Your Life Purpose Is….?

What is your life purpose? Do you know? Most people, in one way or the other, ask themselves this question. It may not be asked in quite the same way, yet it’ll be the same theme. The question might be, ” Why am I here?”, “What is life all about?”, ” Why do these things keep happening to me?”, or the infamous question ” What the f@#$ is going on!!!?” Actually I have personally asked that last question many times. Sometimes, I still do. It’s natural. I have pondered this question many times throughout my life. I have come to a conclusion. My purpose, your purpose, each and every human being that has or will ever walked the earth’s purpose is to be ….. Drum Roll Please!!!!…. ALIVE…. That’s it… That’s enough.. I’ll explain.
Most ,if not all religious traditions, teach about an afterlife. The idea pertains to going “somewhere else” after we die. According to the most popular religious teachings, our final destination is mainly determined by our overall conduct while we were alive.  What if it’s the other way around? This is just food for thought. Perhaps you might be thinking,” What does religion have to do with being authentic?”. Religion has nothing to do with it, but spirituality does. Why? Because it is my opinion that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, rather, we are spirit having a human experience. When I write about spirit, I ‘m referring to that “power ” that causes each heart to beat involuntarily. It is the same power that creates each and every living being that has ever existed on this planet. It is the reason why  each species can reproduce its same species and only that one. Spirit refers to that power which is the source of everything yet cannot be experienced with the five senses.It transcends the senses. It is what remains even after your  heart stops and your body stops working. Spirit never stops. It has no boundaries and is timeless. It is pure consciousness. It is not subject to the same natural laws as we are , yet, it is the reason these laws exist in the first place. This is who we are …. pure, timeless ,boundless consciousness (singular)having numerous human experiences simultaneously. It is the source of all life ,yet, doesn’t need oxygen,food , shelter , water nor anything else to exist. It has always been and will always be.Anything and everything that you could ever imagine originated from it. It is the creator. Okay, enough of that. I think you get my point ,right? I just wanted to take a moment to introduce yourself to you.. the real you.

You are, in essence, all-encompassing spirit that has subjected itself to the natural laws, a physical body, oxygen, hunger,thirst,pain,discomfort, and all other perceived limitations for one main purpose…. to experience life. Actually, you ARE life experiencing itself. You are the “intelligence” behind the design of creation. Planets and whole solar systems were formed through you. Ponder this next question for a moment. The vast majority of the human population live their lives based  on a set routine day in and day out.What would life be like for someone who had “awakened ” to the fact that they were Spirit having a human experience. I capitalized the word “spirit”  in order to emphasize the magnitude of that term. You are all encompassing spirit subjecting yourself  to the “perception” of limitation. In actuality, you are not truly limited at all. You are more than what you thought you were when you were still “asleep”. You are more than your daily routine,problems,ailments and numerous other concerns. You are more than others perception of you , your actions , your accomplishments or your failures . How can you compare any of those things to being boundless, all-encompassing spirit?

Do you remember what it took for you to even get here? Probably not. Well, let me remind you. Nine months, more or less, before you were “born” , you were , literally,on a life or death mission to get here. Out of millions of others(sperm), you were the most determined to live. What happened after that? You were subjected to conditioning, outside influences,circumstances,etc. Eventually, you “settled in”. You forgot what it took for you to get here in the first place. You started believing that you were limited, to an extent , by your circumstances. You became a “product” of  numerous systems (educational system,religious system, government system,business system, health system and the media). Congratulations!!! You graduated. You are know part of the “status quo”.Is this why you fought so hard to get here? To settle in? To simply exist? Routine should be considered a curse word!!!

