Follow Your Bliss

What is bliss? Overflowing joy!!! What is a blissful life? A life filled with no regrets. It is a life lived on your terms. You don’t settle for anything less. You make  the most of each day. You are mindful and grateful to be alive . You go after what you want with genuine passion and vigor. You appreciate others right to express their opinions , but you don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy. You have challenges like anyone else, but you face them head on , in most cases, scared, yet determined to face your fears anyway. You realize that each challenge has it’s reward for those  who have the courage to go through rather than wallow in them. Challenges are not meant to cripple us . They make us stronger.

In order to follow your bliss, you must be relentless and determined to both live and maintain that level. You will not compromise your happiness. What good would  come from that for you or anybody else for that matter? There are too many people on this planet living lives of  quiet desperation. You have a choice. You don’t have to be one them. The world needs more examples of individuals like me and you that have the courage to be establish our own happiness. It is an inside job that doesn’t have to be determined by circumstances. It is a mindset. Bliss is the standard. Nothing less will do.Nothing…Make a decision . What you and I experience on the “outside” is a result of what’s going on on the inside. It has and always will be that way.

Following your bliss doesn’t mean that you will never experience unhappiness, sorrow, frustration, anger or any other “uncomfortable” state of mind. It does mean though that you make a conscious decision not to stay there. You consistently look for “daylight”. You are so focused on staying true to your cause of following your bliss that you have decided that every form of adversity exist to serve you. You might be asking ‘” In what way?”. Adversity test your resolve. It shows you how badly you truly want to be free to live life on your own terms. Will you shrink back or keep moving forward even if it might seem, at the moment, that the sky is falling down all around you? Think of how much sweeter it will be once you reach your destination. Every blessing and “curse” appear at the perfect time to “serve” you. There are no true mistakes rather opportunities in disguise. We must be commit ourselves to applying this idea to every area of our lives consistently until it becomes second nature. I never said that it would be easy, but it is possible and ,in my opinion, necessary. We must decide to no longer compromise our genuine happiness. We must continue to have the courage to be true  to  both ourselves and others. A wise person said that no one should end their life with their “music still playing”. Each of us has a song to sing .Our song is our life or rather the life that we are designed to have. It consist of our gifts,talents,dreams and aspirations realized to their fullest potential. Your existence has a direct effect on every other life on this planet. Deciding to follow your bliss, whatever that looks like for you, both directly and indirectly inspires others to do the same. Your life is unique and precious. Live it well without regrets. Until next time…. Stay courageous.