The Time Is Always Now

The time is always now to live your best life. Stop overthinking it. Regardless of how lofty or outlandish it seems, start where you are at. You don’t have to have all of the answers. Start where you are. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be willing to pivot if you need to. I spent a large part of my life talking about what I wanted to do, but always allowed myslf to get distracted with important priorities. I realize now that there will always be “things” to do. Things are a part of life, but they aren’t all of it. The world needs dreamers not afraid to dream big dreams.

Be determined to take inspred action every single day no matter how small it might seem. Keep your vision in the front of your mind. Spent time every day daydreaming of how a typical day in your ideal life experience looks like. Have fun with it . Don’t try to force it. but stay consistent with it. Your daydreaming with a purpose. The purpose is to connect with this ideal lifestyle vision using as many of your senses as possible(see, hear,smell,taste and touch). If you stay consistent with engaging your senses while envisioning, the experience becomes more real. Remember that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the  difference between fact or fiction. It simply puts on the screen which appears as your daily life what you perceive to be true. The more conscious you are of this point, the more aware and deliberate you will be with your thoughts and actions. Regardless of how you either perceive or respond to life events, the result will reveal itself in time. You are a creator whether you aware or not . Choose to practice creating consciously what you desire to experience. Don’t give up on  the idea of your established vision being realized. Allow your higher self to determine the necessary sequence of events. Stay in the flow and have fun with the process knowing that it MUST come to fruition. You do not need to know how. Remain positive no matter the appearance of things at any moment. Challenges are ALWAYS  temporary. It might not seem so at the time, but they are. You ARE the creator. Remember that you are an infinite being having a finite experience. Time is an illusion. There are no clocks in space 🙂 All that truly exist is the eternal now. Ground yourself in a vision of life that authentically suits you. There is no need to try to force it because forcing connotes doubt. Simply now and expect. If you go to a fast food restaurant, you expect to get served the food that you paid for. If it takes a long time, you might get impatient, but you don’t doubt that you will get your food. You paid for it. The investment was made. How much more valuable is it for you to invest the time and energy into thinking inspired thoughts and taking inspired action? Time is in place to serve us and so is our thoughts. Choose to practice gratitude as well. Find the good in whatever your situation is now. Capitalize on those thoughts and discipline yourself to reflect on them daily. Make it a primary focus because as a creator, what you focus on expands. This exercise is necessary for starting to live your best life now. You start living it in your mind first before it starts to appear on the screen of your life. Why wait? The time will always be NOW.

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