Overcoming the Fear of Failure

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Fear is part of life. It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown. We tend to overthink about possible outcomes that , most of the time, never happen. Personally, I have years of experience with this type of fear. I have spent many years ” on the fence” between living the life that I was taught I was supposed to be living and living life on my own terms. It took me potentially facing ALL of my worst fears at the same time! Life as I knew it was shattering before my eyes and I felt as if I could not do a damn thing about it. I couldn’t get a break. I kept waiting for life to get easier, but each day came with one challenge after the other. I had just lost my job.My marriage was failing . I was broke and facing homelessness. To top it all off, I was depressed to the point of being suicidal. I felt like the poster boy for failure.It felt like the end of the world. It wasn’t. It was only the end of the world as I knew it.

It is never the end of the world

It might seem like it at times. Perhaps , you might even want it to be so that you might finally experience some form of  peace. I remember , at times, lying down to take a nap only to wake up gasping for air. I was having panic attacks. It was like my mind and body were constantly asking “Damn,what’s next?!!”. I wanted to be out of the situation that I was in, yet I was afraid to move forward. I began to anticipate more challenges. These thoughts temporarily consumed me… temporarily. Each day I felt that I was walking on egg shells anticipating the next “defeat”. After a while, I became calloused. I had started to develop thick skin. Although I still felt afraid, I had become comfortable being uncomfortable. I had to move forward with the fear. I learned to manage it. I figured out that it is never truly the end of the world. The next day will come. Besides , if it didn’t come, whatever else was in front of me ,at that moment, I would still need to deal with anyway. Other than that realization, I decided to keep moving forward.

What is the worst that can happen?

Consider the worst case scenario. We are more resilient than we tend to give ourselves credit for. Human beings can go through some pretty heinous situations and bounce right back. In many cases, we come back stronger and wiser due to the experience. As we are going through it, it might seem unbearable. Some how, some way it works out. At times, it seems like a blur because it is just that painful. Nevertheless, we get through it. There are countless stories of individuals who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to become phenomenal successes in various fields. They end up being trailblazers. I am willing to bet that each one of them experienced fear. They might have allowed themselves to doubt for a moment, but they never stayed there.

I have concluded that every problem has a solution. I might not know what it is at that moment, but I am certain that there is one. I have learned to acknowledge fear without allowing it to define me. I will not allow anything or anyone to determine my self worth or potential. I will be mastered by nothing. Fear has to keep up with me. Never allow fear to cripple you. It might seem as if you have no control over your circumstances, but you damn well can develop mastery over your emotions. Your emotions determine your actions. You define who you are as well as who you are becoming. As long as you are breathing, the next day will come. Be determined to grow from your current circumstance. On to the next adventure..

Stop worrying about what other people think

You can’t base your life decisions on what other people think you should do. I am not implying that mentors are not beneficial, but , ultimately, you have to make your own decisions. As I wrote earlier, most pioneers of any industry had to have the courage to follow their own “gut” intuition and create their own plan. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t require help, at certain points, to achieve their goals. The implication is that they took responsibility for fulfilling their own destiny. In many cases, they faced harsh criticism form the naysayers and “experts”. Nevertheless, they remained devoted to the realization of their vision. In the end, their courage, faith , commitment and work ethic paid off. They became astonishingly successful. They silenced all of the naysayers and retired the “experts” becoming the new authority in their field. Many of them literally changed the world with their ideas, products and services. If others don’t support your dream, don’t get upset. It’s YOUR dream. They will see it when it is realized. Learn to use criticism as fuel for fulfilling your greatest vision. Always dream BIG. You might end up surprising yourself.

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Enough said. Until next time….




Gratitude for the Struggle

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There is no growth without challenges. As human beings , we are designed to evolve. Overall, as a species,we are not meant to stay stagnant. We evolve as a means of adapting to changing circumstances and environments. More times than not, it is deemed necessary for us to change in order to adapt to our new situation so that we can thrive within it. It can be uncomfortable. For this reason, in order to consistently grow , we can each benefit from becoming comfortable being uncomfortable.
Anyone who has experienced true success in life did so after overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. As a result, they became wiser and more focused. Challenges serve us because they help you to realize what is most important to you. I reflect back on my struggles, especially the ones that I have experienced in the past 4+ years. They have both shaped my character while simultaneously solidifying my life vision. I am better because of them. I went from homeless, depressed(suicidal) and unemployed to Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach and Entrepreneur. I’m not done yet.

