The Time is Always Now.

“Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself.”

Mark twain

I have spent most of my life overthinking things. I have allowed it to cripple me for a large part of my life. Overthinking can take on the disguise of wisdom. The overthinker has perfectionist tendencies. They tend to dwell on the worse case scenarios that more times than not, never EVER happen. I have spent a large part of my life living in fear of failure of not living up to my responsibilities as a husband and father. For the longest time I have shouted from the rooftops the dangers of remaining status quo. I have often said that I don’t like being told what to do and that I am not designed to work for anyone and yet I never committed to a single game plan. I have had countless great ideas, but never followed through with them. None of them captured my attention. I always felt that there was something better around the corner. I have been turning corners for years. I have been in some challenging situations and yet still allowed the fear of not taking care of my responsibilities stop me in my tracks. What it is it going to take? Enough already!! It is time to act . It is always time to act even if you don’t know what is around the corner. Act anyway and you will find out when you get there. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect. It isn’t necessary for success, but the willingness to press on despite being afraid is.
I will learn as I go. Every day I will take a step, even if it is a small one. It is time to take my own advice. I am here to change the world and save it from itself. I am a wayshower and the way is within me as it is within you. Anyone who comes to me must leave better than when they came to me. I am here to empower others with my words and personal example. I am here to show humanity who they truly are even if I have to show them one person at a time. I will encourage at least one person each day for the rest of my life as Todd Lee. I will start there. Each day I want to show someone how great they are. I want to share something personal , unique and ideal with them. I want to provide each person with something that will benefit them for their own personal journey specifically. I will give each individual something of value that will help them find their “True North”. I am here to inspire the world. The best way that I can help anyone is to help them to help themselves. The best way that I can inspire someone to do that is to do it for myself. My world changes as my thoughts about myself and everyone else around me changes. The quest for self realization is the noblest task. It is time. There is no greater investment than in human beings starting with myself. The time is now to invest in my own awakening. What about yours? There has never been nor will there ever be anyone walking this planet exactly like you. You are not an accident. Your are both a special and crucial piece of this life puzzle. You fit perfectly , simply and only as your own authentic self. You showing up each day to the world as you genuinely are is the greatest gift that you can give the world and yourself. Remember that nothing is truly seperate. We are each unique aspects of the whole. We are one. Self realization is the key to a well lived life. It is time to live your best one. The time is ALWAYS now. Now is all that truly is… Until next time…

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