Living On Purpose

Living on purpose is the key to a fulfilled life.It means looking forward to each day because it represents the next page in a chapter in your life. You are the author actively engaged in the process of living your life on your own terms. It more than an acceptance of who you are and “you” look like. You have made the conscious decision to embrace yourself fully. You have decided to love yourself unconditionally.You realize that you are unique and so are your gifts that you are determined to share with the world. You have assumed your predestined role as a manifester. You are an artist of life and your thoughts and actions are your brushes. You realize that you are spirit having a “human” experience on this plane of physical manifestation i.e. your canvas. Your thoughts and actions determine your strokes. You stay mindful. You take nothing from granted. Your life , every moment, has significant meaning.

Living on purpose means to be a conscious creator. It means that each day you envision the details in your ideal life. You see your vision from the end already realized. From that point, you begin to work backwards. You make the most out of the resources available to you at the moment.You are persistent and most optimistic because you realize that both thoughts and actions are never in vain.You are active in building your life. You are active in establishing a life on your own terms.You are free and too preoccupied with your own life construction to be concerned about what others might think. You cherish life and see the opportunity in every situation despite what others might see. Challenges are opportunities for growth and progress. You have trained yourself to look for the good in every situation not concerned with being the odd man or woman out.

Continue to stay true to yourself . Stay “fixed” on your vision and, in time, it will become your present reality. Never ever give up despite appearances or outcomes. Your ultimately reality exist inside of you.It has always been there beckoning to be realized. Do you hear it? Listen closely. Establish a daily practice of  spending a few moments being still.Quiet. Meditate.Go within to find your answers and direction. Your intuition will never fail you.Be courageous, but, most of all, be free. You exist, therefore, you are meant to be here. Find your voice and share it boldly. In doing so, you give others the “permission” to do the same. You ARE special. There is a place in this reality that only you can fill. Find it. Claim it. On purpose. Until next time…