Dream With Your Eye’s Open Pt.4- Start Where Your At

If you are waiting for the right opportunity to present itself in order for your dream to be realized you might wait forever. Seeing it from the end ,although primary, is not enough. Take action. Research your project. Ask questions. Seek out the advice of the experts. Read and read some more. Commit yourself to your own self development. No money you say? Go to the library and inquire about resources on both grants and philanthropic organizations whose missions align with your cause.   You must put the time in. This is why it is important to be true to yourself about what it is that you truly desire.

You must have the right  motivations to fuel your passion . There is work to be done. It is necessary for  you to stay committed to the realization of your dream because it  expresses who you truly are as a human being. You will never run out of fuel. If you do not stay committed to the expression of your true self, you will  burn up and out like a falling star. What drives you?!! What makes you tick? Once you answer that question for yourself, nothing should stop you.You will be devoted to the realization of  your dream at all levels. If it changes overtime, not a problem. It’s all part of the journey to self discovery. An inner journey. Either way , make no mistake, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. Start stepping. You don’t have to have all of the details , but you do need  true desire and courage . You”ll learn as you go. Until next time…

Dream With Your Eye’s Open Pt.3- See It From the End

After you have made the decision to be honest with yourself about what you truly desire in life, it is time to visualize your ideal life or , at least, some aspect of it. Ask yourself the question, “What does it look like? How does it feel to live a day in my ideal life? Imagine what it would feel like to wake up each day or, better yet, go to bed anticipating the activities of the next day. Living your dream each and every day. What would it be like to be immersed in your authentic personal passion. Can you get any closer to heaven on earth? Most of us accept our current circumstances. We tend to accept what we experience with our five senses as real, but what if that isn’t really the case? What if reality is based on perception. What  what we experience with our five senses is really the result of our anticipating mindset. Reality originates in the mind and is largely based on perception.

We must practice “presence” yet setting our minds on the complete manifestation of our ideal experience( career, relationship, money, new car, etc). It also must be understood that seeing our goal accomplished from the end doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges. On the contrary, you might be faced with several challenges. Many which, at the time, might seem insurmountable. Take heart. As a wise man said,”Faith is sure of what you hope for and certain of what you don’t see.” It is especially important to stay”fixed” on your vision when it seems impossible to be realized. At that moment when you have done all that you know to do to realize your dream then it is time to let go and watch events unfold. This may not come easy, but it is possible with practice. Consistent practice. It is at this point that many fall short of realizing their dream. They get caught with what is happening at that moment. Continue to see your vision for your ideal life from the end. Do not get consumed with the details. Plans are necessary and great, but so is keeping an open mind. It does not have to happen exactly the way that you want it to happen. There are countless routes to the manifestation of your vision. Let the universe handle the details. This what it does best. Practice getting and staying out of your own way. Our responsibility is to stay relentlessly  fixed on our vision. No matter what the situation may look like or what the “experts” say. Its OK. It’s not their dream. They will see it when it is realized. Out of nowhere… NOW HERE. Until next time.

Dream With Your Eye’s Open Pt. 2: Honesty( Be True to Yourself)

Dreaming with your eye’s open has to do with taking practical steps to realize your ideal vision for your life. The first step is honesty. First and foremost, be true to yourself and stay that way. What does your ideal life look like? ideal career? relationship? How do you feel as your envisioning the “ideal” you? Have fun. Play with it. Nothing is off limits. Most people don’t truly take time out to figure out what they really want out of life.Being true to yourself is crucial for ultimate success. Success isn’t limited to material wealth. True success is directly linked to being comfortable in your own skin.Living every moment genuine while pursuing interest that excite you and add value to your life. What would life look and feel like if you were engrossed in a career as well as surrounded by people that brought significant value to your life while you brought the same value to their lives.Having all of your needs met and more . Being successful on your own terms.  Do yourself a favor and stop being afraid. Stop doubting yourself. Stop living to please others. Ignore the naysayers. I once read a quote stating” When someone undermines your dreams,predicts your doom, or criticizes you in any way, remember, they’re telling you their story, not yours.” Profound words. Take courage. Be honest with yourself in order to liberate yourself. It is impossible to realize your dreams without truly knowing and embracing who you truly are and what you desire…and loving it!!!

There is absolutely no one on earth exactly like you. Embrace this fact. Your true happiness as well as the rest of the world is depending on it. Whether the world knows it or not. You simply being your authentic self inspires others to realize their true selves. Be honest with yourself. Be authentic. Be your best “YOU”. See what happens.