At-One-Ment: The Answer to Everything

I had an epiphany today. You could even say that it was an epiphany within an epiphany. I feel that way because this wasn’t the first time that I came to this conclusion. Actually, it is the same epiphany yet clearer if that makes any sense.

Disease, war, addiction, hatred, racism,sexism,prejudice, discord and all other forms of perceived negativity stem from the perception of separatism. We perceive others as separate from us. We can develop preconceived notions about people based on stereotypes that we either consciously or subconsciously accepted as true. We are constantly under stress about bills, relationships, status or numerous other reasons that aren’t necessarily based on truth. Each of us have our own perspective about a number of things. Many of us live our lives on “automatic pilot” enslaved by routine and the concept of status quo. In many cases, we look down on those that have the courage to be their authentic selves. We say” What’s his problem?” or at least think it. We hide behind social media profiles and , in certain cases, write hurtful comments about others. Comments are written by people who wouldn’t have the courage to say in front of the person. Is this what the world has come to? It doesn’t have to be this way.

The solutions to each and every one of your problems rest inside of you. What you experience in your physical world is a direct result of your perception of it. What appears to be reality is just that. It is simply an appearance. Nothing more.

Everything experienced through our five senses is an illusion. This is not meant to be a negative statement. I’m just attempting to put things into perspective. We also tend to think in terms of time. Our experiences, past and present, have a profound effect on molding our character and identity. None of it is true. It’s all speculation. There is a catch though. We are creators by nature whether we know it or not. Our perceptions become our reality because our persistent thoughts become the things and people that appear as part of our human experience. Each situation that we are engaged in exist to potentially teach us something about ourselves. There is no judge presiding over our thoughts and actions. There are only resulting consequences. We are both “lead” actor and narrator of our own life story.

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Regardless of what are past challenges were, we don’t have to be defined by them. Learn from your past and keep moving. I also find it healing to practice forgiveness. Hatred and resentment is toxic regardless of whether or not it seems justified. Once you realize your true nature of being one with all things, you start to realize that hurt is an illusion. You are all powerful, infinite , eternal and wonderful. I use the word “wonderful” because of the endless possibilities that can materialize based perspective of any situation that you find yourself in at any moment.

I think that it also helps to consider that each person has their own history. No one hurts others just for the sake of it. There is always a backstory. They are as much “works in progress” as you are. They might not be aware of this fact , therefore, they react based on conditioned behavior. It has been my experience that most people don’t realize what they do or why they do it.

No one should be able to make you angry rather you choose to be angry. I meditate on oneness daily ,at least several times a day. It might only be for a few minutes at at a time, but it helps. I realize that if I feel animosity towards someone, it isn’t their fault. I chose that response. It is my error. They are simply responding in the “best” way that they can in their current state. It as if they are enslaved by heir own impulses. True freedom can come from realizing that you are no ever been merely human. You are infinite, eternal and all powerful by nature. You are an intricate , significant part of this cosmic design , yet your origin transcends it.

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We are each having a human experience. We are unique, in the fact that we have the ability to develop our own awareness. You can learn to forgive much faster once you realize that people say and do “evil” things based on “errored” thinking. This point doesn’t justify their behavior. I am merely giving a possible explanation.

The word “atonement” has to do with reconciliation. In the Old Testament of the bible, the Israelites practiced( many still do today) Yom Kippur. Another name for this day is “The Day of Atonement.” On this day the primary focus is on prayer, repentance of sins and giving to charity. The intention is to revert back to a pure state.

As a disclaimer, I respect each persons right to practice their own religion. In my opinion, true atonement is achieved through the realization that we are not alone nor are we separate from anyone or anything. There is one source for all life. There is one life having countless experiences discovering itself through taking on numerous forms simultaneously. Time and space is an illusion. This life is constantly creating . It manifests into and out of form accumulating different experiences while always learning more about itself. We are it and it is us. We are “One.” We each represent different aspects of the whole. The nature of this life is infinite, eternal , all powerful, limitlessly abundant and pure, unconditional love. Love is both a noun and verb. Love is both felt and shown. My definition of love is the acknowledgement and embracing of my connection to everyone and everything around. I am one with the Source therefore I am that one life and it is me. I am both the drop of ocean water and the ocean simultaneously with countless versions of me ….. and so are you.

This is the purist state and the only reality. Everything else is illusion. Yes, I can engage in numerous activities such as getting married, having children, becoming a millionaire or any other role that I decide to take on. I need nothing or no one outside of me to complete me because I am already whole. Wholeness is my true nature. I have been and will always be that way despite which identity I decide to assume. Good and evil are also illusion completely based on perspective. Love is all that is real. Why would I go out to purposely hurt another if that person is a part of me. Ultimately I would be hurting myself. There is no such thing as lack. The “natural” state of the universe is one of infinite supply. Meditate on this fact. Open yourselves up to receive from all possible locations. This doesn’t mean quit your job. It is more of a mindset. Align yourself with natural flow of the infinite supply of the universe. Embrace this as your own personal state before completeing any action knowing that you will receive all that you require and more. Allow this mindset to permeate your being. Meanwhile, give thanks for all that you have. Be open to opportunities to give to others whether it be money, time,etc.. You do this without reserve because you know that you will receive more. Do it simply for the sake of doing it not simply for results in your own life. Greed blocks the flow. there is no need to be greedy because there is enough for everybody. We are each connected to one another and everything everywhere. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone thought that way.

