True North Unlimited Inc

I have started a company. I couldn’t wait any longer. Passion drives me. Truth be told, I never liked people telling me what to do anyway. I hate politics. When I mention, politics, I am referring to the whole ” good ole boy/ ass kissing system”. I decided that if I were to ever commit myself to climbing  the “corporate ladder”, it would be the one that I create. I will create my own rules. I will be fair. I will create real opportunity for those who work with me. People are more important than profit. There is no greater investment than in human potential.

I created a company that will revolve around helping others to realize their authentic selves. Living authentically leads to true enlightenment. Mental slavery is far worse than physical slavery because , in many cases, it is passed on for generations. Do you have any ides how many customs, traditions and moral values have been passed down for generations that are , honestly, no more than human constructs? The term “human construct” refers to fabricated customs and view points that have  gone “viral” , yet are based on pure bullshit!! Yes, I said it.. BULLSHIT!!



It is my conviction that in most if not all countries, a select few have power over the many in one way or the other. We must not get into the habit of accepting anyone’s opinion on any issue at face value. It is vital for each of us to continue to educate ourselves about various topics as well as the systems that directly affect our livelihoods ( education system, religious systems, political affiliations, mass media etc). We are more powerful than we realize. Our destiny is freedom. We are each destined to realize our highest potential in every area of life. It is our nature to evolve and grow. We must continue to develop ourselves and encourage future generations to do the same. What would an enlightened society look like? This is the main reason why I created True North Unlimited. True North represents authenticity, empowerment, enlightenment, human potentiality, but, most importantly, freedom. Each being should both be and feel free to be all that they were created to be on their own terms.

Once you choose to be authentic and  live authentically, you become unstoppable. As founder and Chief Operating Executive of True North, I am committed to the awakening of each human being on this planet. No person has the right to belittle another person. Each person that has been or will ever be born deserves to be here. Once you get here, at some point in life, it will become your sole responsibility to establish your place in this world. True North Unlimited exist to assist you on your journey towards the realization of your higher self. Through the power of the spoken and written word expressed through education.  Our education models  will be workshops, e-books, keynote speeches, podcasts, books , workbooks and online courses. Our vision is that there will not be a corner of this planet that will not have benefited from our services in one form or the other. Human development is our business. This is our motto. Until next time…. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!