What does it mean to be alive?  What can it mean for you? Why would you,all encompassing spirit, subject yourself to physical form?I have a theory. Your body is a “vehicle” ,with all of its senses and parts,  for you to use to navigate through this experience. It is a wonderfully,complex organism far more capable than any man-made computer. Some would considerate it an “organic machine”. The human body has the potential to be very efficient.It is necessary to have it  in order to get the most out of this experience we call living. Once you awaken to the fact that you are more than you ever thought you were  and not limited , in any way, by your circumstances, you are ready to live the authentic life. You fought hard to get here. You are a natural champion.You beat out millions of “competitors”. What would happen if you took that same “inner drive” and applied it to designing a lifestyle based on your own terms. I’m not talking about an overnight change. I am talking about you taking a moment to do a personal inventory of each area of your life. Let’s focus on several key areas, namely, physical well being,career,mental/emotional well being,financial well being, and relationships. First, I will touch on the importance of loving yourself.

Loving Yourself

Regardless, of where you are in your life right now, it doesn’t change your true value which is priceless. No one can put a price on the potential impact that only you can make on certain people’s lives. Being authentic has to do with embracing yourself. You are a wonderfully unique being. There has never nor will there ever be anyone quite like you. There are individuals out there that only you can reach. They are waiting for you whether they realize it or not. They are waiting for you decide to live out your version of the authentic life in order to encourage them to do the same. When we choose to live lives based on other’s standards, we commit one of the greatest crimes against all humanity. The world need’s individuals to stand up and freely express who they are and how they feel about particular issues. I am not promoting arrogance and obnoxiousness. I am promoting true authenticity. Ready to get into it? Let’s go…


Physical Well Being

Your body is your “vehicle”. Think about a car. What would happen if you consistently put the wrong type of gas in it? What if you never got an oil change?a tune up? new tires? What if you constantly drove the car at the maximum speed for the entire day, every day? The car would eventually malfunction. Think of your life span as a journey. Think of it as a pilgrimage towards a deeper knowledge of your true self. Although there is no arrival , necessarily,  this part of your journey requires a suitable vehicle. Take care of it . It is an incredibly unique organism that many of us take for granted. Great physical health is directly tied to mental and emotional health. Nourish it properly. Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Exercise regularly. Drink more water. If you need to, lose some weight or , for that matter, start lifting weights to build muscle. You don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete. Go walking outside while breathing fresh air. Being authentic has to do with living your best life. Enjoying life on your own terms. Life is worth living when you are an active participant in it. Experience it as it was intended to be experienced. How can you live life to it’s fullest potential if you are unhealthy? I will touch on this topic more in future articles.


Mental/Emotional Well Being

I , purposely, positioned these two aspects together. When I write about the mental aspect of things, I am referring to the mindset. What a person thinks about a certain thing,topic or person tends to have a direct affect on how they feel about it. A person’s emotional state directly influences their immediate response. Both our mental and emotional states determine what we attract into our lives. The event’s occurring in our daily live’s is directly linked to our thoughts and emotions. Everything is energy. Nothing is truly separate.We are all connected like one limitless energy grid(aka “God”). I am not referring to a person named “God” , rather, an intelligent design that we are not only a part of ,but  is actually us and we are it. Each of us is a creator whether consciously or subconsciously. We can’t help it. In order to live the authentic life , it is necessary for us to practice daily mindfulness in order to master both our mental and emotional states. I am not suggesting that you will never have another bad day or challenge. I do believe that we develop the ability to find the good( i.e. “god” )in every situation. When we learn to be mindful through focusing our attention on the good in different situations, we open the door to experience the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is sincere. You can’t fake gratitude on an energetic level. Do you remember what I shared earlier? We are energy. Our mental and emotional states act as magnets .They attract to us people and events that mirror those particular states that we most commonly find ourselves.  Look forward to a post on this topic in the near future.


You possess strengths, gifts and talents. Many of you might already be aware of them. The majority of people are clueless about how much potential they truly have. They settle for making a living for themselves instead of building a life. As the old saying goes, they end up living lives of quiet desperation. Believe it or not , there are people in this world that only you can reach. There is something about you , your perspective on life as well  as your experiences that uniquely prepare you to assist a section of the world population. Your chosen career can be the ideal vehicle for you to use to accomplish this part of your “mission”. You are not here to simply pay bills. Part of feeling alive is sharing yourself with others in order to provide a significant value to their lives. As adults , we spend a majority of our waking hours working. Let that time be used for fruitful labor. Find and establish a career that resonates with you. Don’t be  concerned as much with the money. Yes, I understand that money is important. If you work at what you love and  practice at it until you are excellent at the profession, you will , undoubtedly , provide significant value to the lives of others. You will always get paid more for the noteworthy value that you provide others than you ever will clocking in from 9-5 for an hourly wage. You have a choice.