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Through my challenges, I realized that it is never , ever truly the end of the world. It is only the beginning of a new one. Life never stops only life as we knew it does. Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God Series,  while inquiring with God about the reason for challenges was told, “I have sent you nothing but angels.”  The bible teaches that angels were created to be both  messengers for God and to serve humankind. Everything that appears in our lives comes to “serve” us in some way. It is a matter of perspective.

As a disclaimer, contrary to the language that I am using in this blog, I am not religious. I am simply using religious terms that I believe a good number of us might have heard before whether through our parents, grandparents, television, church or otherwise in order to make a point. The term “angels” can refer to messages , positive or negative, that we believe about ourselves, others or our world. The term “God” doesn’t necessarily refer to a being outside of us. I believe that each of us represent unique aspects of the whole including everything around us both “things” seemingly inanimated as well as animated. Nothing is truly separate from anything else. We are one. We are each a creator as well as being one with the creator. Again, this is my opinion. Don’t worry. I am not trying to “convert” you. I’m just saying..

In conclusion, I have come to the the realization, that each situation that I find myself in is a blessing.  When I use the word “blessing” I am referring to the fact that , ultimately, I look for what I deem is  the greatest good in whatever experience I find myself going through at that particular moment.Through each circumstance, I have learned to ask God to show me the lesson so that I can become more like Him. I have never been disappointed. More challenges leads to more growth. With more growth, I become more prepared for my purpose here on Earth. I believe that we each have one . Until next time..

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Five Common Fears

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We have all experienced fear at some point in our  lives. Fear in and of itself is not necessarily bad. How it effects us is determined by how we both view and deal with it. Based on our different perspectives, fear can either motivate or cripple us. Fear must be managed in order to be useful. According to one entrepreneur, fear is due to the temporary lack of information. In many cases , it can be due to the acquiring of wrong information. This definition best supports the popular acronym for fear which is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Nearly 15-20% of human beings experience specific phobias or fears at least once in their lives. In the U.S., 8.7% of people ( ages 18 or older) have at least one extreme specific fear. Imagine how much more empowered each of those individuals would be if they were to overcome their fears. It would like breaking out of their own mental/emotional prison. How much more fulfilling would their lives become due to their courage in facing their fear and overcoming it? Actually, a definition of courage is to move forward towards a destination or accomplishment of a goal despite feeling afraid. Once we decide to do this, we take back our power. We start to realize that what we were afraid of didn’t deserve the “respect” that we gave it regardless of what “it” is.  Through my research, I have identified five of the most common fears that people suffer from as well as possible solutions for each one.

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1)Fear of Failure

I have personal experience with this type of fear. Fear of failure can stop you in your tracks if you allow it . You constantly ask yourself , “What if?”, “What if I fail?”, What if I can’t find another  job?,” If  I invest in this business or quit my current job to pursue my dreams, how will I support my family?”, ” Will my family say?”.  As the old expression goes, “Been there, done that… Brought back a tshirt!” It is one thing to be wise. It is a whole other thing to “hide” behind fear disguised as wisdom. Fear, if not addressed, will run deep. Although it’s foundation is based on lies, exaggerations, half truths and  ignorance, it will cripple you. Years of your life will pass by without making any significant progress in life. True success is not determined by your bank account, popularity or the number of “toys” that you possess. None of those things will matter on your death bed. Life is meant to be lived fulfilled. Fulfillment is achieved through living authentically. In order to live your truth,you must be courageous. As long as you are breathing you are moving forward while actively engaged in your own creation process. This lifestyle is not for the fainthearted  nor the people pleaser. Let’s look at possible solutions to overcoming this fear.

2)Fear of Success

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I think I struggle with this myself. I discovered eight behaviors associated with this fear only to realize that I have been suffering with all of them. It feels like someone punched me square in the chest. It even took my breath away a little bit. As I researched  further, I discovered that this fear is very common. What if I achieve what I set out to do? Will I be able to handle it?  Many questions run through my mind. The bottom line is that I won’t know until I get there. Life is full of challenges and it’s okay. I have come to the conclusion that in order to get the most out of life one must be willing to experience every aspect of it. Expect adversities in all forms. In order to truly get the most out of this life, it is necessary to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Success comes with its own set of challenges like any other experience in life. Stay present and determined to get the most out of whatever situation you find yourself in at the moment. Bring your “A” game to each event that shows up in your life. Look for the lesson and commit yourself to learn from it. To learn is to grow. To grow is to win. You will find that your life experiences will become that much richer. At the end of your life, none of the accolades will matter. All that will count will be your relationships and experiences. You take your experiences with you. Your relationships will determine your legacy. A true determiner of success is the impact that you had on people’s lives. Be sure to let the people know that are close to you how much you appreciate them. No one achieves success on their own. If you surround yourself with people that know that you care about them, they will tend to stay loyal to you. They will both support and protect you.

