God In Me, Through Me , As Me

God Redeemed us to make us God in Life and Nature


We are God. More to the point, you are “God”. I can explain. Nothing nor anyone is truly seperate. The same energy that creates stars and planets flows through you and me. Everything is energy at it’s most basic components. You are energy. You are infinite energy and power.

You are Source that has taken on a form and an identity or genetic code as a human. Every living thing has a genetic code. It is as if we are each wearing an organic spacesuit that we each call our “body”. We use this body as a vessel to help as navigate within this linear illusion that we call a life. 

We have subjected ourselves to limitations although in reality we are more powerful than we can ever imagine.We each possess unquantifiable power. Our thoughts are power. We are creators by nature. We have the ability to bend reality with our thoughts. The more conscious we are of this fact , the more empowered we will each become. The more we practice consciously creating, the clearer we are about what we desire to experience,the quicker that experience will be realized. We each have the ability to bring heaven to earth. Where else would a god live? “GOD”=countless “gods”. The One made up of the many.

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This knowledge is empowering because it supports the concept of self reliance. You have everything inside of you necessary to become your best version of you. How much more liberating is it to know that you come equipped with everything that you need for your own “salvation or rescue from mental slavery and mediocrity. It is your responsibility to free yourself from the illusion of being seperate from all G(o}od. I use the term “God” because it is a familiar term. We can easily replace the term for Source , Infinite Mind or , even better, Love. It is the power of creation and it flows through everything, everyone and everywhere. It is the source of all life and we are one with it therefore we are , in essence, it. “Gods” infinite power is our power. We only need to know it and practice using this power to manifest our ideal life. We must each learn to utilize this power to create with the material resources that we already have(Mental Alchemy) direct access to as well as to manifest more resources. As gods, we each possess the ability to bring “heaven to earth”. What I mean by “heaven” is the realm of which all ideas originate from, Infinite Mind. All inventions, products, and services originated out of no-where to now-here. This principle also applies to the conditions that we might find ourselves in both individually and collectively. Our thoughts, both consciously and subconsciously, manifest as the situations, circumstances and people that we interact with in our lives. What you experience on a daily basis is ultimately a result of your thoughts. This occurs without fail. We create whether we like it or not. It is our nature.

We are co-creators with God.

What would our lives look like if we trained ourselves to be more mindful of our thoughts? What if we made a conscious decision both individually and collectively to choose thoughts that were constructive and benecial for us . What would our world look like? This our destiny and birthright. All of the living organisms on this planet would benefit from our choice to be the version of ourselves. We would become the caretakers of this planet that we are designed to be. There would be a new earth to pass on to future generations. The future is in our hands, but for it to materialize,it must first become a burning, passion in our collective minds and hearts. Our saviour (God)exists in us , works through us, for us,as us. This reality manifests itself in our illusionary, physical world for us to experience,both positive and negative. We have the power within us to create a world we can all prosper. We will all experience heaven on earth. There is virtually nothing that we cannot accomplish once we put our MIND to it. We are GOD.

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