Overcoming the Fear of Change

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change.”  Charles Darwin

Change is a natural occurrence of life. I view change as synonymous with growth. Many of us are afraid of change. It can feel uncomfortable to change your daily routine or surroundings. Nothing in this life stays the same. Each of us is on our own journey. A journey is defined as going somewhere. Going somewhere entails moving from one place to another.  If we are moving forward, it is only natural that the “scenery” around us begins to change. In order to live a fulfilled life, it is necessary to embrace every situation that you might find yourself in with the intention of learning from each one. Once you embrace change as not only a natural , but necessary process, life ,in its entirety, begins to take on a deeper meaning. It’s like switching from regular television to higher definition television. You begin to pay attention. Your experiences become “realer” and what you witness, more vivid. The little things become more important. No experience is taken for granted. There is a greater appreciation simply for having the opportunity to live. Although it may not be easy,you are certain to come out better on the other side of it. There is no need to fear. Fear is based on assumptions. There are no absolutes. To give in to the fear of change is to halt your growth. If you are not growing, you are dying, period. Without change ,there is no evolution. The lack of evolution(change) leads to stagnation and death. This cannot happen. You have the power within you to prevent it from happening. The ability to evolve is deeply embedded in your DNA. You are designed to be a master not be mastered. If you are currently “crippled” by fear, now is the time to solve the problem. Let’s look at some possible solutions.

  1. Focus on the opportunity to learn.

             Learn from the situation presented to you. Learn more about yourself based upon your response to what you just witnessed. Did you react in a way that was unexpected? Change happens to all of us. It is a natural process of the cycle of life. You don’t have to be a victim. Certain life changes are challenging, perhaps, traumatic and heartbreaking. I have had my share. There is only , but so much crying,cursing and arguing that you can do. Life goes on. Resourcefulness is a valuable skill. At some point, if you are still breathing, it will be time to move on. There is no getting around it.Make the most out of the transition. Consciously look for the lesson. Be determined to , ultimately, be better from the experience. Although  it may seem like we can’t control certain events that occur in our lives, we can learn to control our emotional response. There is no need to fear.

2. Don’t allow outside circumstances to define you.

Remember that you are a creator by nature. You create based on your emotional and physical reactions. They determine what and who appears in your life. You are THE creator , therefore , every thought or word that stems from you MUST have a direct effect on the outcome of any situation. Choose your thoughts and words wisely. Be patient. Time is an illusion. Relish in the knowing that whatever you put out must come back to you. It is the “law”. You define the circumstances. Expect blessings even if what is transpiring seems like a curse. Once you have established this truth about who you are and what you are capable of , what is there to fear? You begin to realize that whatever and whoever appears in your life, regardless of the appearance, comes to “serve” you in some way.

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3. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen?”
   It is never the end of the world. Besides, if it was, nothing else would really matter would it? We are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. It is okay to feel sad, scared, uncomfortable, alarmed, etc. The problem arises once you dwell in that state. It becomes unhealthy. If you are constantly “navel gazing”, you might miss the opportunities presented right in front of you. You have probably experienced countless numbers of changes in your life. Perhaps some of them were devastating for you and , yet , you are still here. Don’t underestimate your level of strength. 
4. Celebrate being alive simply because you are. 
 You are infinite spirit having a finite human experience. The purpose is to EXPERIENCE. You are encased in this vehicle called a human body in order to properly and effectively navigate this “material” realm. Actually, this realm is an illusion too. All that there truly is is 1)consciousness and 2)energy. You are connected to every person and thing in creation. This is reality. You are infinite ,eternal energy constantly materializing and dematerializing in and out of form. You have the innate ability to develop your own awareness of this truth. No situation is permanent, but you are!! That is , not as a human, but as infinite energetic consciousness possessing the power to shape and mold your reality. Is that cool or what?!! Imagine if you lived each day relishing in this fact. You get to breath, eat, see, smell, hear, feel, cry, laugh etc. You get to interact with others within this physical world. They are all extensions of you. Nothing here is permanent. Learn to take full advantage of each experience that you get to have . Fear nothing. There is no such thing as true death. There is merely transition. Energy never dissipates rather it simply changes form. You will have a countless number of experiences. Cherish each one. If everything around you is an illusion, fear of anything is based on “lies”. Ideally, I would think that each of us would want to have the best experience possible. I get it. Personally, I think that as humans, we have to stop taking ourselves so seriously. Eventually, it will be “time” to exit your vehicle i.e. your body. Until then, why not make it a point to enjoy the ride? Perhaps, you will enter another vehicle. I don’t know. Does it matter? All that you truly have is now… eternal NOW. 
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Image result for albert einstein life is an illusion
Fear nothing. You are destined to master, not be mastered…. by anything or anyone. Enough said…

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