3)Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is rampant within human society anywhere in the world today. According to Brandon Gaille at www.brandongaille.com,, it is estimated that 5.3 million Americans suffer from a social phobia. Around 74% of Americans suffer from speech anxiety. It is  the greatest fear that people have, even greater than spiders and death. At any given time, 5% of the world’s population suffer from the fear of speaking. It can have a direct impact on how much money you make at your job or business. If you cannot express your ideas clearly and to the right people , you will limit your scope of influence. At this moment, you might have an idea inside of you that people within your local area ,if not much broader, need to know. You do both yourself and others a great disservice not sharing your ideas . Not only does your input , potentially, help others , but you might benefit significantly from others feedback.

4)Fear of Being Alone

Never compromise yourself!! You deserve to have relationships in your life that nourish you. Surround yourself with positive people. Expect the best both from and for yourself as well as from others. If you find yourself alone there is no need to be afraid. Know your worth and trust that the universe will send the right people to your doorstep. Love yourself and your experiences will start to mirror this mindset. Your life is a reflection of how you view yourself, others and your world around you. Know your worth. See this time as preparation for your next relationship.. In order to truly build functional relationships, you must first learn to love yourself before you can adequately share yourself with another. You are a creator. Never underestimate your worth.

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5)Fear of Change

Change can be scary for any of us. As humans, we tend to get comfortable in certain situations even if those situations aren’t the best for us. If we are not careful,it is easy for any of us to become creatures of both habit and routine. Change is a natural part of life. Nothing stays the same nor is it supposed to. With change, comes the opportunity for growth. Human beings are designed to evolve. The word “evolve” refers to change, adaptation, development or progress. All of these descriptions are positive. If something is not advancing or developing, it is stagnant. Being stagnant leads to death. Expect the best from yourself. Be determined to live your best life on your terms. This is fulfillment.

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In this post, I  chose to only focus on five fears. In future posts, after further research , I will elaborate more about possible solutions to overcoming these fears. As a disclaimer, I am not a therapist nor have I ever claimed to be one. I am someone who realizes that his personal passion is inspiring others to go within themselves in order to discover their own personal authentic power. To this end , I will continue to use my words, both spoken and written, as well as my life to inspire as many people as possible to accomplish this end. Until next time..

Are You a People Pleaser?

” I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”

Ed Sheeran 

This life is too short to live it for other people. You do both yourself and others a disservice by doing so. Why live your life walking on egg shells around people that might not give a damn about you? You have more to give this world than you could even begin to wrap your head around. Too many of us allow ourselves to be influenced by our surroundings, the media and other people. It is time to stand up and lead. My definition of a leader is someone who stands by their convictions no matter who disagrees with them. They are both comfortable and confident in their own skin. They are their own one man/one woman movement. They  don’t need a following to “lead”. They are not arrogant. They realize that there is always something to learn and people to learn from. They appreciate the value of mentorship ,yet they never put people on pedestals. They are focused on accomplishing their  goals and never,ever give up. As long as they are breathing, they are  learning, evolving , overcoming and thriving. They maintain an active role in designing their own lifestyle based on their terms. This is a true definition of freedom. They claim their own destiny free of the need to be accepted by the masses. As I wrote earlier, they are their own movement. Now it’s your turn. First, let’s do a “gut check”. We need to flesh out any people pleasing tendencies that you might not be aware of yet. I have identified certain traits. Perhaps some will be familiar to you. I will present each one as a question. Here we go.

1)Are you a “yes person”?

Well, are you? Are you the type of person whose identity and sense of self worth is based primarily on whose social circle you are part of? Do you simply have to be part of the “clique”? A yes person has figured out exactly what to say and when to say it. For this reason, they can’t be trusted. Generally, they are out for themselves. “Yes” people are like leeches. They take , take and take some more. A yes person “shares” empty , insincere compliments. Even if they are rewarded for their loyalty by the group “leader”, he or she  might not have a clear idea where that individual truly stands. Stand on your own convictions. There is an old expression that states,” Don’t set yourself on fire in order to keep someone else warm.”