Financial Well Being

Although I do believe that it is true that money can’t buy happiness, it is still a valuable resource. There is a popular Zen saying which states,”Before enlightenment,chop wood carry water,after enlightenment, chop wood carry water.” In order to live the authentic life, you must be self realized. Self realization is connected to true enlightenment. No matter how “enlightened” you are,you still need shelter,food, water and ,unless you live out in the woods, electricity. These needs can be met , most adequately, with money. In Christianity, for example, money is described as ” the root of all evil”. To clarify, money ,itself, is not evil, rather, it’s a person’s perception of what money is that motivates them to commit evil acts against others. As written earlier,money is simply  a resource albeit a valuable one. I believe that it is also important to mention that it isn’t necessary for your entire life to revolve around making money. There is a difference in lifestyles between a corporate executive who is earning over six figures a year while working 60 + hours a week and an entrepreneur /investor earning  passive ,limitless income in a 24 hour  time span while vacationing. One person’s income is based on a salary determined by another person while the other’s income has no limit because it’s based on the sale of a product or service that can be produced repeatedly without stopping. Which person’s lifestyle  do you think provides  the most opportunity to live life on their terms? In order to achieve financial well being, one must not only have enough money to provide for their basic needs, but also the time to enjoy it. You are born free. You are not designed to be a slave to anyone or anything, especially, not the dollar. Money should be used to help you achieve balance in your life in order to live it fully. When I write about balance, I am referring to the above qualities (physical ,mental  and emotional well being) among others. This what it means to live the authentic life. There will be more to come on this subject soon.


No man nor woman is an island. Each of us is not only connected , but we “feed” off of each others energy. Have you ever met anyone that for , whatever reason, rubbed you the wrong way? They didn’t necessarily do or say anything to you, yet their was something about them that didn’t feel right. Do you know someone who seems to see the negative side of every situation? How do you feel after speaking with them? Do you feel drained or discouraged? On the other hand , there are certain individuals that we seem to ” click” with from the first time we meet them. It is important to surround yourself with people who are generally optimistic and progressive. You don’t necessarily have to  agree with them on every issue, yet you support one another . Each person in your circle should be secure in who they are and clear on what they desire to accomplish in their lives. You are all comfortable around each other and sincerely spur one another on to be successful in all of your endeavours. Each one of you should leave “positively charged” after speaking and/or meeting with one another. These are the type of relationships that need to be fostered. There can be no tolerance for negativity. In all relationships, whether with friends or family members, focus on finding the good in every circumstance and encourage one another to do the same. This also the case for romantic relationships.These type’s of relationships cultivate positive energy which filters into the other areas of your life. They support authenticity.


In conclusion, no one can tell your story as well as you can . Each day of your life is another page written in it. Ultimately, you decide whether it is going to be a masterpiece or a flop. Make the decision to live your best life. Living the authentic life has to do with living your life at it’s fullest potential. Your authentic self should be  reflected in the physical,mental and emotional aspects of your being. It will be also be reflected in your career choices which can ,potentially, have a direct,positive impact on your finances. You are most powerful when you are true to yourself about who you are and what you desire out of life. No one can do it for you.You are your greatest resource. Being authentic is about loving yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think. People are inspired by others who exhibit courage. You making the decision to live your best life causes others to evaluate their own lives. They might even feel challenged. Even your naysayers will be compelled to do a “gut check”. If each person on this planet made the decision to live their best life, what impact would it have across the globe? The world needs to know your story . Make it a good one. It’s great to be ALIVE!!!




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