Your Life Is a Mist

In the scheme of things, your life is a mist. The universe is estimated to be around 14 billion years old. Humans have existed for 200,000 of those years. The average human life span is 75  years. For many of us homo sapiens, we spend most of that time either aspiring to or maintaining a life standard that was past down to us by the government , society, our local community or our parents. It is my opinion that most people have no clear idea where there “life standard” originated from. We both consciously and unconsciously follow without question. It is as if  we walk around with blinders on. We also tend to be emotionally tied to our standards,traditions, customs and ,above all, routines. Will the truly independent thinkers please stand up!!! Uh oh, here it comes…. that dreaded word… STATUS QUO!!!

The worst form of slavery is the one in which you don’t realize that you are a slave. Ask yourself this question. What motivates you? What standard is your identity established on? Does your security come form your economic status? Does it come from your job position? How about your physical appearance? Do you consider yourself one of the beautiful people? Do you get your security from your relationships regardless of how superficial they might be? You are unlimited, all powerful spirit having a human experience. Your true nature is love… infinite, ever present, creative love that, at different “moments” within the fabric of time( which is an illusion), materializes into form.

For many of us, we have been conditioned to think that we are each here for some divine purpose that has been ordained by a being separate from us who judges our every action. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not an atheist. It is my conviction that that the “spiritual” world is the true reality while the physical world is the illusion. Each of us has a different perspective of the world around us , yet we share the same space. I choose to believe that the purpose of life is to create the ultimate “human” experience. I consider myself both a dreamer and a realist. I believe that the key to life is to purposely take an active role in creating the lifestyle that originated in my dreams. A truly fulfilling life begins by consciously seizing each moment to both acknowledge and appreciate the different aspects of my current life situation despite the momentary circumstance. Whether pleasurable or painful, the experience is temporary. Each moment comes to its eventual end.

I am learning to embrace all of life. I choose to be a student of it while I am intimately engaged in the manifestation of my ideal, overall life experience. Even my mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.Although I still go through the gamut of pleasant and unpleasant emotions, I choose to be happy because I have the option of doing so. Absolutely nothing or no one should have control over my emotional state. To allow anything or person to “make” me unhappy is one of the worst forms of slavery. I am not insinuating that I have achieved perfect mastery over my emotions. I consider my self a work in progress. I also have extremely high expectations of myself and so should everyone else. At the same time, I am learning not to take myself so seriously. It’s all temporary.

Choose your own purpose. Establish your personal truth and encourage others to do the same without judgement. Live in love. Love what you are doing at this moment. Love the people around you. Find the good in each situation even if it means doing so after you have cursed, screamed and cried your eyes out. If you continue living, it will pass. It always does. Once you die or transition onward to the next experience, none of it will matter anyway. It will be a memory or not. Learn to seize the moment. Set the intention. Set goals to accomplish while not forgetting that you are not alone. Seek to help others on your journey. Learn to smile and give a kind word. Have great sex and , if you don’t, keep trying till you do( practice safe sex though :)). Build deep relationships and don’t forget to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you. Take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Eat nutritious foods, but don’t be a fanatic about it.

Avoid all extremes, yet stay open to new experiences while practicing wisdom through critical thinking. Consider the consequences of your actions and do everything that you can not to purposely hurt anyone. Realizing our connection to everyone and everything around us is the basis for what it is to “live in love.” To hurt others is to hurt yourself. To express kindness to others for the sake of kindness opens the floodgates for receiving “blessings” in various forms. Many of our current blessings are ignored by us because we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned by a distorted view of what true fortune is. Your inheritance as a sentient being is abundant  health, wealth and happiness if you choose to accept it. It is yours for the taking. Do not be deceived by all of the information that you receive from the all of the media outlets. Don’t be sold unless you want to be. Know your invaluable worth. You have always had it. Nothing outside of you can tarnish that. Bliss is your natural state. Happiness can be your standard. You are alive. Make a decision to make the most of what it is to be human. This is the golden ticket. You are on a journey.Be a conscious creator while not forgetting to enjoy this ride. Work hard, play hard and love hard. Have no regrets. Your life may be a mist , but, dammit, be determined that it be a fragrant one!!! Preferably, a sweet smelling fragrance… sweet with conquered fears and fond memories. Live your BEST life… I love you.Until next time…

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