our birthright to be free. Personally, I have been an educator for over twenty years and , in that time, I have worked with various populations. Previously, I worked in the prison system as part of a reentry program. I served as a  G.E.D. Instructor and tutor . I took advantage of this opportunity to speak to the inmates about the importance of training their minds to have a positive mindset. I shared with them my conviction that they had already “imprisoned” themselves in their minds long before they were sentenced to a physical prison. They had become products of their environment. Most were exposed to  disfunctional families, abusive households,  drug addiction , alcoholism , or street gangs. Many were part of a gang while they were in prison. In most cases , inmates didn’t have much of a choice either way. You either joined a gang or you were killed. The environment fostered intense, ongoing negativity.
I stressed the importance of each individual taking responsibility for their actions. I spoke to them about the power of their thoughts and how they each possessed the ability within themselves to master their thoughts. I talked to them about the benefit of self education and goal setting. Many inmates get released back into society only to return due to falling into the same habits that got them arrested in the first place. Self realization is necessary in order to break the vicious cycle of self sabotage. As I have mentioned earlier in previous posts, mental slavery will always be far more damaging than physical slavery will ever be. Although freedom is our birthright, we are constantly being bombarded by outside forces( media, internet, peers, family members, etc)  in order to influence us to think a certain way about our community, country, various products, and ,ultimately, ourselves.. We are the only ones that have the power to free ourselves by freeing our minds.

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The root of the word education is derived from the Latin words Educare, Educere and Educatum. The term educare means to nourish or to bring up.  Educere means to lead forth or draw out. Educatum  is a Latin word composed of two terms , “E” and “Duco”. “E” refers to a movement from inward to outward. “Duco” means to develop or progress.

Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits are learned through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training or research. Traditionally, learning takes place under the guidance of trained educators in a school setting. It is also possible for learners to educate themselves through a process called autodidactic learning or self education. The process of learning is natural for sentient beings. All living things learn and assess their world in their own unique way.Any experience that an individual has can potentially have a formative effect on the way that person thinks, feels or acts. This process can therefore be considered educational.

The ideal education is most effective in transferring desirable knowledge, developing skills, discovering interests, establishing attitudes and fostering the growth of critical thinking skills. True education seeks to nourish the positive qualities in a person as well as draw out the best in every individual. It seeks to tap into in order to bring forth the inner capacities of a human being. It is through education that one develops an understanding of the deeper things in life, cause and effect relationships as well as complex human relations.

Education is necessary for self realization. Self realization is necessary for living our best life. This is key for true enlightenment. It is education that differentiates us from savages. We are each unique aspects of the “whole”. We are one with  an abundant universe that is discovering itself through our individual experiences. There is no greater opportunity to have a more fulfilling life experience than through the process of  education. For an education to be most effective, each of us is called to take an active role in our own unfolding. We have the ability to tap into our own unique “genius”. Do not be fooled to think that this opportunity is limited to a select few. You have a significant role to play in this theater of life. Only you can determine what that role is. For the sake of review, what is your most valuable tool? Education is the key.

Make the decision today that you will be a mental slave no longer. You are not going to allow outside sources to determine your self worth. You have unquantifiable value. Educate yourself  on the topics that interests you. You have a calling. No one else can answer it for you. Dedicate yourself to your unfolding like the rare ,unique “flower” that you are….

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Until next time…