Dream With Your Eye’s Open Pt.6-Be Flexible

Okay, so know you know exactly what you desire and you have established a clear vision. You are also doing everything that you can ,at the moment, to realize your dream. There is only one problem.. Life!!!
Yep, life happens with all of its setbacks and unexpected challenges. Most people tend to either settle into mediocrity or don’t even try to go after what they really want out of life because of either the fear of failure or distractions.
People who are most successful keep their goals in mind despite challenges and setbacks. They stay focused,driven and unafraid to fail. They choose to learn from their challenges. They remain flexible. Flexibility is necessary in life because events can occur to either distract or discourage us at anytime. No one is immune. Learn to find the opportunity in every circumstance. You can train yourself to not get discouraged by life’s curve balls or , at least, not to stay there. Curve balls can serve as preparation for stepping into your aspired position. Keep your options open. Stop trying to control the details. That isn’t our “job”. Practice fixing your mind on the final vision. Leave the details of how it will be manifested to the expert. The universe, God , Higher Self, Source, etc. Doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s always working ” behind the scenes”. Learn to to be flexible and let go. Don’t worry yourself about how it’s going to happen. Train yourself to live in the present as if it has already happened… and it will. Know it and eventually you will realize it and not only you , but those around you will see it ,namely , the supporters and doubters. Stay flexible. It WILL work itself out.