My First Book…..

I finally did it!!! I completed my first book! It will be available on Kindle as an ebook and in paperback through I titled it” The Authentic Life: Live The Life That You Were Designed to Live.”

My passion is personal development. I love to see others “bloom”. You might be asking,”What does he mean by bloom?” I am referring to each person on this planet achieving self realization. In my opinion, it is impossible to realize your highest potential  personally nor professionally without it. Self realization is an ongoing process. There is no true arrival although there are possible “landmarks”. Landmarks are times in our lives when we experience moments of clarity. This may come in the form of an answered question that we might have even forgotten that we had asked ourselves previously. Perhaps we asked ourselves,”What am I doing here?” ,”What is my purpose?” , “Why did this event happen to me?” , “What am I supposed to learn from this?” or “What is life all about?”. The list goes on and on… It’s normal to ask such questions. Some might even  say it’s programmed into our DNA to inquire about the reason for our existence.

It is my conviction that we are each far more than we ever thought we were. We are not human beings capable of having a spiritual experience, rather, we are spirit having a human experience. We are the universe looking back at itself, experiencing itself…. “God in the flesh”. However way that we got here, who or whatever created us, we are it and it is us. We are each connected to everything and person everywhere. Each of us is a unique aspect of the whole( God ,Source,Universe,etc) Separation is an illusion. These are all key concepts that I have shared in earlier blog posts. The key word in my previous sentence is “unique”. This is where authenticity comes in. This is the primary reason why I wrote the book. It serves as an introduction to the type of lifestyle that I believe we each deserve… an authentic lifestyle. There is no one exactly like you in existence and there never will be. This fact is also true for twins, triplets , etc. Your destiny is to live this life according to your own design. Your lifestyle should express who you are on all levels proudly. Let’s do away with political correctness and succeeding based on others standards. Stop settling and learn to love yourself. If you are not sure of who you are , make it your mission to find out. Self realization leads to freedom and genuine happiness. These are the reasons why you exist. Your purpose is to create , be genuinely happy and live life to the fullest on your terms. You exist to do whatever it is that you truly desire to do. In addition, I am personally convinced of two more specific ideas: 1) I am here for those same reasons expressed above. 2) I am also here to help others do the same. I am passionate about inspiring others to live their best life through the written and spoken word(Acting, Speaking , and Writing). This blog and my book are a representation of me reaching out to the world…… to serve. I will keep you posted on when the book will be available. It is an easy read. It’s only 28 pages, but, hopefully, meaningful to you. Consider it “food for thought”. Stay true to yourself. Until next time…

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