Developing Empowerment

How does a person develop empowerment within themselves? What is empowerment? My favorite definition is the process of becoming stronger and more confident , especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Expect nothing nor no one outside of yourself to empower you. First of all, it is my opinion that  each of us possesses “untapped” resources within ourselves that , in many cases, remain dormant. It often takes an individual to be in a particularly challenging situation to realize their true capabilities. We , as humans , are resilient. We are also extremely powerful creatures because we have the ability to change ourselves. Humans have the capability of increasing our awareness of who we are and what we truly desire out of life. We also possess the ability to become problem solvers. Human beings have been solving their own problems for centuries. It is the main reason why we advance. You can say that it is “programmed” in our  DNA to do so. This is where empowerment  comes in.

Once you realize that you possess the resources within yourself to both create and establish a successful life on your own terms, it becomes only a matter of getting started. My perspective on empowerment relates to the definition that I stated earlier. It is about tapping into the strength within in order to take responsibility for you own self mastery. You have earned the right to be here. You were a warrior before you even knew what it was to be one. It is your nature. You don’t believe me? Think about this.

In order for you to have been born, more than likely, two individuals of the opposite sex came together. Duhhh!! Right?!! some point, you were one of a million sperm  engaged in the race of your life, literally. You made it!! Instinctively, you knew which direction to swim . It took everything that you had to get to that egg and you got there. Each person that has been or  will ever be  born “earned” the right to be here. You are a natural winner. Do not allow anyone to convince you otherwise. You are powerful!! It is time to tap into to your own personal reservoir of power. Here are some keys to developing empowerment:

1)Stop worrying about what others think about you.

The great philosopher , Lao Tzu , is quoted as saying,” Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”  Never allow your self worth to be determined by the opinions of others. No one can place a price on your value. It is my opinion that most people are more engaged in their own situations than to truly care about yours. Those who spend their time judging others tend be more insecure about their own social standing. Bullies are the most insecure people on the planet. The loudest one is the weakest one. Stay true to yourself. Establish your own identity and succeed on your own terms. Encourage others to do the same.

2)Follow your “gut”.

Pay attention to your thoughts and intuition. The key to your purpose is within you. At our core, we are energy. We are also connected to every thing and person around us. Once you start being true to yourself by acknowledging what you truly desire , you begin to align yourself with the natural flow of life. At this point, your intentions become pure. Learn to trust your inner guide. I refer to it as your “higher self”. It won’t fail you. We are all subject to “outside influences” whether through our family, friends,acquaintances or the media. Due to our experiences,we develop thought patterns stemming from our past interactions with others. We must learn to consciously choose thoughts that serve us. Ultimately,how we perceive our experiences can have a profound effect on our gut reaction. Consciously formulate your own opinions. This practice will assist you in “purifying” your intentions.

3)Determine what makes you happy?

Our emotions can assist us in achieving clarity. Engage in activities that induce happiness inside of you. Establish relationships in which you support one another. Make it a consistent practice to find the good in all circumstances. Become a student of life while choosing to be grateful for the lessons. Once we start living authentically, happiness becomes both a natural and consistent state of being. Happiness is a choice. It is vital for developing empowerment.

4)What are you passionate about?

Passion is defined as being more than just enthusiasm or excitement. It is ambition that has materialized into action. When you are passionate about a specific goal, activity or cause, you will put as much of your heart, mind and soul as possible behind it. Another definition is a strong and barely controllable emotion. It is emotional “gasoline”. Once a person’s passion is ignited, dreams become realized. Imagine what it feels like to wake up passionate about a cause each day of your life. What would it be like to engage in  daily activities that were meaningful to you? How about lying down on your pillow each night for the rest of your life completely satisfied with the events of the day and the part that you played in them? Can you envision yourself barely being able to fall asleep because you were anticipating the next day? This is passion. It is automatically empowering.

5)Encourage others

As I mentioned earlier, we are connected. What effects one of us effects all of us , on some level, whether for the better or worse. As we become more empowered , it is important to empower others through encouragement. When we encourage others, we also encourage ourselves. It is almost like self hypnosis. We step outside of our comfort zone to give of ourselves through our words as well as actively listening to other people. When we encourage others with our words, those same words echo to our subconscious minds. This practice is especially powerful when it is done without any expectation of return. We give to others through our gestures and words simply because we want to. This is the best type of encouragement. It is mutually beneficial because whatever you give away always comes back to you, in many cases, multiplied. It is a universal law.

As human beings, we are not designed to stay stagnant. It is natural for us to evolve. The word evolve means to change. Whether the change is good or bad, ultimately, depends on your response to it. We can either choose to be victims or students of life. Once we decide to learn from all of the circumstances that we find ourselves involved in, we can begin to take a more active role in our own evolutionary process. At that point, we will find ourselves aligned with life itself. We will be living at our highest potential. The rest of your life awaits your response. Go within and be empowered. Until next time….