Overcoming the Fear of Success

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Well, are you? What if your situation worked out better than you could have ever imagined it? Now what?!! You have never gotten that far before. Take courage. The reality is that there is never truly an arrival.There is no fool proof preparation for success. Whether you succeed or fail, the same truth remains. You learn as you go. Having all of the answers has never been a prequalification for success.

There is no arrival

I have learned to find comfort in that statement. Each of us us a work in progress. Absolutely no one has every part of their life perfect. There is always work to do and goals to accomplish. As humans , we are designed to evolve. Be determined to be an active participant in your own growth process. If you knew all of the answers to all of the potential problems of life, there would be no room for growth. Uncertainty, struggle and stress have a purpose.Figuring life out as it happens is the ideal training camp for living your best life.

Stay Present

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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.”  Joan Rivers

Learn from the past then release the rest. The future hasn’t gotten here yet and when it does come , it will still be your present moment. Get it? The present is all any of us will ever have. Being fully engaged and conscious of your current situation frees up your subconscious to identify potential solutions to your most pending concerns. I have discovered answers to my most perplexing problems while focused on mundane activities such as washing dishes or folding laundry. Do an experiment. Ask yourself a question about a situation that has been nagging you for a while. Go about your daily routine and pay attention to what inspiration is sparked at any moment. Ask the question and let it go not worrying about the outcome. See what happens.


The Journey is the Mission

Books about accomplishing goals are a dime a dozen. Although I wholeheartedly support the practice of setting goals and accomplishing them, it is the journey to accomplishment that “makes” you. This is especially the case for major goals. You have to grow as a person in order to reach them. As humans, we are designed for growth and evolution or change. We do this through our experiences. We can train our minds to look for the opportunities for learning through the practicing staying in the moment. Each day and situation comes with a lesson that can serve you in some way to become stronger , wiser and more prosperous. This practice is necessary for living your best life. Each experience , despite the circumstance, has a benefit. Become a student of life. Once this happens, you will develop a natural inclination for looking forward to each event that you are faced with. Each moment starts to have significant meaning to you. You become more level headed and optimistic about life. This mindset helps you to draw more meaningful and positive situations as well as people in to your “living space. Life becomes more fulfilled while each day becomes an adventure. You begin to appreciate life as it is. You deal with life situations directly while engaging yourself fully in them. This doesn’t mean  that you won’t ever feel afraid. It means that fear will no longer define you. You will be aware of it and, yet, will continue to move forward in your life. Whether facing success or failure, you have conditioned yourself to find the “blessings” in both. At that point you become unstoppable. This is your true destiny.

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Yes, I’m overkilling  in order to make my point: You are destined for “awesomeness.” Nothing less. Remember that!!! 🙂  Until next time….