You Are a Microcosm of Everything…

Yes, you are a microcosm of everything.First of all,let’s define microcosm. According to the dictionary, microcosm is described as meaning “small world”. As human beings , we are the epitome or the perfect example of the universe. When I refer to the universe, I am writing about what traditionally is called “God”, Source or our Creator. We are each perfect examples of the creator. Each one of us is a “miniature” version of the creator. We are  “gods” .

It’s all about awareness or consciousness. There is , for lack of a better term,an  “intelligence” behind every action and  reaction in the known universe.Planets and stars are alive. Chaos occurs throughout space and the result , in many cases, are new stars and planets. Why?!! What causes this? I am not referring to any personage of any kind , but, rather, a source that is behind all of it. Why do you look like your mother , father or both?Why does our planet stay suspended in outer space rather than fall into the abyss or wander through space? Yes,we know about gravity, but what causes gravity? This is the intelligence that I am referring to. It is the same intelligence that is behind each child birth of every species that has ever existed. It is the same “force” that creates planets and stars. Although it has been given many names , no one can accurately describe it. Nevertheless, it exist. It has to exist because we exist.

We are talking about pure consciousness. It is has no form , yet, it is  the source of every form that has or will ever exist. It is the force behind every heartbeat. You and I are a part of it. We are an intricate part of it and unlike any known life form, we have the ability grow in our awareness of our connection to it. We are each part of this vast ocean of creative power that is constantly manifesting various forms of life. It is it’s nature to create. Having the ability to grow in our  awareness of this intelligence and our connection to it gives us a unique advantage over every known life form on this planet.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, thoughts become things. I am not referring to fleeting thoughts ,rather , the consistent thoughts that we think about ourselves , others and circumstances. We are like magnets. Each thought is tied to an emotion that serves as a type of “engine” that not only has a direct effect on what we attract into our lives, but also the rate speed that we attract it. This is why it is vital to train ourselves to be more conscious of our thoughts as well as our emotional state. We can each train ourselves to only pay attention to the thoughts that serve us . Although it is normal to have negative thoughts about situations and people, we don’t have to be controlled by them. We can practice finding the good in any situation despite the circumstance. This doesn’t mean that we will never have a negative response again. It means that we will spend less and less time in that state. It is possible to learn to move on quicker.

Masaru Emoto wrote a book titled “The Hidden Message of Water.” In the book , he claimed that our thoughts altered the molecular structure of water. Apparently , positive thoughts and words directly affected the shape of the molecules. They seemed to respond by morphing into “prettier” shapes while the molecules exposed to negative thoughts and comments morphed into more jagged, “uglier” shapes. This claim may seem questionable, but it is still food for thought. In the same way that there is an intelligence or consciousness behind the design of the physical universe, your thoughts have a direct effect on the design or outcomes of your current lifestyle. The formula is as followed: thoughts+action= outcome. Your present reality is a result of your consistent thoughts and actions.You are a creator. Our thoughts both individually and collectively have a direct impact on our world.Learn to choose your thoughts. Learn to get quiet. Meditate. An effective way to learn how to become more aware of your thoughts is to practice not thinking. Meditation can help you to stay calm and level headed even during stressful situations. There are numerous  free resources available on the internet. Simply chose a search engine(google,yahoo, bing,etc). For example,search terms such as meditation, meditation techniques or how to meditate.

The purpose of  me writing this post is to share with you how truly powerful you actually are. You are a unique and vital part of the grand design of everything . All of creation exist for your benefit if you learn how to consciously connect with it. You matter more than you might have realized. Create wisely. Until next time…

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