Happiness Is a Choice

   I’m sure that we can all agree that life happens to all of us .The good, bad and ugly parts. Each of us have our share of each category with arguably different amounts of the three. We may seem to not have control over certain circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t control our reactions . It is normal to get upset when faced with a challenge or unexpected hardship yet we have the ability to conditon our minds to look for the opportunity within the challenge. It can be debated that “blessing” and challenge are opposite sides of the same coin. At certain times, the blessing(s) might not be as obvious  therefore requiring us to do some “digging” in order to find it. Depending on the circumstances, we might have to regain our composure in order to think clearly. There might be some “mental wrestling involved ,initially, but , with perseverence and patience, we can win. I am not saying that it will be easy , but it is , by far , worth it. Consider this, at our core, we our energy. Our emotional states serve as magnets attracting both people and circumstances that directly match with our current emotional state. Despite  your current situation ,perservere with focusing on the brighter side of things while making the effort to change your circumstances without stressing over it. Eventually, better opportunities will present themselves. Training your mind to be generally optimistic about life overall leads to establishing a more consistent state of genuine happiness. This state has the added benefit of contributing towards both improved mental and physical health as well as emotional. It affects not only how you react to certain situations , but also how you respond to others as well. The more you “practice” happiness, the more it will become natural for you. It will become contagious to others around you. It will change how you talk, walk and carry on your daily activities. People are drawn to you because they are impacted by your positive attitude. They will tend to open up to you. They will like having you around. Happy people have a greater work ethic. They are pleasant work with and don’t complain. Overall, they are more successful both personally and professionally. People who are sincerely and consistently happy make more money. The practice of happiness has long reaching benefits that improve every area of life. Happiness not only changes your attitude, it changes your world as well as impacting everyone in it. Here’s to your happiness:)

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