2)Do you avoid sharing your opinion?

Perhaps I should ask ,”Are you afraid to share your opinion?”  Do you sincerely believe that your opinion has value for others. How will you know if you never share it? When a person decides to be authentic, in many cases, their actions tend to inspire others to be real. Do not be afraid to look “stupid”. You might add a new insight to a situation that might be needed. Never underestimate your value even if others do. In order to truly be successful, you must become your greatest cheerleader.

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3)Do you worry about hurting other’s people’s feelings more than valuing your own?

I’m not implying that you intentionally aim to hurt others. Try your best to get along with others shouldn’t require you to suffer emotionally in the process. A rule of thumb that I live by is the golden rule which states “Treat others the way that you want to be treated.” I strongly believe that if we each consciously lived by that creed, our thoughts and actions would ignite a ripple effect that span the globe. It would literally change the world! The entire human population would benefit. It is impossible to live your life afraid of offending others . How would you ever realize your full potential? Never shrink back from sharing your original ideas . You matter just as much as anyone else on this planet. Don’t forfeit your power. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

4)Are you terrified of others not liking you?

Treating others the way that you want to be treated will always be good enough. Period. If someone doesn’t like you even though you have never intentionally set out to hurt them, that is their business. Keep moving forward. No human being should ever live their life based on fear. Recently, I read an article online on the Huffington Post website titled “The Need to be Liked.” It was written by Psychologist Roger Corin Phd. He “guesstimated” that out of the 7 billion people on the planet, about roughly 20 percent didn’t like him or , for that matter, anyone else. He calculated that amount to be around 1.4 billion people. He chose to focus on the 5.6 billion people left over that did like him. The conclusion was that he would be okay with those odds. You should too.

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5)Are you terrified of being alone?

It is better to be alone than to have toxic , draining relationships. You have too much to offer to settle for anything less than adequate associations. Life is too short. Surround yourself with high energy people while making sure that your energy is reciprocating theirs. You want to associate yourself with people who have their own minds yet are open minded to hearing other points of view. Connect with others that not only accept ,but embrace you as you are. You are and will always be good enough. If someone else doesn’t think so, they are not worth your time. Hold no grudges. They do more harm to you than the individual(s) that hurt you. Learn to wish them well and move on…. quickly!!

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People pleasers are not genuinely happy people. How can you be happy basing your self worth on the opinion of others. Choose to be happy, empowered and free of the need to be approved by others. Life becomes a vicious, dysfunctional, self deprecating cycle if we continue to devalue ourselves. In all of human history,there has never been nor will there ever be anyone quite like you. You are unique. The world needs you to be exactly as you are. No filter. Know your worth. Until next time….

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Education or Indoctrination

There is a difference between the two. First of all, let me state that it is my opinion that mental slavery is far worse than physical slavery will ever be. This is a point that I have stated on earlier blog posts. One term liberates while the other subjugates. One process can be very subtle , yet debilitating. The other , if effective, can impact generations for the better whether within a single family or society at large. As a disclaimer, the following points are simply my opinion. My intention is to offer food for thought.

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Yeah, I know that went a little crazy with the images. I’m going to go into detail about why I selected each one. Notice the ongoing theme. Indoctrination starts with the children. We each come into this world an empty slate yet by the time we reach five years of age, many of us have already developed certain perspectives or habits already. At that point, they have been ” branded” into our psyches. We aren’t even aware of how much we have been influenced by outside sources( media, environment, family,etc). All over the world, human beings have been indoctrinated into various systems while remaining clueless about the origin of these systems. There are several systems that I have identified , specifically, 1)Government System, 2)Education System,3)Religious System,4)Media,5)Business System and Healthcare System.  It is my opinion that a system should exist for the sole purpose of improving the lives of the citizens that participate in it. For this reason, I believe that each one should be consistently evaluated on it’s effectiveness concerning this end. Generally, if a system is outdated, change it…period. We are each called to be independent,  critical thinkers free to realize our highest potential in every area of our lives. Self realization is the ultimate goal for any sentient being. This is an ongoing process with no arrival. Our potential is practically unlimited.

