Authenticity and Entrepreneurship

To be authentic as an entrepreneur means providing a service or offering a product that is an “extension” of the real you. It is having the courage to share a part of yourself. An authentic entrepreneur is willing to put him/herself out there. They are compelled to share their gifts with the world even if it means facing rejection. It is worth it for them. They have had enough of the rat race and maintaining “status quo”. The overwhelming desire has finally grown inside them to the point where it overshadows the fear of not appearing politically correct or , worse, failure.There is no more holding back. They may not know exactly how they are going to do it. They simply know that they absolutely must do something!!!

Certain business experts believe that it is better to find out what the public wants before marketing a product or service. It is my opinion, that this viewpoint revolves around gaining profit. Please don’t misunderstand me. As an entrepreneur, profit is paramount, but, so is delivering my message. The ideal scenario for me is to be able to provide a great lifestyle for my family while staying true to myself. My passion is to inspire others to realize their own unique potential and to be able to do that full time. Could you imagine being paid to do what comes natural to you?!! What would it be like to have a career which consisted of engaging in activities that you thoroughly enjoyed and getting paid substantial amounts of money to do so? For me, that would be ” heaven on earth”.

Believe it or not, each one of us has gifts to share. You have a purpose that you and only you are uniquely designed to fulfill. It is just a matter of identifying your gifts, desiring to share and learning how to “package” them. Whether you know it , like it or not, you are special. The world is better for you being in it. Embrace this truth and make the decision to “shine” in the way that best best suits you. To your continued success….. Stay true:)


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