The Importance of Clarity

Clarity has been defined as the  quality or state of being clear. This definition wasn’t enough for me. A synonym of clarity is lucidity. There are two definitions of lucidity that resonate with me. The  first definition is clearness of thought. The second definition is to presume the truth directly and instantaneously. I refer back to clarity when applying these two definitions of lucidity due to the fact that these words are synonymous of one another . To be most honest, the word “clarity” sounds better to me. Let’s move on…

It is crucial to be clear about what it is that you desire out of life. Be clear about your desires, goals,likes and dislikes. Practice consistency while evaluating any reservations that you might have about your options and decisions. Be sure to establish your truth. Clarity is paramount. Clarity serves as a vital role in fueling the “engine” that is key to the manifestation of your most innate desires. Once you have achieved clarity, there are no more reservations.

Even if you get distracted with momentary circumstances, clear intentions for what you desire to accomplish, no matter what it is, will ultimately prevail. Clarity determines the differences between the successful and unsuccessful. Both sides have been given the same number of hours within a day. It’s how each uses their time that creates the divide between them.

How driven are you to live an authentic life? The authentic life is a life of freedom. Society ( the various systems that govern our lives) “gives” us enough autonomy to mimic the appearance of being free ,yet, most of us spend the majority of our lives “grinding”. Life can become monotonous. The worst type of slave is the one who is blind to the fact that he or she is one , in the first place. We tend to be creatures of habit and conditioning. Work out your own salvation. The word “salvation” pertains to deliverance or being rescued. Become an active participant in your own rescue from any and all forms of slavery. It is my opinion that mental slavery is the worst form because it can affect generations of people. Freedom is not something to be earned by or given to you. Freedom is your natural right unless you give it a way.

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Clarity is one of the keys needed to unlock your mental, emotional and physical chains. They are all connected and have a direct effect on one another. First, make a decision. Only you can “free” yourself. I have found that meditation is an effective practice for helping me to gain clarity concerning both my short and long term decisions. Practicing not thinking, even for a few moments a day, seems to help me think clearer.

Setting clear intentions  directly contributes towards establishing a life purpose. You are not bound to your intentions. You can change them at any time. You might even find that your intentions “evolve” over a period of time. That’s okay too. Remember that , as human beings, we are not designed to be stagnant. Although change is necessary, we can decide how we will respond to it. A clear thinker is an independent thinker. An independent thinker is empowered. Embrace your natural power and fully engage in your life experiences. It may seem as if you have limited control over the detailed, daily events of life, but you can learn to navigate your emotional response and ,ultimately, your decisions and actions. Clarity can serve as an invaluable compass. Until next time…

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