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It is time for each of us to open our eyes. As human beings, it is our birthright to be free. Personally, I have been an educator for over twenty years and , in that time, I have worked with various populations. Previously, I worked in the prison system as part of a reentry program. I served as a  G.E.D. Instructor and tutor . I took advantage of this opportunity to speak to the inmates about the importance of training their minds to have a positive mindset. I shared with them my conviction that they had already “imprisoned” themselves in their minds long before they were sentenced to a physical prison. They had become products of their environment. Most were exposed to  disfunctional families, abusive households,  drug addiction , alcoholism , or street gangs. Many were part of a gang while they were in prison. In most cases , inmates didn’t have much of a choice either way. You either joined a gang or you were killed. The environment fostered intense, ongoing negativity.
I stressed the importance of each individual taking responsibility for their actions. I spoke to them about the power of their thoughts and how they each possessed the ability within themselves to master their thoughts. I talked to them about the benefit of self education and goal setting. Many inmates get released back into society only to return due to falling into the same habits that got them arrested in the first place. Self realization is necessary in order to break the vicious cycle of self sabotage. As I have mentioned earlier in previous posts, mental slavery will always be far more damaging than physical slavery will ever be. Although freedom is our birthright, we are constantly being bombarded by outside forces( media, internet, peers, family members, etc)  in order to influence us to think a certain way about our community, country, various products, and ,ultimately, ourselves.. We are the only ones that have the power to free ourselves by freeing our minds.

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The root of the word education is derived from the Latin words Educare, Educere and Educatum. The term educare means to nourish or to bring up.  Educere means to lead forth or draw out. Educatum  is a Latin word composed of two terms , “E” and “Duco”. “E” refers to a movement from inward to outward. “Duco” means to develop or progress.

Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits are learned through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training or research. Traditionally, learning takes place under the guidance of trained educators in a school setting. It is also possible for learners to educate themselves through a process called autodidactic learning or self education. The process of learning is natural for sentient beings. All living things learn and assess their world in their own unique way.Any experience that an individual has can potentially have a formative effect on the way that person thinks, feels or acts. This process can therefore be considered educational.

The ideal education is most effective in transferring desirable knowledge, developing skills, discovering interests, establishing attitudes and fostering the growth of critical thinking skills. True education seeks to nourish the positive qualities in a person as well as draw out the best in every individual. It seeks to tap into in order to bring forth the inner capacities of a human being. It is through education that one develops an understanding of the deeper things in life, cause and effect relationships as well as complex human relations.

Education is necessary for self realization. Self realization is necessary for living our best life. This is key for true enlightenment. It is education that differentiates us from savages. We are each unique aspects of the “whole”. We are one with  an abundant universe that is discovering itself through our individual experiences. There is no greater opportunity to have a more fulfilling life experience than through the process of  education. For an education to be most effective, each of us is called to take an active role in our own unfolding. We have the ability to tap into our own unique “genius”. Do not be fooled to think that this opportunity is limited to a select few. You have a significant role to play in this theater of life. Only you can determine what that role is. For the sake of review, what is your most valuable tool? Education is the key.

Make the decision today that you will be a mental slave no longer. You are not going to allow outside sources to determine your self worth. You have unquantifiable value. Educate yourself  on the topics that interests you. You have a calling. No one else can answer it for you. Dedicate yourself to your unfolding like the rare ,unique “flower” that you are….

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Until next time…


I have  a question for you. What would you do without labels? How would you see yourself? Where would you live? Who would you be? We tend to allow labels to define us. We identify ourselves with labels. We not only use  our labels to identify us , but our world as well as the people living in it. Labels can help us  feel important. They can also be used to isolate us. Based on our labels, they can determine whether or not we feel worthy or not. WORTHY OF WHAT!!!? Who decides? Black,white, fat , skinny, gay, straight, bi, rich , poor, smart, beautiful, ugly…. and on and on and on and on.. When does it end?!! ENOUGH!!

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Freedom is your birthright. Slavery in any firm, regardless of how subtle, is unnatural. There was no mistake made with you. There is no amount of currency or precious metal that can  even come close to determining your true value. You are part of the universe. You are one with it. Actually you are the universe experiencing itself. You realm of influence even goes beyond that point. You , as we each are, limitless and eternal. You are all powerful, infinite, omnipotent, omniscient spirit having a finite, human experience. Despite the appearance of aging, you are limited by time. Time as we know it is a human construct. In case you didn’t know, now you know. Since you have all of this going for you , why limit yourself to some damn label? Allow nothing “outside” of you to determine your self worth. Limitlessness transcends the concept of value. Value is linked to limitation. Once there is a dollar amount tied to something, limits are set around it’s value. You are invaluable.

