A New Definition of Love

Love means different things to different people. To some, love means giving your whole self and never holding back. To others, love is defined as a commitment to someone else. It has been described as making someone else’s needs a priority over your own. I have established my own definition of love. What is it you might ask? Well, to me , love is both the acknowledgement and embracing of my connection to everything and everyone around me.

We are all connected. The same life force that animates my physical body animates yours. We are reflections of one another regardless of the apparent differences. We have far more in common than we realize most of the time.

I don’t necessarily expect to have deep affections for each person that I come across in this life. It is okay to disagree. I don’t have to like you in order to realize my connection to you. I can still learn from you.Based on my definition, I can still “love” you. Each person and situation that arrives in my life space is their to teach me something. The question is , “Am I open to learn regardless of whether or not it is perceived as a pleasant experience?”. Perhaps I will learn what not to be or how not to act. It is important to remain a student of life.

If you and I are “connected”, wouldn’t that mean that to hurt you is to hurt myself? From a humanistic standpoint, what sense would that make? Why not create a system of interaction based on collaboration instead of competition? If each of us learned to embrace both our uniqueness and likeness, how would that affect the world? Imagine. Each persons’ action, on some level, affects another. Through this awareness, conscious connectedness occurs. Once each individual on this planet realizes their “oneness” with everything and everyone, it will create a global paradigm shift that has never been experienced in human history. The ” global  landscape” will be transformed in a way that will be most beneficial for all sentient beings on this planet on all levels. Even the environment will be affected in a positive way. We ,as human beings, through our actions, both directly and indirectly impact the lives of every species on this planet.

What would happen if we each saw ourselves in each other? What would happen if we each realized how special we each are as well as the impact that are actions have on those around us. There will never ever be anyone quite like you and , yet, we all share the same life energy. What does it mean to “live in love”? It means to love ourselves and to see see our connection to each person, place and thing around us. Love defines us. When you live this truth on a consistent basis, you begin to align with life force. Although you realize your connection to all things, you also understand that life is not all about you. Once you begin to love yourself and , consequently, begin to see yourself in others, you begin expressing love. You start feeling joyful and happy for no other than that you exist. Life becomes more meaningful. You start to become more interested in others welfare. Why not? They are an extension of you. You begin to share your time and resources without expecting anything in return. You simply for the joy of giving. To live in love also means to see the greatest good in people and situations regardless of the outcome. You still can be hurt, but you stop taking it so personal. You begin to feel others pain. We’re all connected right?

You stop trying to find ways to cheat others? For what? You would just be hurting yourself. You still work, pay bills , do laundry, etc. Although daily activities may not change , your attitude towards them might.Life begins to have more meaning. You feel lighter. You start forgive yourself and “others”. You cherish each day. You complement people more and mean it. You have nothing to hide. You begin to pursue lost passions and encourage others to do the same. There is no more envy. You are both content and complete. Life is good. It’s okay to have ambition, achieve goals and buy “toys”. The difference now is that you no longer need anything or anyone to fulfill you. You are already whole.

Living”in love” means that you not only expect the best from others , but look for it just as you would within yourself. You walk by strangers and sincerely acknowledge them. When you ask them about how they are doing, you are actually concerned. No more cliches. People begin  to feel that they are important you. You start giving off “good vibes”. Although you are still a work in progress, you begin taking responsibility for your own personal development. You begin to take notice of your interactions with people. You , genuinely, wish others well. When we begin to think,live, act, and react from love, we are at our strongest. We become grounded and , instinctively, give our best towards everything that we do.  A lifestyle based on love whether it be love for yourself, for others or for what you do is a powerful one. Live your BEST life… A POWERFUL ONE!!! … in LOVE.. We are ONE… Until next time….