The Authentic Life

What does it mean to live authentically?  In order to truly know what that is, we have to define the root word “authentic”. The term authentic is defined as  being of undisputed origin or genuine. Living authentically is living your best life. There is nor will there ever be anyone quite like you. You possess  gifts, abilities and a way of looking at the world that is entirely unique to you. Everything that you would ever need to be successful in every area of your life already exist in you. To discover your authentic self is to realize your center of  power, your core.

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Ask yourself the following questions. Are you all that you want to be? Be honest with yourself. Can your typical daily experience be described as “living in a state of bliss? Yes, I said it… BLISS!!! To live a life of bliss is to live a life of great joy. A blissful life is an authentic life. It is living life on your terms. It is experiencing ultimate success  within the main areas of your life(physically, mentally, emotionally,spiritually, career and relationships). It is living according to your core values…. your “TRUE NORTH”. I can help you. My name is Todd Lee. I am a certified life coach, speaker, blogger and author . Recently, I wrote my first book titled “The Authentic Life: Live the Life That You Were Designed to Live.” I exist to help others to realize their authentic selves. It looks for each person. This is exciting. I would love to help you bring this ideal vision to life. It is time to stop settling for less. Let’s talk. You can reach me at (786)399-7936. You can also contact me by email at I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers to your best life…

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Your creators plan for you is to prosper…. PERIOD!!! Until next time….

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