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We tend to accept the labels that have been given to us for better or worse. Part of your purpose here for being human is to first experience. After a certain number of experiences, ideally, you awaken to the fact that there is more to life than your experiences. It is intrinsic for us to search for meaning. We start to ask the age old question, “Why am I here ? What is my purpose?

Your purpose is whatever you choose it to be. Regardless, of where you find yourself in life, you don’t have to stay there. You have the power to choose. You have always had it. This entire world is an illusion. Consciousness is real. Whatever you think, however you perceive your world determines what you experience in it. You are the creator, therefore , choose labels that serve you. You don’t have to accept what others think of you, society or anything for that matter. Use labels that assist you with navigating through your world. Select ones that remind you how beautiful, unique and powerful you are. They are the only ones that count. Let’s teach our children how to choose the right labels to express themselves. Let’s create an international school curriculum that teaches our children truly worthy and limitless they are. Let us ingrain in their young minds that anything is possible and mean it. As parents, let us stop limiting our children because of our own fears and insecurities. Let’s prepare them for the revolution.. the revolution of the mind. Each of us is responsible for igniting our own personal revolution to free ourselves from the labels , habits and  mindsets that don’t serve us. Mental slavery will always be far worse than physical slavery. Mental enslavement is passed on to future generations. It is up to us to break the shackles once and for all. How many more children have to commit suicide on Facebook Live for us to wake up? How many more of us will continue to exist in the private hell of depression and low self esteem. It is time to love ourselves as well as love one another. We are all connected to each other, our world, our universe and every other species in it. We are , literally, made of the substance of stars( google it 🙂 ).  We are one, after all. Until next time…

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True North Unlimited Inc

I have started a company. I couldn’t wait any longer. Passion drives me. Truth be told, I never liked people telling me what to do anyway. I hate politics. When I mention, politics, I am referring to the whole ” good ole boy/ ass kissing system”. I decided that if I were to ever commit myself to climbing  the “corporate ladder”, it would be the one that I create. I will create my own rules. I will be fair. I will create real opportunity for those who work with me. People are more important than profit. There is no greater investment than in human potential.

I created a company that will revolve around helping others to realize their authentic selves. Living authentically leads to true enlightenment. Mental slavery is far worse than physical slavery because , in many cases, it is passed on for generations. Do you have any ides how many customs, traditions and moral values have been passed down for generations that are , honestly, no more than human constructs? The term “human construct” refers to fabricated customs and view points that have  gone “viral” , yet are based on pure bullshit!! Yes, I said it.. BULLSHIT!!



It is my conviction that in most if not all countries, a select few have power over the many in one way or the other. We must not get into the habit of accepting anyone’s opinion on any issue at face value. It is vital for each of us to continue to educate ourselves about various topics as well as the systems that directly affect our livelihoods ( education system, religious systems, political affiliations, mass media etc). We are more powerful than we realize. Our destiny is freedom. We are each destined to realize our highest potential in every area of life. It is our nature to evolve and grow. We must continue to develop ourselves and encourage future generations to do the same. What would an enlightened society look like? This is the main reason why I created True North Unlimited. True North represents authenticity, empowerment, enlightenment, human potentiality, but, most importantly, freedom. Each being should both be and feel free to be all that they were created to be on their own terms.

Once you choose to be authentic and  live authentically, you become unstoppable. As founder and Chief Operating Executive of True North, I am committed to the awakening of each human being on this planet. No person has the right to belittle another person. Each person that has been or will ever be born deserves to be here. Once you get here, at some point in life, it will become your sole responsibility to establish your place in this world. True North Unlimited exist to assist you on your journey towards the realization of your higher self. Through the power of the spoken and written word expressed through education.  Our education models  will be workshops, e-books, keynote speeches, podcasts, books , workbooks and online courses. Our vision is that there will not be a corner of this planet that will not have benefited from our services in one form or the other. Human development is our business. This is our motto. Until next time…. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

You Inc.

Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you like it or not, you are an entrepreneur. You might not own a company nor have employees, but you are a company of one. You represent yourself everywhere you go. The key question is ” Do you know who you are? Really? Are you living the best version of yourself  or are you existing as an “imposter”?  For many of us , we are living someone else’s version of life whether it be our family, friends or society, in general. You will never be satisfied living an imitation of life. You have significant meaning. There are no accidents. Believe it or not, you have a way at looking at the world that is unlike any other human being on the plant. There is nor will there ever be any one quite like you.

