The Law of Inspired Action

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When we think about the word “evolution” we might think of moving forward or advancing. When I think about evolution as it relates to inspired action, I think about going to back to aligning ourselves to the natural universal flow. Earlier cultures made this a priority. In order to take inspired action, we must first learn to get quiet in order to listen to our inner voice for direction. This can be done through practicing meditation. I have found that deep breathing exercises also helps me settle into this quietness state.

Every species, except humans, follow their natural flow. Life activities are pretty straightforward and simple. Notice that I didn’t state easy. Once we tune in to our inner voice and its guidance, we start to become aware of the signs and synchronicities that signal us to take action. We are less anxious and more patient. We begin to trust the natural process and wait with positive expectation. Time becomes our friend rather than a source of frustration because events are not occurring fast enough.

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We begin to enjoy the process because we realize the value of the journey towards materialization of our vision. Happiness and joy are consistent reoccurrences. We feel more energetic during our day because we are engaged in “fruitful labor” that is meaningful for us. All sorts of ideas start to come to mind, and the right people and circumstances begin to show up. We don’t seem to work as hard yet achieve more substantial results. Good fortune starts to follow us energizing us for the journey ahead. Once our goals are realized we feel more fulfilled. Applying the Law of Inspired Action is about being actively involved in the creative process. We become conscious co-creators with our Source. Life starts to happen for us rather than to us. What is the result of establishing this reality as the norm? …A consistent state of bliss… This is necessary for us to establish “Heaven on Earth.” Where else would a creator live? This is our destiny…

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To be clear, the term “man”, in this case, refers to hu-mans, therefore, all genders. It is not my intention to be exclusive. Until next time…

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