Trust The Process

Trust the process. Easier said than done, but, in my opinion, necessary. Life comes with challenges. Challenges are necessary. We set goals and think that it should be easy. Why? We have a destination in mind, but no one knows every turn to take in order to get there. What point is certain. Regardless of what is occurring in your life at the moment, keep moving. Keep moving no matter what.I have come to this realization in my life. I am learning that despite my struggles, I must never ever give up and to always move forward. I am going through what is probably one of the most challenging times as well as exhilerating times of my life right now. I am facing my greatest fears  and insecurities daily. I am overcoming them daily. I am following my own path. It hasn’t been easy. I am not comfortable. At times , it feels like my world is crumbling all around me. I have learned that if it seems like the sky is falling, deal with it, but keep going forward. I am reconditioning my thinking about what is possible. I go through a challenge that seems impossible to overcome ,yet, I try anyway. Trusting the process means moving forward despite what’s going on. I don’t have to know all of the answers. There is a definite trust factor.I focus on mastering what is in  front of me. I am learning not to be concerned with the details. It all comes together. There is no such thing as a wasted experience. My challenges,triumphs and failures work together to form a perfect picture of my life. I am determined to live my best  life on my own terms. This is my definition of success. I want to be able to look back on my life and be proud of what I created.

Why is it  necessary for us to discuss trusting in the process in the first place? Life can seem hard as hell!!! For many of us, at times, unbearable. We start “taking control”of our lives, reading self help books, getting in shape, working on our finances and whatever else we need to do to improve ourselves. We set goals with the best of intentions. Then what?!! LIFE!!! Unexpected setbacks, unfortunate events, illness, bills and the like…. as I said… life. It is my opinion that each of us has “buttons”.  Buttons are situations that affect us deeply. We can be easily distracted, discouraged and frustrated. We start off enthusiastic about accomplishing our goals. We had it all planned out. The plan was well thought, logical and most feasible. It was supposed to work. We start second guessing ourselves. We tell ourselves, “Maybe it simply wasn’t meant to be” or “Perhaps I should play it safe”. This is where many of us fall short of  reaching our destination.

Let’s define what that destination ultimately is: BLISS… Overflowing joy,fulfillment, happiness, purpose and every other descriptive word imaginable that applies to living your best life. This is why you exist. You are alive to experience bliss. You have that option. Life is not meant to be endured rather to be savored and enjoyed. This can be our natural state, but it will take some “reconditioning” of our thinking . This is where certain challenges come in to play. They can serve us by helping us to see things differently. There is a certain pruning process that takes place once we “allow” ourselves to be trained by our struggles and temporary misfortunes. They tend to motivate us to think outside the box in order to find solutions. Challenges can test us in order for us to see how badly we want change in our lives. Perhaps we should consider asking ourselves different questions. Instead of asking ” Why do these things happen to me?”, perhaps, a better questions would be ” What can I learn from this situation?” or ” How do these circumstances serve me?”

In reality, you may not have control of the circumstances, but you CAN control your reaction to them. You can choose to benefit from each situation. You can choose to believe that every situation and person appearing in your life is there to “assist”you in realizing your dreams and desires despite appearances. Although it takes consistent training, it can be done. Train your mind to see the positive in every situation. There have been countless others before you that have done it. The difference between a stumbling block and stepping stone is perception.Period. Your mind is powerful… Full of Power.. You have unlimited possibilities yet , like most of us, conditioned to see limitations. Limitations are not your reality. There is no universe outside of you. The entire universe conspires on your behalf to prepare you to “receive” based on your thoughts. Our experiences are a direct result of our thoughts and words. Think wisely. Master what is in front of you. Expect the best outcome despite appearances. Know that all of creation conspires on your behalf.Each situation is there to prepare you to realize your greatest aspirations. Set the intention while leaving the details of it’s realization to your “higher self” who is always working behind the scenes i.e. beyond the five senses. Look for the “signs” of its arrival. The universe will never disappoint. It always gives back what YOU put out without failing. Again, focus on mastering what’s in front of you “knowing” that your efforts will never be for nothing. What you desire already exist and is becoming more apparent moment by moment. look for it and expect it, out of nowhere , NOW HERE… Trust the process. Until next time…

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