Love Is the Answer ….. To Everything!!!

Love is the answer. Have you ever heard that saying before? Probably. I would think that most of us have heard a similar comment, at some point in our lives. It’s one of those sayings that sounds nice , but , in reality, most people don’t take seriously. The word “love” has become so commercialized that its meaning has become unclear, at best. It sounds right, yet lacks “staying power”. If you are like most traditional churchgoers, the word especially has meaning for you after church service. The fuzzy, warm feeling that the word might produce inside of you last as long as it takes for you to get to your car to drive home from church. On the way home, it still might seem like the right thing to do until someone accidentally switches over into your lane while almost running you off of the road. All of the sudden, you get amnesia. You start yelling at the top of your lungs calling that person ,who simply kept driving, everything, but a child of God. Where did the love go?

As humans, we tend to underestimate the power of love. It is my opinion that love is the most powerful,creative , resilient force in creation. It is and will always be the key to success for any and every endeavor. Love is the purest form of energy. It is also the most powerful,highest form of vibration. It inspires, unites and creates everything of value. It can’t be quantified. It is the key to fulfillment. Its potential is unlimited.

When we live in the love vibration,we start to see the best in people. Living in love helps us to notice the every day ,common events that we might , otherwise, take for granted. It helps us to stay present. We are each here to consciously create our own lives. Remaining in the flow of the “love vibration” assures that we each have the most ideal experience. Love effects every area of our life in a positive way. We , as humans, have the opportunity to play an active part in our own evolution.Love increases our awareness that we are all interconnected. Living in love reminds us that we are one with every animal, plant and mineral on this planet. Love heals. It helps us to forgive and be whole.

Being and feeling whole has to do with being completely secure with who we are on all levels as well as accepting of others. We treat each other better because we understand that we are each an extension of one another. We become more patient with one another. We embrace each others differences without judgement. Living in love dramatically reduces stress in our lives. We begin to trust in the natural order of things. Maintaining this mindset , significantly, improves our overall health. We may even begin to look younger. Even the simple act of smiling can mutually benefit both the person doing it as well as the person receiving it. Living in love attracts more of ” God” or good into your life. It can even take a traumatic experience and find the good in it. Because of this phenomenon,it can produce win-win situations for all involved with the challenge. This outcome can only be realized if all parties involved are focused on love. This is the ultimate goal. You cannot truly live an authentic life without love.

The human race is experiencing a paradigm shift. A paradigm is defined as a new way of looking or thinking about something. Throughout the world, there are various  incidences of protests as well as both political and social unrest. The old systems (political, educational,religious, business, media, healthcare,etc..) no longer serve the vast majority of the populace. Instinctively, people are longing for a new way. Many of us might not even be consciously aware of what’s happening. It can be a scary and uncertain time. The decision is up to us. Out of our challenges, we have the opportunity to take our next evolutionary leap in human consciousness. Whatever effects us directly effects every other species on this planet as well as the environment. Love is and has always been the solution. We have all of the resources that we will ever need. It is a matter of us opening our eyes to the truth. Everything and everyone is connected. Each one of our actions effect one another on some level. If each of us decided to live in love, it would send out an energy surge that would spread across the globe. Love is a vibration that inspires creativity which , in turn, will assist us in finding the solutions to each one of our problems. The world can be different. There is enough room for each of us. As humans, we will either thrive together as a race or bring about our own extinction. No other species can make that claim. We have the power to save both ourselves and this world. Love is the power. Until next time…

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