Practicing What I Preach

On May 5th, 2023, I underwent surgery on my left knee. Currently, I am home recovering. In the meanwhile, I have been spending my time writing, researching and reevaluating my priorities. I took 2 months off from work so I have a lot of time on my hands. Normally, I am always busy working and providing for others, specifically, my family. I have been talking about becoming an entrepreneur for the longest time. I have have had countless ventures. What have I produced? Nothing..

I have lost track of all of the different opportunities and ideas that I have had. I honestly can’t remember. I have been at this for over twenty years now. My injury has been a blessing because it has giving me time to think and reorganize. What is truly important to me. What has been my downfall? What all have I learned? What am I going to do differently? Above all, one thing is for certain. I will never , ever give up. Whether I succeed or not, it is up to me. Despite my current circumstances, I have control over two things: 1) My mindset 2) My work ethic. The universe takes care of everything else.

Jackie Lapin Quote: “Don't let life happen to you. Choose to be a Conscious  Creator

Time is an illusion. All that any one of us ever has is now. What good does it do for me to keep reliving my version of the past reflecting on what I could of or should have done? I choose to live in the now. That is all that I will ever have. I am a lifelong student of life. I refuse to settle. My dreams will stay lofty. I am a unique work of art ,always in progress, getting better and better each day. You and I are one of a kind. We continue to bloom with increasing radiance. This world is better for us being in it. We must be authentic not only for our own happiness, but to inspire others simply by being the best version of who we naturally are. What makes you authentic is your calling card to greatness. There are people in this world who are waiting for you to show up in their lives as unique as you are. You are inspiration and light on their path to their authentic selves. All that you are required to do is be yourself. Do you realize how truly special you are?

You ARE special and so am I. I am stepping out. I want to help as many people as possible to discover their light. Are you ready to join me? The time is always now. Check out my short book, “The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live”. I am also a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Holistic Life Coach. I specialize in empowerment. The best way that I can help you is to help you to help yourself. I want you to live your best life in all areas. What does success look like to you? Do you know? If you are unsure, let’s figure it out together. I am here to help you in any way that I can. My personal email is Until next time….

Bruce H. Lipton Quote: “We are conscious co-creators in the evolution of  life. We have free will. And we have choices. Consequently our success ...”

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