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Each animated and inanimate form has unique , irreplaceable and unquantifiable value. The more that I meditate on this point, the more vivid the experience and the longer it is felt. Meditation is the key. There is no need to desire anything because to do so connotes lack. Lack is unnatural. Even when something is destroyed, something comes in its place. Life constantly takes form and never ends. In essence, neither do you nor I . We have always been and will always be a part of it all. This brings me peace and freedom. These facts empower me to both consciously and actively take part in creating my own experience. I possess everything that I need to become anything I decide to become. This is my truth. It can be yours as well. There is no judgement to fear. We are the creators. We have the ability to learn how to create consciously. Life should be a work of art. It can become that once we make “at-one-ment” our priority. Until next time….

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The Power of Self Education

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Education should empower us. It should serve us by helping us to tap into our inner resources. The word “education” originated from the Latin words educare,educere and educatum.

The word “educare” means to nourish or to bring up. The word “educere” means to lead forth or draw out. Educatum can be broken down into two terms, “E” and “Duco”. The term “E” implies a movement from inward to outward. “Duco” refers to developing and progressing. Each word shares a common pattern. They each refer to a process that starts from within.

A true education facilitates learning. To facilitate means to make easier. Is that what we see in formal, organized education at any level? Does the current education system empower us or merely condition us? Does it facilitate independent thinking? Does it support us learning how to think or, simply, what to think?

We are constantly being influenced by outside sources. Have you ever taken the time to observe how many commercials you either see or hear on a daily basis. From the time that you came from your mothers womb , you have been both consciously and unconsciously receiving information. Three questions are embedded within our DNA: 1) What am I? 2) Who am I 3) Why am I here? For better or worse, each human being on this planet has been influenced in these areas.

Self education is a necessary practice for establishing self actualization or realization. Self actualization is empowering. The psychologist, Abraham Maslow, emphasized self actualization. He believed that self actualization was the ultimate fulfillment of human existence. He described it as “the full realization of one’s potential.”

Each person has a core nature unique to them. This is where self education comes into play. Your core beliefs define you. Ask the right questions. Where did these beliefs come from? Did you come to your own conclusions or were they made for you? Your core belief system determine how you see yourself, others and your world around you. They determine what motivates you. The only way that you can establish your core nature is through self education.

When we speak of potential, we are referring to capabilities that have not been realized yet. The realization of our potential directly depends on the time that we invest developing ourselves. For many of us, we focus on career or salary potential. This is only a fraction of where our true capabilities lie. happiness and satisfaction are paramount to fulfillment. You can have all of the money, fame and prestige in the world and still feel empty. We are social creatures by nature. Nourishing relationships , satisfying career, health, knowledge and wealth are all factors for living a fulfilling life on your terms. In order for this to take place, you must have the clearest idea possible of what that looks like. It is never about settling for mediocrity or status quo. It is about establishing a vision of what that “desired” reality looks like and refusing to accept anything else. Perception determines reality.Self education helps you discover the source of those perceptions. Do your current perceptions about your life and possibilities serve you? Self education is needed.

Thanks to the internet, we have access to a practically unlimited amount of knowledge yet, there are still a vast majority of people that remain clueless about what they truly desire out of life. How many of us truly remember what we learned in either high school or college? Honestly!!Many remain distracted by social media while living vicariously through the lives of their favorite celebrities. These same “fans” are also waiting for an opportunity to criticize others for living their truth while hiding behind fake personas. Few commit themselves to doing the work of self realization through self education and reflection. If more people would, it would be a different world… a better one. You are either going to be part of the solution or the problem. We must become lifelong learners. We must practice thinking critically, independently and authentically. It is this type of “citizen” that takes an active role in building an enlightened society comprised of self governed individuals. Self education leads to heightened self worth as well as respect for others chosen path. A truly enlightened person respects others for who they are and doesn’t feel the need to compare themselves to others. We are each on our own journey . Overall, we much each become students of life itself. Each day has it’s own lessons. We can both learn from and “teach” one another . We can do this through our interactions with each other as well as how we carry ourselves. Making the conscious decision to live your truth as well as be a student of life inspires others to do the same. Once your eye’s have been opened you can’t go back to being asleep. Life will never be the same. Learning is necessary for growth. If you stop growing , you remain stagnant. You die in ignorance. It is time to evolve in our consciousness. There has been no other time in human history quite like this one. Humanity is primed to take it’s next evolutionary leap in human consciousness or awareness. In our life time, we can each play an active role in the “igniting ” of a global renaissance unlike any event witnessed in recorded time. Our possibilities are endless . Self education is the key. Hand in hand , we must take this leap together as one race… the human race. Our survival and thriving depend upon it. This is our time. Are you ready?

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