The Power of Passion

Quote of the day: "Do it with passion or not at all." — Steemit

I made a decision that each day I will do everything with passion. I decided to find passion in everything that I was doing regardless of how mundane it might have seemed. Passion adds spice to life and helps me to stay on purpose. Everything that I do is preparing me for the realization of my life vision /purpose. I am an empowerer. Each day , I live to empower someone . This is the reason that I am on the planet. I am determined to find as many ways as possible to empower people in the unique ways that I am designed to do and create a thriving business around them. I envision a world comprised of enlightened societies all over the planet inhabited by God/Self realized people. There is no greater investment than in human beings. I have the opportunity to invest in a human life with every interaction that I have as an advisor. Passion is a key ingredient in my optimum fuel that keeps me living and wanting to live. I realize that now.

Life without vision becomes dry and boring. I choose to enjoy my life and every part of it. I choose to be a conscious creator and take ownership of each situation that I find myself in on a daily basis. As humans, we are complex thinkers. We think millions of thoughts per day without even realizing it. We can learn to discipline our minds to the point of becoming aware of our thoughts.

Passion keeps me focused. I feel more engaged because I am doing something that is important to me. It is impossible to be passionate about something and not take action. Whether it be passion for a set goal , project, etc. It get’s you up in the morning looking forward to the day. Passion is linked to love which is the most powerful force in universe as well as the most creative one. Passion is also linked to emotion(energy in motion). What you truly feel about yourself as you relate to others determines what energy signal you send out. The signal that you send out determines what and who you attract to yourself. Every situation and person in your life at any given time can teach you someting about you. Remember that you are ONE with the creator therefore you ARE the creator. You are one with everything and everyone around you.

It is impossible to be truly successful at any endevour without passion. I challenge you to find any human being that was considered successful that was not passionate about what they were doing. Passion drives us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. It inspires us to accomplish more than we would have otherwise. It gives life meaning. Passion is a necessary ingredient for creating your best life. Love and passion are crucial parts of the foundation for an established life vision. When others tell you that you can’t do something,passion inspires you to respond, “I CAN AND I WILL”. In actuality, you don’t even feel the need to respond. You already see the goal accomplished in your mind. You can FEEL it. It doesn’t matter what others think. It’s not their vision. When passion fuels a vison, that vision calls you. You are compelled. Before you know it, your vision has transitioned from psychic reality to a material reality. This is what is meant by out of nowhere, now here. The more that you are aware of this fact, the more skilled you become at being a conscious creator. Passion is the spice of LIFE.

How do you live each day with passion? Establish a vision for your life. What does your ideal career, health, finances or relationships look like? What does happiness look like to you? Again, you are a creator whether you like it or not. Both your thoughts and words are pure power. They are the same power that creates stars,planets and solar systems. You are a key part of all of that. To realize a dream, it also takes patience. Everything that you see, think and do on a daily basis contribute towards the realization of how you see yourself and what you are doing. This is a universal law and without fail. This is why it is necessary to have a positive vision for yourself and your life. You are “God-In-Action”. You will either bring heaven to earth or hell. It really is your choice whether you are aware of it or not. I am using religious terms, but the concept transcends religion and applies to everybody. Apply passion to the everyday activities and events of life because you realize that no action nor thought is ever in vain. By doing so, you are drawing your ideal life vision into this material existence. Passion must be tempered by a disciplined mind. Train yourself to be mindful of your thoughts and actions on a daily basis. This action becomes easier with practice. Each day spend time in meditation even if it is for 10 minutes. Practice non-thinking in order to think clearer and become more mindful. You will begin to live each day with purpose therefore finding meaning in whatever you are doing. A meaningful existence is a passionate one. Live your BEST life. Live with passion.