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Do you know what else? There are people out here in this world who will connect specifically with you above all others. They are open to learn from your experiences and way of looking at life. They face various challenges that you have overcome. Don’t be concerned with how big or small your challenges might have seemed to you. What seems minimal to you is a mountain for someone else.

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This is the reason why I called you an “entrepreneur”. Entrepreneurs make their living creating products and services in order to solve other people’s problems. They are natural problem solvers. In a real sense, by simply being yourself, you can inspire others through your interactions with them. This is an example of of how unique and powerful you are? Once you decide to live your life based on others standard of who and what you should be, you limit your authentic power. Establishing who you are, discovering your gifts and sharing them with the world is your own personal key to happiness and , most importantly, fulfillment. By using your talents to enrich the lives of others, you enrich your own life. We are all connected, after all.

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Who am I, you might ask?  My name is Todd Lee. I am a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and author  of ” The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live” (now available on Amazon). My gift, passion and joy is  helping others to discover their authentic selves. Living authentically is key to living both an abundant and fulfilled life.The Architect of the Universe made no mistake when creating you. You are an artwork in progress that has been given the opportunity to play an active role in the creation process of your life. You were not created to settle for status quo. You are designed for greatness. You have the power to choose. It is time to catch a vision. I am here to help you establish that ideal vision for your life and make it a reality. You can reach me at (786)399-7936 or email me at toddlee007.tl@gmail.com. Until next time…

You can buy my book here ” The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live”.




The Authentic Life

What does it mean to live authentically?  In order to truly know what that is, we have to define the root word “authentic”. The term authentic is defined as  being of undisputed origin or genuine. Living authentically is living your best life. There is nor will there ever be anyone quite like you. You possess  gifts, abilities and a way of looking at the world that is entirely unique to you. Everything that you would ever need to be successful in every area of your life already exist in you. To discover your authentic self is to realize your center of  power, your core.

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Ask yourself the following questions. Are you all that you want to be? Be honest with yourself. Can your typical daily experience be described as “living in a state of bliss? Yes, I said it… BLISS!!! To live a life of bliss is to live a life of great joy. A blissful life is an authentic life. It is living life on your terms. It is experiencing ultimate success  within the main areas of your life(physically, mentally, emotionally,spiritually, career and relationships). It is living according to your core values…. your “TRUE NORTH”. I can help you. My name is Todd Lee. I am a certified life coach, speaker, blogger and author . Recently, I wrote my first book titled “The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live.” I exist to help others to realize their authentic selves. It looks for each person. This is exciting. I would love to help you bring this ideal vision to life. It is time to stop settling for less. Let’s talk. You can reach me at (786)399-7936. You can also contact me by email at toddlee007.tl@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers to your best life…

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Your creators plan for you is to prosper…. PERIOD!!! Until next time….

Building Resilience

“Resilient people immediately look at the problem and say, “What’s the solution to that? What is this trying to teach me?” ” Anonymous.

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties;toughness. It takes mental toughness to live life on your own terms apart from outside influences. Behind every challenge, there is an opportunity to learn,grow and evolve. Resilience is especially important if you are determined to live your best life. Is there any other type of life worth living? Being able to bounce back from momentary challenges is a vital skill that can be developed. Throughout history, there have been countless cases of individuals who have risen above their circumstances that they were born into despite receiving absolutely no support from anyone within their family or community. In many cases, they were laughed at and ridiculed for even attempting to rise above seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Even those who were expected to encourage them turned their backs on them. This can be especially the case with certain family members. We would never have advanced as a human race if it wasn’t for resilient individuals from all backgrounds. We couldn’t even begin to count the individuals that were never written about. They could have been your neighbor or classmate. Maybe they were the kids that got picked on relentlessly in school. We humans are natural survivors. In certain cases, it takes us going through traumatic situations to realize how tough we truly are, but it doesn’t have to be that way. True resilience takes mental toughness. As I wrote earlier, it can be learned and developed. After researching the topic, I have identified certain key strategies for building this much needed life skill.

