The Power of Self Education

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Education should empower us. It should serve us by helping us to tap into our inner resources. The word “education” originated from the Latin words educare,educere and educatum.

The word “educare” means to nourish or to bring up. The word “educere” means to lead forth or draw out. Educatum can be broken down into two terms, “E” and “Duco”. The term “E” implies a movement from inward to outward. “Duco” refers to developing and progressing. Each word shares a common pattern. They each refer to a process that starts from within.

A true education facilitates learning. To facilitate means to make easier. Is that what we see in formal, organized education at any level? Does the current education system empower us or merely condition us? Does it facilitate independent thinking? Does it support us learning how to think or, simply, what to think?

We are constantly being influenced by outside sources. Have you ever taken the time to observe how many commercials you either see or hear on a daily basis. From the time that you came from your mothers womb , you have been both consciously and unconsciously receiving information. Three questions are embedded within our DNA: 1) What am I? 2) Who am I 3) Why am I here? For better or worse, each human being on this planet has been influenced in these areas.

Self education is a necessary practice for establishing self actualization or realization. Self actualization is empowering. The psychologist, Abraham Maslow, emphasized self actualization. He believed that self actualization was the ultimate fulfillment of human existence. He described it as “the full realization of one’s potential.”

Each person has a core nature unique to them. This is where self education comes into play. Your core beliefs define you. Ask the right questions. Where did these beliefs come from? Did you come to your own conclusions or were they made for you? Your core belief system determine how you see yourself, others and your world around you. They determine what motivates you. The only way that you can establish your core nature is through self education.

When we speak of potential, we are referring to capabilities that have not been realized yet. The realization of our potential directly depends on the time that we invest developing ourselves. For many of us, we focus on career or salary potential. This is only a fraction of where our true capabilities lie. happiness and satisfaction are paramount to fulfillment. You can have all of the money, fame and prestige in the world and still feel empty. We are social creatures by nature. Nourishing relationships , satisfying career, health, knowledge and wealth are all factors for living a fulfilling life on your terms. In order for this to take place, you must have the clearest idea possible of what that looks like. It is never about settling for mediocrity or status quo. It is about establishing a vision of what that “desired” reality looks like and refusing to accept anything else. Perception determines reality.Self education helps you discover the source of those perceptions. Do your current perceptions about your life and possibilities serve you? Self education is needed.

Thanks to the internet, we have access to a practically unlimited amount of knowledge yet, there are still a vast majority of people that remain clueless about what they truly desire out of life. How many of us truly remember what we learned in either high school or college? Honestly!!Many remain distracted by social media while living vicariously through the lives of their favorite celebrities. These same “fans” are also waiting for an opportunity to criticize others for living their truth while hiding behind fake personas. Few commit themselves to doing the work of self realization through self education and reflection. If more people would, it would be a different world… a better one. You are either going to be part of the solution or the problem. We must become lifelong learners. We must practice thinking critically, independently and authentically. It is this type of “citizen” that takes an active role in building an enlightened society comprised of self governed individuals. Self education leads to heightened self worth as well as respect for others chosen path. A truly enlightened person respects others for who they are and doesn’t feel the need to compare themselves to others. We are each on our own journey . Overall, we much each become students of life itself. Each day has it’s own lessons. We can both learn from and “teach” one another . We can do this through our interactions with each other as well as how we carry ourselves. Making the conscious decision to live your truth as well as be a student of life inspires others to do the same. Once your eye’s have been opened you can’t go back to being asleep. Life will never be the same. Learning is necessary for growth. If you stop growing , you remain stagnant. You die in ignorance. It is time to evolve in our consciousness. There has been no other time in human history quite like this one. Humanity is primed to take it’s next evolutionary leap in human consciousness or awareness. In our life time, we can each play an active role in the “igniting ” of a global renaissance unlike any event witnessed in recorded time. Our possibilities are endless . Self education is the key. Hand in hand , we must take this leap together as one race… the human race. Our survival and thriving depend upon it. This is our time. Are you ready?

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