The Importance of Self Love

You are special. Did you know that? Do you know that there is no one nor will there ever be anyone quite like you(even if you are a twin)? You are worthy of being loved.Never allow anyone to convince you differently. Stop comparing yourself to others and living to meet others expectations. You cant’t be truly happy in this life until you fully embrace who you are. Stop defining yourself only by outside accolades and accomplishments or , even worse, by your perceived mistakes. The world is a better place simply for you being here. You are both a masterpiece and a work in progress. Learn from your experiences and move on. Remember to love yourself through it all.

Have a one person “inner parade” for yourself every day. Learn to find something good that you did , no matter how seemingly small it may seem to you. Make it a point to treat yourself. You deserve it. Once you fully love who you are for simply being who you are, you free. You will have freed yourself from the burden of meeting others expectations . You will then experience others opinions and interactions to mirror how you see yourself. Everything and every person is a direct reflection of you. You creating the events and circumstances of your present life moment by moment, consciously and subconsciously.

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When you love yourself for who you are , you can begin to love others for who they are. Remember that there is no arrival to self discovery. We are impacted by our surroundings and personal story every day. What we can do is develop more awareness of our thoughts and where they originate. Our thoughts are messengers that we can choose to either accept or ignore. It takes practice,but it can be done. I know this because others have done it. Practicing self love daily leads to new discoveries of your own natural abilities and talents.

Practicing self love doesn’t mean that you stop developing yourself. You begin to think and act from authentic self. Nothing is more powerful than that!! From self love, you are empowered to live your best life and , in turn, inspire others to do the same. This phenomena occurs naturally. The other person or people might not even be aware of it. Nevertheless, you are connected to each person on this planet. Your positive vibrations are felt , though subtly, around the world. Genuinely loving yourself simply for who you are will be echoed through other people’s interactions with you. Favoring yourself sends the signal out for “others” to reflect that love back to you. Welcome to conscious creating. You are most aligned with your higher self when you think ,speak and act from true love starting with loving yourself. When you love, you are most like “God” (your higher self). You begin to embrace your own intrinsic value and realize your connection to everything and everyone around you. To live from love is to live from pure, organic power. You will be unstoppable. Love yourself. Until next time…

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