Image result for images about resilience  I agree. Life can be challenging for anybody. Don’t be fooled to think that difficult times are exclusive to one particular group. There is no favoritism. We see, hear and read about people who are considered successful, yet have no clue of what their daily lives look like nor what it took for them to get where they are at that moment. We also don’t know what challenge is “awaiting” them or us , for that matter,”around the corner “. People are people. We each have our “buttons”. Absolutely no one can walk your journey for you. You are on your own. Be determined to enjoy it. If you get “knocked down” in life, learn to get up…. quickly. As long as you are breathing, keep walking… No excuses. It takes resilience to live your best life. Live well. Enough said about that. Let’s look at some strategies. They are in no particular order.

1)Realize That Your Challenge Is Temporary

Your challenge is temporary. There is absolutely no situation in this life that is permanent. Don’t get me wrong. I realize that I will never ever experience certain challenges that others face consistently nor do I make light of them. I genuinely wish each person that reads this post perfect wellness. What I am referring to is the fact that a hardship is an experience ,therefore, it is designed to be temporary. Since that is the case, why not decide to learn all that you can from it. I am a sincere believer that what doesn’t kill you CAN make you stronger IF you set your mind to be “trained” by the event. I believe that it is possible to reap a reward even while experiencing the most devastating of circumstances. Although it takes relentless discipline , it is possible.

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2) Take “Captive” Your Thoughts

Remember that your thoughts are powerful. How you perceive your world and yourself as you relate to that world and others determines what you experience on a moment by moment basis. The term ” taking captive your thoughts pertains to you becoming aware of the thoughts that strengthen you as well as the ones that weaken you. When hit by challenges, it is easy to lose our perspective. It could happen to any one of us. Mastering our thoughts takes consistent practice. It can be difficult. Learning any new skill takes effort. The reward is immeasurable. Our thoughts determine our emotional reaction. Our emotional response determines our actions. Our actions have repercussions…. far reaching ones.

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3)Build Strong Relationships

Create a support network for yourself comprised of people who genuinely support you as much as you support them. You don’t necessarily need a lot of close friends. I prefer a tight knit group in which we might share certain common goals. We don’t always have to agree on every issue. A matter of fact, I choose to surround myself with independent critical thinkers. You don’t need to be part of a clique. Surround yourself with people that genuinely like and respect you for who you are. Ideally, friends know you because you feel comfortable being completely vulnerable around them. They know what motivates you as well as your shortcomings. Friends can be the ones that help you to get back in focus once you have been “derailed” by challenges. They can encourage you by reminding you of your strong points.They will listen to you. Afterwards, “true friends” will give you constructive feedback. Friends care enough about you to tell you what you might need to here instead of simply what you want to hear. They care enough about both your welfare and you to have the courage to do so.

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4)Exercise Regularly

Stay active. Exercising is an excellent way to relieve stress. Exercise releases “feel good” hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help to alleviate depression and decrease hostility . They have a direct effect on mood and contribute towards positive thinking. If you are feeling better physically, mentally  and emotionally , you will be more likely to bounce back from any challenge that you might be facing at that moment. Exercise contributes towards your overall well being which , in turn, will also help you to relax more . Relax is necessary to charge your batteries.

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5)Learn Not To Take Yourself So Damn Seriously

It is never the end of the world and , if it was, current problems wouldn’t matter anyway!! Chill out. Strive to find the humor in each difficult circumstance. Laughter is great for releasing stress. Realize that each problem comes with a solution “attached” to it even if it might not seem available at that moment.Remember that no situation is permanent. Enjoy the journey.

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6) Practice Acceptance

In order to get to where you are headed , you have to first realize where you are at. You might find yourself in a situation that might appear as if you can’t change. That’s okay. Accept it for what it is at that moment. Instead of wasting your energy worrying about it , why not stay proactive. Focus on the things that you can change and then let go. Find peace in the fact that you did your best and move on. The situation will work itself out in due time. Give it to the universe and don’t look back. Trust…

I am certain that there are other strategies that can be applied to building resilience. I simply focused on the one’s that resonate with me. It is my intention to give you “food for thought”. Despite whether or not you apply these strategies, one fact remains. It is necessary to develop “alligator skin” if  you are going to live life on your own terms. You have the opportunity to take an active role in your own creative process. You might be asking “Why alligator skin?..” Alligator skin is hard to break because it is tough and lasting. Those two words best describe resilience: tough and lasting. You have to be both mentally and emotionally tough not to break under the pressure of your challenges regardless of what they appear to be. Resiliency is necessary for living the authentic life. Image result for practice acceptance

Stay strong. Until next time…